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pronunciation: tsutsuji
other spells: ツツジ
keyword: flower
translation: azalea


pronunciation: tsuuchi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: communication
translation: report, notice, notification, information
通知する: tsuuchisuru: inform, notify, give notice, let know, communicate
通知を受ける: tsuuchioukeru: receive notice, be notified [informed] <<<
通知表: tsuuchihyou: report card, school report <<<
通知簿: tsuuchibo <<< 簿
通知状: tsuuchijou: notice, letter of advice, announcement <<<
通知書: tsuuchisho: notification <<<
通知貯金: tsuuchichokin: deposit at call notice <<< 貯金
受取通知: uketoritsuuchi: acknowledgment of receipt, proof of delivery <<< 受取
死亡通知: shiboutsuuchi: announcement of death <<< 死亡
解雇通知: kaikotsuuchi: dismissal notice <<< 解雇
移転通知: itentsuuchi: removal notice <<< 移転
合格通知: goukakutsuuchi: acceptance letter <<< 合格
採用通知: saiyoutsuuchi: notification of employment <<< 採用
check also: 報告 , レポート


pronunciation: tsuuchou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: bank
translation: bankbook, passbook
貯金通帳: chokintsuuchou: savings [deposit] passbook <<< 貯金
預金通帳: yokintsuuchou: deposit passbook <<< 預金
銀行通帳: ginkoutsuuchou: bankbook <<< 銀行


pronunciation: tsuugaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: school
translation: school attendance
通学する: tsuugakusuru: attend school, go to school
通学生: tsuugakusei: day scholar [student], day boy [girl] <<<
通学服: tsuugakuhuku: school uniform <<<
通学区域: tsuugakukuiki: school district, regulated school zone for attendance <<< 区域
check also: 登校


pronunciation: tsuuhan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: mail-order


pronunciation: tsuuhuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: gout
痛風に罹る: tsuuhuunikakaru: be affected with [have an attack of] gout <<<
痛風に苦しむ: tsuuhuunikurushimu: suffer from gout <<<
痛風患者: tsuuhuukanja: gouty (n.) <<< 患者


pronunciation: tsuuhuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: construction
translation: ventilation, airing
通風が良い: tsuuhuugaii: be well ventilated, have good ventilation <<<
通風が悪い: tsuuhuugawarui: be badly ventilated, have good ventilation <<<
通風管: tsuuhuukan: air pipe, ventiduct <<<
通風器: tsuuhuuki: ventilator <<<
通風計: tsuuhuukei: draft gauge <<<
通風口: tsuuhuukou: ventilation hole <<<
通風孔: tsuuhuukou: vent (hole), ventage <<<
通風窓: tsuuhuusou: vent [ventilation] slot <<<
通風装置: tsuuhuusouchi: ventilating device <<< 装置
check also: 通気 , 換気


pronunciation: tsuujou
kanji characters: ,
translation: usually, ordinarily, generally, as a rule
通常は: tsuujouwa
通常の: tsuujouno: ordinary, common, usual, regular
通常会員: tsuujoukaiin: ordinary [regular] member <<< 会員
通常国会: tsuujoukokkai: ordinary [regular] session of the Diet <<< 国会
通常収入: tsuujoushuunyuu: ordinary income <<< 収入
通常条項: tsuujoujoukou: commerce clause
通常戦争: tsuujousensou: conventional warfare <<< 戦争
通常兵器: tsuujouheiki: conventional weapon <<< 兵器
check also: 普通


pronunciation: tsuuka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: economy , politics
translation: currency, current money
通貨の: tsuukano: monetary
通貨政策: tsuukaseisaku: monetary policy <<< 政策
通貨改革: tsuukakaikaku: monetary reform <<< 改革
通貨不安: tsuukahuan: monetary (currency) uncertainty <<< 不安
通貨危機: tsuukakyoukiki: monetary crisis <<< 危機
通貨膨張: tsuukabouchou: inflation <<< 膨張
通貨収縮: tsuukashuushuku: deflation <<< 収縮
通貨準備: tsuukajunbi: monetary reserve <<< 準備
通貨供給: tsuukakyoukyuu: money supply <<< 供給
通貨統合: tsuukatougou: monetary integration <<< 統合
欧州通貨: oushuutsuuka: European currency <<< 欧州
預金通貨: yokintsuuka: deposit money [currency] <<< 預金
ユーロ通貨: yuurotsuuka: euro currency <<< ユーロ


pronunciation: tsuuka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel
translation: passing, pass (n.), transit (n.)
通過する: tsuukasuru: pass (v.), transit (v.)
通過駅: tsuukaeki: nonstop station <<<
通過客: tsuukakyaku: transit passenger <<<
通過税: tsuukazei: transit duty <<<
通過関税: tsuukakanzei <<< 関税
通過査証: tsuukasashou: transit visa <<< 査証
通過貿易: tsuukaboueki: transit trade <<< 貿易
通過貨物: tsuukakamotsu: transit goods <<< 貨物
check also: パス

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