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pronunciation: touhyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: vote (n.), ballot, poll
投票する: touhyousuru: vote (v.)
投票箱: touhyoubako: ballot box <<<
投票権: touhyouken: suffrage <<<
投票者: touhyousha: voter <<<
投票日: touhyoubi: voting day <<<
投票率: touhyouritsu: election (voter) turnout <<<
投票場: touhyoujou: polling place [station] <<<
投票所: touhyousho <<<
投票用紙: touhyouyoushi: ballot <<< 用紙
無投票: mutouhyou: without voting <<<
議員投票: giintouhyou: floor vote, parliamentary vote <<< 議員
国民投票: kokumintouhyou: referendum <<< 国民
一般投票: ippantouhyou: popular vote <<< 一般
美人投票: bijintouhyou: beauty contest <<< 美人
賛成投票: sanseitouhyou: approval ballot <<< 賛成
不在投票: huzaitouhyou: absentee voting [ballot] <<< 不在
記名投票: kimeitouhyou: signed vote, write-in <<< 記名
有効投票: yuukoutouhyou: valid vote <<< 有効
無効投票: mukoutouhyou: invalid vote <<< 無効
委任投票: inintouhyou: proxy voting <<< 委任
委任投票する: inintouhyousuru: vote by proxy <<< 委任
代理投票: dairitouhyou: proxy vote <<< 代理
人気投票: ninkitouhyou: popularity vote <<< 人気
起立投票: kiritsutouhyou: standing [rising] vote <<< 起立
人民投票: jinmintouhyou: plebiscite, referendum <<< 人民
住民投票: juumintouhyou: referendum <<< 住民
自由投票: jiyuutouhyou: free vote <<< 自由
反対投票: hantaitouhyou: negative vote <<< 反対


pronunciation: touitsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: industry , politics
translation: unification, unity, integration, standardization
統一する: touitsusuru: unify, integrate
統一の有る: touitsunoaru: united, uniform <<<
統一の無い: touitsunonai: disunited, divided, non-uniform <<<
統一を欠く: touitsuokaku: lack unity, be not consistent as a whole <<<
統一見解: touitsukenkai: consensus <<< 見解
統一規格: touitsukikaku: (unified) standard, norm <<< 規格
統一価格: touitsukakaku: flat price, standard price <<< 価格
統一行動: touitsukoudou: united action [operation] <<< 行動
統一戦線: touitsusensen: united front <<< 戦線
統一教会: touitsukyoukai: Unification Church <<< 教会
再統一: saitouitsu: reunification <<<
戦線統一: sensentouitsu: unification of front <<< 戦線
check also: 統合


pronunciation: touji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar , history
translation: that time, those days
当時の: toujino: then, of those days
当時は: toujiwa: at that time, in those days, then


pronunciation: touji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: winter solstice
冬至線: toujisen: Tropic of Capricorn <<<
antonyms: 夏至


pronunciation: toujisha
kanji characters: , ,
keyword: law
translation: the person [party] concerned, privy
訴訟当事者: soshoutoujisha: parties (to a lawsuit), litigants <<< 訴訟


pronunciation: toujitsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: that day, appointed day
当日は: toujitsuwa: on that day
当日券: toujitsuken: today's ticket, day ticket <<<
当日限り有効: toujitsukagiriyuukou: valid [good] for the day of issue


pronunciation: toujou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: show , literature
translation: entrance, appearance (on the stage, movie, novel)
登場する: toujousuru: enter, appear (on the stage, movie, novel)
登場人物: toujoujinbutsu: character, dramatis personae <<< 人物


pronunciation: toujou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: airplane
translation: boarding
搭乗する: toujousuru: board [get on] a plane
搭乗員: toujouin: crew member, crew <<<
搭乗券: toujouken: boarding pass <<<
搭乗者: toujousha: passenger <<<


pronunciation: touka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: airplane
translation: drop (n.), dropping
投下する: toukasuru: throw down, drop, invest
投下資本: toukashihon: invested capital <<< 資本
爆弾を投下する: bakudannotoukasuru: bomb (v.), drop [throw] a bomb <<< 爆弾
爆弾投下: bakudantouka: bomb dropping [release] <<< 爆弾
空中投下: kuuchuutouka: airdrop (n.) <<< 空中
空中投下する: kuuchuutoukasuru: airdrop (v.) <<< 空中
check also: 落下


pronunciation: touka , tomoshibi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: town
translation: lamplight
灯火に親しむ: toukanishitashimu: sit reading far into the night <<<
灯火管制: toukakansei: blackout
灯火管制をする: toukakanseiosuru: black out

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