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pronunciation: tousotsu
kanji characters: ,
translation: command (n.), leadership
統率する: tousotsusuru: command (v.), lead, take the lead of
統率者: tousotsusha: leader, commander <<< , リーダー
統率力: tousotsuryoku: leadership <<<
check also: 指導 , 指揮


pronunciation: tousou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: escape, flight
逃走する: tousousuru: run away, get away
逃走中である: tousouchuudearu: be at large <<<
逃走者: tousousha: fugitive, runaway, deserter <<<


pronunciation: tousou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: struggle (n.), fight (n.), battle (n.), strife, warfare
闘争する: tousousuru: struggle (v.), fight (v.), battle (v.)
闘争心: tousoushin: fighting spirit, aggressiveness <<<
闘争資金: tousoushikin: strike fund <<< 資金
闘争本部: tousouhonbu: strikers' headquarters <<< 本部
我闘争: wagatousou: Mein Kampf <<<
年末闘争: nenmatsutousou: year-end strike <<< 年末
階級闘争: kaikyuutousou: class warfare [strife] <<< 階級
職場闘争: shokubatousou: workshop struggle <<< 職場
賃金闘争: chingintousou: wage struggle <<< 賃金


pronunciation: tousui
kanji characters: ,
translation: pleasant intoxication, fascination
陶酔する: tousuisuru: be intoxicated (by, with), be fascinated (by, with), be carried away (by)
陶酔境: tousuikyou: state of ecstasy <<<
恋の陶酔: kounotousui: love ecstasy <<<


pronunciation: touta
keyword: biology , job
translation: selection, dismissal
淘汰する: toutasuru: select, weed [comb] out, dismiss


pronunciation: toutatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel
translation: arrival
到達する: toutatsusuru: arrive, reach, attain
到達港: toutatsukou: port of destination <<<
到達局: toutatsukyoku: office of destination <<<
check also: 到着


pronunciation: toutei
kanji characters: ,
translation: not possibly [at all], cannot by any possibility, by no means, quite, utterly
到底駄目: touteidame: be hopeless [beyond hope] <<< 駄目
check also: 結局


pronunciation: touten
kanji characters: ,
keyword: shop
translation: our shop


pronunciation: touwaku
kanji characters: ,
translation: embarrassment, perplexity, dilemma, confusion, mystification
当惑する: touwakusuru: be embarrassed, be perplexed, be puzzled, be at a loss, be at one's wit's end, be in a fix, be in a dilemma
当惑させる: touwakusaseru: embarrass, puzzle, mystify
当惑して: touwakushite: in perplexity, in embarrassment
当惑した: touwakushita: embarrassed, perplexed
synonyms: 困惑


pronunciation: touyaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: drug
translation: prescription, medication
投薬する: touyakusuru: prescribe [administer, give] a medicine (to a person), medicate, dose (a patient with a medicine)

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