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pronunciation: zasshi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: media
translation: magazine, periodical, journal
雑誌を出す: zasshiodasu: publish a magazine <<<
雑誌を取る: zasshiotoru: take (subscribe for) a magazine <<<
雑誌社: zasshisha: magazine publisher <<<
雑誌記者: zasshikisha: magazine writer, magazinist <<< 記者
雑誌記事: zasshikiji: magazine article <<< 記事
回覧雑誌: kairanzasshi: circulating magazine <<< 回覧
評論雑誌: hyouronzasshi: review (journal) <<< 評論
機関雑誌: kikanzasshi: organ magazine, bulletin <<< 機関
総合雑誌: sougouzasshi: all-round magazine <<< 総合
月刊雑誌: gekkanzasshi: monthly magazine <<< 月刊
季刊雑誌: kikanzasshi: quartely magazine <<< 季刊
婦人雑誌: hujinzasshi: woman's magazine <<< 婦人
同人雑誌: douninzasshidoujinzasshi: literary coterie magazine <<< 同人
少年雑誌: shounenzasshi: boy's magazine <<< 少年
娯楽雑誌: gorakuzasshi: magazine for amusement <<< 娯楽
モード雑誌: moodozasshi: fashion magazine <<< モード
ポルノ雑誌: porunozasshi: skin magazine <<< ポルノ


pronunciation: zasshu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: animal , biology
translation: mixed breed, crossbreed
雑種の: zasshuno: cross-bred, hybrid, mongrel, miscellaneous
雑種を作る: zasshuotsukuru: cross one breed with another, cross two breeds, interbreed <<<
雑種犬: zasshuken: mongrel dog <<<
check also: 混血 , ハイブリッド


pronunciation: zassou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: plant
translation: weeds
雑草の多い: zassounoooi: weedy <<<
雑草を刈る: zassouokaru: weed (v.) <<<
雑草を取る: zassouotoru <<<


pronunciation: zatsudan
kanji characters: ,
translation: idle talk, chat (n.), gossip
雑談する: zatsudansuru: chat (v.), have a chat
check also: 懇談 , チャット


pronunciation: zatta
kanji characters: ,
translation: miscellaneousness
雑多な: zattana: miscellaneous, sundry, various, manifold
雑多な品物: zattanashinamono: sundries <<< 品物
雑多な人々: zattanahitobito: all sorts of people <<<
check also: 色々


pronunciation: zayaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: drug
translation: suppository


pronunciation: zazen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: buddhism
translation: religious meditation
座禅を組む: zazennokumu: sit in (religious) meditation <<<
check also: ヨガ


pronunciation: zehi
kanji characters: ,
translation: right and [or] wrong, propriety (of), without fail, by all means, at any cost
是非を論ぜず: zehioronzezu: whether right or wrong <<<
是非を弁じる: zehiobenjiru: distinguish between right and wrong <<<
是非とも: zehitomo: without fail, by all means, at any cost


pronunciation: zeijaku
kanji characters: ,
translation: weakness, fragility
脆弱な: zeijakuna: weak, fragile


pronunciation: zeikan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: administration
translation: customhouse, customs
税関吏: zeikanri: customs officer [inspector, official] <<<
税関長: zeikanchou: superintendent of the customs <<<
税関検査: zeikankensa: customs check [control, examination, inspection] <<< 検査
税関手続: zeikantetsuZuki: customs formalities <<< 手続
税関申告: zeikanshinkoku: customs declaration <<< 申告
税関申告書: zeikanshinkokusho: customs declaration (form) <<<
税関事務所: zeikanjimusho: customhouse
税関手数料: zeikantesuuryou: customs fee
check also: 関税

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