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category: to learn in school
keyword: book
nb of strokes: 11
translation: emblem, symbol, mark, text
章: shou: chapter
章らか: akiraka: clear, obvious
章: shirushi: sign, mark
章: humi: book, message, text
章: aya: pattern, figure
Kanji words: 文章 , 紋章
Expressions: 会員章 , 階級章 , 旭日章

category: to learn in school
keyword: justice
nb of strokes: 11
translation: accuse, decry, torture, harass
seki, shaku, sai
責める: semeru: torture, put (a person) to torture, harass, worry, call [bring] (a person) to account, take [call, bring] (a person) to task (for doing), criticize, censure, reproach, accuse
Kanji words: 責任 , 問責
synonyms: 非難

category: to learn in school
keyword: administration
nb of strokes: 11
translation: allow, permit, grant, admit, sanction, consent, license, authorize, only, solely, merely
kyo, ko
許す: yurusu: allow [permit] (a person to do), grant, admit, sanction, consent to, license, authorize, can afford, forgive, pardon, excuse, exempt (a person from), release, set (a person) free, trust, confide in (a person), take (a person) into one's confidence
許せる: yuruseru: pardonable, excusable, permissible, tolerable
許せない: yurusenai: unpardonable, inexcusable, impermissible, intolerable
許し難い: yurushigatai <<<
許し: yurushi: permission (to do), leave, license, sanction, pardon, release, authorization
許しを求める: yurushiomotomeru: ask a person's permission [leave] <<<
許しを請う: yurushiokou: beg a person's pardon <<<
許しを得る: yurushioeru: get permission <<<
許しを得て: yurushioete: by permission of <<<
許り: bakari: only, solely, merely
許: moto: origin, source, beginning
Kanji words: 許可 , 特許 , 免許
Expressions: 溢れる許りの , 休暇を許す , 事情が許せば , 入会を許す , 発言を許す , 楽観を許さない

category: to learn in school
nb of strokes: 11
translation: thin, fine, slim, slender
sai, sei
細い: hosoi: thin, slender, fine, narrow, tapering
細い声: hosoikoe: thin [small] voice <<<
細く: hosoku: thinly, finely
細くする: hosokusuru: make (a thing) slender [fine, thin], narrow, sharpen
細く成る: hosokunaru: become thin [thinner, more slender], dwindle <<<
細る: hosoru
細かい, 細か: komakai, komaka: small, fine, minute, detailed, elaborate, delicate, close, strict, exact, thrifty, frugal, economical, sensitive
細かく, 細かに: komakaku, komakani: finely, minutely, in detail, closely, particularly, strictly
細かくする: komakakusuru: cut [break up] (a thing) into small pieces, tear to pieces, chop, change (into small money)
細しい: kuwashii: detailed, particular, minute, know well, be well-informed
細しく: kuwashiku: minutely, in detail, in full, at length
Kanji words: 細菌 , 細工 , 細心 , 細胞 , 些細 , 細波 , 詳細 , 繊細 , 細切 , 細身 , 明細
Expressions: 痩せ細る , 痩せ細った , 神経が細い

category: to learn in school
keyword: book
nb of strokes: 11
translation: wear, edit (bor.)
cho, chaku, jaku
著す: arawasu: write (a book), edit
著しい: ichijirushii: remarkable, conspicuous, striking, marked, noteworthy
著しく: ichijirushiku: remarkably, conspicuously, strikingly, markedly
著る: kiru: wear
著く: tsuku: stick, adhere
Kanji words: 顕著 , 著作 , 著者 , 著名

category: to learn in school
keyword: mechanics
nb of strokes: 11
translation: shut, close
hei, hetsu
閉じる: tojiru: shut, close
閉じた: tojita: closed
閉ざす: tozasu: shut, close, bolt, lock, blockade
閉める: shimeru: shut, close, let down
閉まる: shimaru: shut, close, be shut, be closed, be locked
閉: yudame: arc fitter
Kanji words: 閉会 , 開閉 , 閉鎖 , 閉店 , 密閉
Expressions: 戸を閉める , 店を閉める , 店を閉じる , 門を閉ざす , 栓を閉める , 窓を閉める , 幕を閉じる , 鍵を閉める , 括弧を閉じる , 金庫を閉める , 議事を閉じる , 支店を閉じる , 蛇口を閉じる , 蛇口を閉める , 踏切を閉める , カーテンを閉める , ジッパーを閉める , チャックを閉める , ハッチを閉じる , バルブを閉じる , バルブを閉める

