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pronunciation: youhuku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: clothes
translation: (Western style) clothes, suit, dress
洋服掛け: youhukukake: coat hook, clothes hanger, coat hanger <<<
洋服屋: youhukuya: tailor, slopseller, slopshop <<<
洋服地: youhukuji: cloth stuff <<<
洋服箪笥: youhukudansu: wardrobe <<< 箪笥
洋服ブラシ: youhukuburashi: whisk broom <<< ブラシ
シックな洋服: shikkunayouhuku: chic suit <<< シック
check also: 和服


pronunciation: youi
kanji characters: ,
translation: preparation, arrangement, preparation, precaution
用意する: youisuru: prepare [provide, arrange] (for), get [make] ready (for), make preparations (for)
用意が出来る: youigadekiru: be ready (for) <<< 出来
用意周到な: youishuutouna: cautious, prudent, carefully arranged
不用意: huyoui: unpreparedness, carelessness <<<
不用意に: huyouini: carelessly, indiscreetly
不用意にも: huyouinimo
不用意な: huyouina: unprepared, careless, imprudent, unguarded
不用意な事を言う: huyouinakotooiu: make a careless remark
不用意な発言をする: huyouinahatsugennosuru <<< 発言
食事を用意する: shokujioyouisuru: prepare a meal, set [fix] the table <<< 食事
check also: 準備 , 支度 , 用心


pronunciation: youi
kanji characters: ,
translation: easiness, simplicity
容易な: youina: easy, simple, plain
容易ならぬ: youinaranu: difficult, hard, grave, alarming
容易ならぬ事態: youinaranujitai: serious [critical] situation <<< 事態
容易に: youini: easily, without difficulty, readily, with ease [facility, little effort]
容易にする: youinisuru: simplify, facilitate, render less difficult
check also: 簡易 , 簡単 , 安易


pronunciation: youiku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family , education
translation: bringing up, education
養育する: youikusuru: bring up, foster, rear, educate
養育院: youikuin: orphanage, orphan house, founding hospital <<<
養育費: youikuhi: expenses for bringing up a child, expenses of education <<<


pronunciation: youin
kanji characters: ,
translation: important factor [element], dominant cause
check also: 原因


pronunciation: youin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: workers required, needed [necessary] personnel
要員募集: youinboshuu: recruitment of needed personnel <<< 募集
交代要員: koutaiyouin: a shift <<< 交代
保安要員: hoannyouin: maintenance personnel <<< 保安


pronunciation: youji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: utensil
translation: toothpick, toothbrush (anc.)
楊枝を使う: youjiotsukau: pick one's teeth <<< 使
爪楊枝: tsumayouji: toothpick <<<


pronunciation: youji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: business, engagement
用事で: youjide: on business, on an errand
用事が有る: youjigaaru: have something to do, be engaged <<<
用事が無い: youjiganai: be free, have nothing to do <<<
用事を果たす: youjiohatasu: finish [carry out] one's work <<<
用事を済ます: youjiosumasu <<<
check also: 用件


pronunciation: youji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: kids
translation: baby, infant, child
幼児殺し: youjigoroshi: infanticide <<<
check also: 小児 , 赤ん坊


pronunciation: youjin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: security
translation: care, carefulness, thoughtfulness, caution, precaution, vigilance, prudence, circumspection
用心する: youjinsuru: be careful, take care, watch oneself, use caution, take precautions, be wary of, beware of, guard against
用心の為: youjinnnotame: be way of precaution <<<
用心深い: youjinbukai: careful, cautious, prudent, watchful <<<
用心深く: youjinbukaku: carefully, cautiously, prudently, watchfully
用心が悪い: youjingawarui: unsafe, insecure <<<
無用心な: buyoujinnna <<<
用心棒: youjinbou: bodyguard, muscleman, bouncer <<<
火の用心: hinoyoujin: precautions against fire <<<
check also: 注意 , 警戒

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