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pronunciation: torishimari
kanji characters: ,
keyword: administration , security
translation: control (n.), management, supervision, order, discipline, supervisor, overseer, director
取締る: torishimaru: control (v.), manage, supervise, oversee, regulate, keep in order, maintain, discipline
取締役: torishimariyaku: managing director <<<
取締役会議: torishimariyakukaigi: directors' meeting, board of directors <<< 会議
取締規則: torishimarikisoku: regulations, rules <<< 規則
家事を取締る: kajiotorishimaru: manage the house <<< 家事


pronunciation: toritsuke
kanji characters: ,
keyword: bank , tool
translation: run (on a bank), installation, furnishing
取付ける: toritsukeru: install (a machine), equip, furnish, fit up, lay on, become a regular customer (of), patronize (a shop), extract (a promise from a person)
取付け騒ぎ: toritsukesawagi: run (on a bank) <<<
取付け具: toritsukegu: furniture (to fit or fix something) <<<
取付け工: toritsukekou: fitter (a person) <<<
synonyms: 設置


pronunciation: toryou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: construction
translation: paint, daub
蛍光塗料: keikoutoryou: fluorescent paint <<< 蛍光
油性塗料: yuseitoryou: oil paint <<< 油性
アクリル塗料: akurirutoryou: acrylic paint <<< アクリル
check also: 塗装 , ラック , ペンキ


pronunciation: tosa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japanese history
translation: Tosa (old name of Kochi prefecture)
土佐国: tosanokuni <<<
土佐犬: tosaken, tosainu: Tosa dog <<<
check also: 高知


pronunciation: tosatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: animal
translation: slaughter (n.)
屠殺する: tosatsusuru: slaughter (v.)
屠殺場: tosatsujou: slaughterhouse, abattoir, butchery <<<
屠殺者: tosatsusha: slaughterer <<<


pronunciation: toshi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: town
translation: city, big town
都市の: toshino: urban
都市美: toshibi: beauty of a city <<<
都市化: toshika: urbanization <<<
都市化する: toshikasuru: urbanize
都市問題: toshimondai: urban problem <<< 問題
都市国家: toshikokka: city state <<< 国家
都市交通: toshikoutsuu: town traffic <<< 交通
都市計画: toshikeikaku: urbanism, city planning <<< 計画
都市行政: toshigyousei: city administration <<< 行政
都市財政: toshizaisei: municipal finance <<< 財政
都市伝説: toshidensetsu: urban legend <<< 伝説
都市生活: toshiseikatsu: city life <<< 生活
都市ガス: toshigasu: town gas <<< ガス
大都市: daitoshi: big [large] city <<<
小都市: shoutoshi: small city [town] <<<
田園都市: dennentoshi: garden [rural] city <<< 田園
観光都市: kankoutoshi: tourist town <<< 観光
主要都市: shuyoutoshi: metropolis, principal city <<< 主要
姉妹都市: shimaitoshi: sister city <<< 姉妹
巨大都市: kyodaitoshi: megalopolis <<< 巨大
政令都市: seireitoshi: ordinance-designated city (Japanese city with a population greater than 500,000) <<< 政令
政令指定都市: seireishiteitoshi: ordinance-designated city (Japanese city with a population greater than 500,000) <<< 政令
商業都市: shougyoutoshi: commercial city <<< 商業
工業都市: kougyoutoshi: industrial city [town] <<< 工業
自由都市: jiyuutoshi: free city <<< 自由
衛星都市: eiseitoshi: satellite city <<< 衛星
マンモス都市: manmosutoshi: megalopolis <<< マンモス
check also: 都会 ,


pronunciation: toshigoro
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: age, marriageable age, nubility, puberty, adolescence
年頃の: toshigorono: marriageable, of marriageable age, pubescent, nubile
年頃に成る: toshigoroninaru: reach a marriageable age, become adolescent <<<
同じ年頃の: onajitoshigorono: of an age <<<


pronunciation: toshin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: town
translation: center [heart] of Tokyo
都心部: toshinbu: central area of Tokyo <<<
副都心: hukutoshin: subcenter of Tokyo (Shinjuku district) <<<
副都心部: hukutoshinbu: subcentral area of Tokyo <<<
check also: 東京


pronunciation: toshishita
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: junior (n.)
年下の: toshishitano: junior (a.), young
check also: 年上 , 年少 , 目下


pronunciation: toshiue
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: elder (n.), senior, seniority
年上の: toshiueno: elder (a.), old, big
check also: 目上 , 年下

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