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pronunciation: taisa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: military rank
translation: colonel, captain
check also: 中佐 , 少佐


pronunciation: taisaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: countermeasure, counterplan, provision
対策を講じる: taisakuokoujiru: consider how to cope with, take measures to meet <<<
景気対策: keikitaisaku: economic policy, measure <<< 景気
治安対策: chiantaisaku: security policy <<< 治安
物価対策: bukkataisaku: prices policy <<< 物価
失業対策: shitsugyoutaisaku: unemployment counter-measure <<< 失業
不況対策: hukyoutaisaku: anti-depression policy, anti-recession measures <<< 不況
緊急対策: kinkyuutaisaku: emergency counter-measure <<< 緊急
テロ対策: terotaisaku: measure against the terrorism <<< テロ


pronunciation: taisei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: regime, system, structure
体制批判: taiseihihan: criticism of a system <<< 批判
旧体制: kyuutaisei: old order <<<
新体制: shintaisei: new order <<<
独裁体制: dokusaitaisei: dictatorial regime <<< 独裁
防衛体制: boueitaisei: defensive system <<< 防衛
既成体制: kiseitaisei: establishment <<< 既成
check also: 制度


pronunciation: taisei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: formation, attitude, posture
態勢を整える: taiseiototonoeru: prepare to <<<
攻撃態勢: kougekitaisei: offensive position <<< 攻撃


pronunciation: taisei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: animal
translation: viviparity
胎生の: taiseino: viviparous
胎生学: taiseigaku: embryology <<<
胎生動物: taiseidoubutsu: viviparous animal <<< 動物


pronunciation: taiseiyou
kanji characters: , 西 ,
keyword: geography , sea
translation: Atlantic Ocean, the Atlantic
大西洋の: taiseiyouno: Atlantic (a.)
大西洋沿岸: taiseiyouengan: Atlantic coast <<< 沿岸
大西洋横断: taiseiyououdan: crossing of the Atlantic <<< 横断
大西洋横断の: taiseiyououdannno: transatlantic
大西洋憲章: taiseiyoukenshou: Atlantic Charter
北大西洋: kitataiseiyou: northern Atlantic <<<
北大西洋条約: kitataiseiyoujouyaku: North Atlantic Treaty <<< 条約
北大西洋条約機構: kitataiseiyoujouyakukikou: North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO <<< 機構
南大西洋: minamitaiseiyou: southern Atlantic <<<
synonyms: アトランティック
check also: 太平洋


pronunciation: taiseki
kanji characters:
keyword: nature
translation: accumulation, heap, pile
堆積する: taisekisuru: accumulate, be piled
堆積岩: taisekigan: sedimentary rock <<<
堆積物: taisekibutsu: sediment <<<
堆積層: taisekisou: sedimentary layer <<<
堆積作用: taisekisayou: sedimentation <<< 作用
check also: 沈殿


pronunciation: taiseki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: volume, capacity
体積の: taisekino: cubic, volumetric
check also: 面積 , 容積


pronunciation: taisen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: great war [battle]
大戦前の: taisenmaeno: prewar <<<
大戦後の: taisengono: postwar <<<
第一次世界大戦: daiichijisekaitaisen: World War I <<< 一次
世界大戦: sekaitaisen: world war <<< 世界


pronunciation: taisetsu
kanji characters: ,
translation: importance
大切な: taisetsuna: important, valuable, precious
大切にする: taisetsunisuru: treasure, take great care of, be attentive to
check also: 大事

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