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pronunciation: taiketsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport , law
translation: confrontation
対決する: taiketsusuru: confront oneself (with)
対決させる: taiketsusaseru: confront sb. with sb., bring (a person) face to face (with)
力の対決: chikaranotaiketsu: confrontation of force <<<


pronunciation: taiki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather
translation: atmosphere, air
大気の: taikino: atmospheric
大気圧: taikiatsu: atmospheric pressure <<<
大気圏: taikiken: atmosphere, atmospheric sphere <<<
大気圏外: taikikengai: outer space <<<
大気汚染: taikiosen: air pollution <<< 汚染
check also: 空気


pronunciation: taiko
kanji characters: ,
keyword: musical instrument
translation: drum
太鼓を叩く: taikootataku: beat a drum, flatter, chime in with (a person) <<<
太鼓の音: taikonooto: sound of a drum, drumbeat <<<
太鼓腹: taikobara: potbelly <<<
太鼓橋: taikobashi: arch bridge <<<
大太鼓: oodaiko: bass drum <<<
小太鼓: kodaiko: snare drum <<<
check also: ドラム , Wadaiko


pronunciation: taikou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport , politics
translation: opposition, competition, rivalry
対抗する: taikousuru: oppose, compete, match, be against
対抗させる: taikousaseru: pit (set up) so. against
対抗馬: taikouba: opponent, rival <<<
対抗策: taikousaku: counter plan <<<
対抗試合: taikoushiai: round robin competition <<< 試合
対抗手段: taikoushudan: counteragent <<< 手段
対抗処置: taikoushochi: counter-measure <<< 処置
check also: 対立


pronunciation: taikou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: fundamental, principles, outline
大綱を述べる: taikouonoberu: give an outline (of) <<<
check also: 概要 , 骨子 , 要綱


pronunciation: taikutsu
kanji characters: 退 ,
translation: boredom, dullness, tedium, monotony, ennui
退屈な: taikuna: boring, dull, tedious, monotonous
退屈する: taikutsusuru: be bored, find dull
退屈させる: taikutsusaseru: bore
退屈を凌ぐ: taikutsuoshinogu: kill time, beguile (relieve) tedium <<<
退屈凌ぎに: taikutsushinogini: just to kill time, to relieve the boredom


pronunciation: taikyaku
kanji characters: 退 ,
keyword: war
translation: retreat (n.), withdrawal
退却する: taikyakusuru: retreat (v.), beat [make] a retreat, withdraw
退却軍: taikyagun: retreating army <<<
総退却: soutaikyaku: general [full] retreat <<<


pronunciation: taikyo
kanji characters: 退 ,
keyword: disaster
translation: withdrawal, evacuation
退去する: taikyosuru: leave, evacuate, depart
退去させる: taikyosaseru: expel (a person) from
退去を命じる: taikyoomeijiru: order (a person) out of (a place) <<<
退去命令: taikyomeirei: order for withdrawal [evacuation] <<< 命令
check also: 撤退


pronunciation: taikyoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: china
translation: taiji (a Chinese philosophy), great ridgepole
太極拳: taikyokuken: tai chi chuan <<<
太極旗: taikyokuken: (south) Korean flag <<<


pronunciation: taikyuu
kanji characters:
other spells: テグ
keyword: asia
translation: Daegu [Taegu] (city)
大邱市: taikyuushi: City of Daegu [Taegu] <<<
大邱世界陸上: taikyuusekairikujou: Daegu [Taegu] World Championships in Athletics (2011) <<< 陸上

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