category: to learn in school
keyword: musical instrument
nb of strokes: 11
translation: flute, pipe, bagpipe, piccolo, flageolet
teki, jaku
笛: hue
笛を吹く: hueohuku: play (on) a flute <<<
笛吹けど踊らず: huehukedoodorazu: do not dance to a person's piping
Kanji words: 汽笛 , 警笛
synonyms: フルート

category: common usage
keyword: pet
nb of strokes: 11
translation: cat, puss
byou, myou
猫: neko
猫の様な: nekonoyouna: feline <<<
猫が鳴く: nekoganaku: mew (v.), meow, miaow <<<
猫の声: nekonokoe: mew (n.), meow, miaow <<<
猫を被る: nekookaburu: dissemble, play the hypocrite, cunningly simulate gentleness <<<
猫の毛: nekonoke: cat hair <<<
猫の爪: nekonotsume: cat's claw <<<
猫の足: nekonoashi: cat's foot <<<
猫の手: nekonote: cat's paw <<<
猫の手も借りたい: nekonotemokaritai: I wish I had two bodies
猫の目: nekonome: cat's eye <<<
猫の目の様に変わる: nekonomenoyounikawaru: be as fickle as a weathercock
猫の舌: nekonoshita: cat's tongue <<<
猫踏んじゃった: nekohunjatta: Flea Waltz (a simple piano piece) <<<
Kanji words: 海猫 , 雄猫 , 黒猫 , 小猫 , 白猫 , 虎猫 , 猫糞 , 化け猫 , 雌猫 , 山猫
Expressions: 雄の猫 , 斑の猫 , 雌の猫 , 猫に小判 , 猫の尻尾 , 猫も杓子も , 長靴を履いた猫 , 野良猫 , 三毛猫 , 猫屋敷 , アンゴラ猫 , 猫カフェ , シャム猫 , 猫のトイレット , ペルシャ猫

category: to learn in school
keyword: moral
nb of strokes: 11
translation: tender, sympathy, affection, mercy, compassion, benevolence, taste (ext.), flavor
jou, sei
情け: nasake: tender feeling, fellow feeling, sympathy, affection, mercy, compassion, benevolence, love
情けの無い: nasakenonai: unfeeling, coldhearted, heartless, unsympathetic <<<
情けを知らぬ: nasakeoshiranu <<<
情け無い: nasakenai: pitiful, wretched, miserable, lamentable, deplorable <<<
情け無い奴: nasakenaiyatsu: miserable fellow, wretch
情け無い事に: nasakenaikotoni: to one's sorrow [regret]
情け深い: nasakebukai: benevolent, charitable, compassionate, tenderhearted, sympathetic <<<
情けを掛ける: nasakeokakeru: show mercy (to), take pity (on) <<<
情: kokoro: heart (fig.)
情: omomuki: taste, flavor
Kanji words: 愛情 , 感情 , 苦情 , 強情 , 事情 , 純情 , 情況 , 情事 , 情勢 , 情緒 , 情熱 , 情婦 , 情夫 , 情報 , 情欲 , 叙情 , 陳情 , 同情 , 人情 , 薄情 , 発情 , 非情 , 表情 , 風情 , 無情 , 友情 , 欲情 , 旅情
Expressions: 母の情 , 親子の情 , 親愛の情
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category: common usage
keyword: animal
nb of strokes: 11
translation: pig, swine
豚: buta
豚の様な: butanoyouna: piggish <<<
豚の脂: butanoabura: lard <<< , ラード
Kanji words: 海豚 , 酢豚 , 河豚 , 豚肉 , 焼豚
Expressions: 紅の豚 , 雄の豚 , 豚小屋 , 豚インフルエンザ , 豚カツ
synonyms: ポーク

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