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pronunciation: zahyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: coordinates
座標軸: zahyoujiku: axis of coordinates <<<
縦座標: tatezahyou: ordinate <<<
横座標: yokozahyou: abscissa <<<


pronunciation: zaiaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime , religion
translation: crime, sin
罪悪を犯す: zaiakuookasu: commit a sin <<<
罪悪感: zaiakukan: (sense of ) guilt <<<


pronunciation: zaibatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: economy
translation: zaibatsu, plutocracy, plutocrat, financial clique, giant family trust
財閥解体: zaibatsukaitai: break-up of zaibatsu <<< 解体


pronunciation: zaidan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: administration
translation: foundation
財団法人: zaidanhoujin: foundational juridical person <<< 法人


pronunciation: zaiko
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: stock
在庫が有る: zaikogaaru: be in a stock, have in stock <<<
在庫が無い: zaikoganai: be out of stock <<<
在庫を調べる: zaikooshiraberu: take stock <<< 調
在庫調べ: zaikoshirabe: stocktaking, inventory
在庫整理: zaikoseiri <<< 整理
在庫品: zaikohin: stocks, goods in stock <<<
在庫商品: zaikoshouhin <<< 商品
在庫中: zaikochuu: in stock <<<
在庫一掃: zaikoissou: clearance sale
check also: 棚卸 , ストック


pronunciation: zaimu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: finance , accounting
translation: financial affairs, finance
財務官: zaimukan: financial commissioner <<<
財務局: zaimukyoku: Financial Bureau <<<
財務省: zaimushou: Ministry of Finance <<<
財務大臣: zaimudaijin: Finance Minister <<< 大臣
財務長官: zaimuchoukan: Secretary of Treasury (in US) <<< 長官
財務会計: zaimukaikei: financial accounting <<< 会計
財務管理: zaimukanri: financial management <<< 管理
財務指標: zaimushihyou: financial index
財務政策: zaimuseisaku: financial [fiscal] policy <<< 政策
財務顧問: zaimukomon: financial adviser [consultant, counsel] <<< 顧問
財務理事: zaimuriji: financial administrator <<< 理事


pronunciation: zainin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: criminal, convict, culprit, offender
重罪人: juuzainin: capital offender <<<
check also: 犯人


pronunciation: zairyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: material
translation: (raw) material, stuff, ingredient, data
材料費: zairyouhi: material cost <<<
実験材料: jikkenzairyou: experimental object <<< 実験
研究材料: kenkyuuzairyou: materials [data] for research work <<< 研究
check also: 素材 , 原料


pronunciation: zairyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel
translation: long sojourn (stay), residence
在留の: zairyuuno: resident, living
在留する: zairyuusuru: reside, live (v.)
在留届: zairyuutodoke: declaration of sojourn <<<
在留邦人: zairyuuhoujin: Japanese residents <<< 邦人


pronunciation: zaisan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: realty , finance
translation: fortune, wealth, property, richness, asset
財産を残す: zaisannonokosu: leave [bequeath] a fortune <<<
財産を作る: zaisannotsukuru: make a fortune <<<
財産を継ぐ: zaisannotsugu: inherit [succeed to] a fortune <<<
財産権: zaisanken: property right <<<
財産家: zaisanka: wealthy person, rich (person) <<<
財産税: zaisanzei: property tax <<<
財産勘定: zaisankanjou: assets and liabilities account <<< 勘定
財産譲渡: zaisanjouto: conveyance of estate <<< 譲渡
財産相続: zaisansouzoku: succession to a property <<< 相続
財産管理: zaisankanri: property management <<< 管理
特定財産: tokuteizaisan: specific property <<< 特定
皇室財産: koushitsuzaisan: imperial estate <<< 皇室
生命財産: seimeizaisan: life and property <<< 生命
保有財産: hoyuuzaisan: tenement, property <<< 保有
相続財産: souzokuzaisan: an inheritance, heritage, inherited property <<< 相続
共有財産: kyouyuuzaisan: common property <<< 共有
公共財産: koukyouzaisan: public property [heritage] <<< 公共
信託財産: shintakuzaisan: estate in trust <<< 信託
私有財産: shiyuuzaisan: private property <<< 私有
check also: 資産

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