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category: JIS2
keyword: body
nb of strokes: 11
translation: lower leg, shin, shank
脛: sune
脛: hagi
脛を齧る: suneokajiru: sponge [live, hang] on (one's parents), be a drain on one's pocket, live off one's money <<<
脛に傷を持つ: sunenikizuomotsu: have a guilty conscience
Kanji words: 脹脛 , 向う脛
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category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 11
translation: wind, roll, reel, turn
ken, kan
捲く: maku
捲る: makuru: turn [roll, pull, tuck] up
捲る: mekuru: turn over, turn up, turn (the pages)
捲し立てる: makushitateru: talk volubly, rattle off <<<
Expressions: 尻を捲る , 吹き捲る , 袖を捲る , 斬り捲る , 腕を捲る , 喋り捲る , ページを捲る

category: JIS1
keyword: sport
nb of strokes: 11
translation: twist, twirl, defeat (ext.), beat
捻る: hineru: twist (v.), twirl, defeat, beat
捻り: hineri: twist (n.)
捻り潰す: hineritsubusu: crush with one's fingers <<<
捻くる: hinekuru: twirl, play with
捻くれる: hinekureru: become crooked [perverse]
捻くれた: hinekureta: crooked, perverse, twisted
捻じる: nejiru: twist, screw, wrench <<<
捻れ: nejire: torsion
捻れる: nejireru: be twisted, be distorted
捻れた: nejireta: twisted, distorted, cross-grained, perverse
Kanji words: 捻挫
Expressions: 首を捻る , 蛇口を捻る

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 11
translation: empty, vacant, futile, vain
kyo, ko
虚を突く: kyootsuku: take by surprise, make a surprise attack on <<<
虚しい: munashii: futile, vain <<<
Kanji words: 虚言 , 虚実 , 虚弱 , 虚数 , 謙虚

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 11
translation: stick, glue, persevere
nen, den
粘る: nebaru: be sticky, be adhesive, be glutinous, persevere, stick, persist
粘り: nebari: stickiness, viscosity, adhesiveness
粘り気: nebarike <<<
粘り気の有る: nebarikenoaru: sticky, adhesive, glutinous
粘り強い: nebariZuyoi: tenacious, persevering, steadfast, tough <<<
Kanji words: 粘液 , 粘性 , 粘着 , 粘土 , 粘膜

category: common usage
keyword: shape
nb of strokes: 11
translation: oblique, slant, diagonal
斜めの: nanameno: oblique, slant, slanting, diagonal
斜めに: nanameni: diagonally, obliquely aslant
斜めにする: nanamenisuru: incline (vt.), slant
斜めに成る: nanameninaru: incline (vi.), slant <<<
Kanji words: 傾斜 , 斜頸 , 斜面
Expressions: 斜滑降

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 11
translation: detain
控える: hikaeru: detain, keep [hold] back (jp.), abstain [restrain oneself] (from doing), be temperate in doing, postpone, put off, give up, make a note of, note down
控え: hikae: note, memorandum, duplicate, counterfoil, stub, prop, stay <<< コピー
控えを取る: hikaeotoru: take [make] a copy (of) <<<
Kanji words: 控除
Expressions: 売り控える , 売り控える , 差し控える

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 11
translation: spare, grudge, deplore, regret
seki, shaku
惜しむ: oshimu: spare, grudge, be chary (of), value [prize] (highly), hold (a thing, a person) dear, be sorry for, deplore, regret
惜しむらくは: oshimurakuha: It is to be regrettable that, It is pity that
惜しむべき: oshimubeki: regrettable, lamentable
惜しい: oshii
惜しそうに: oshisouni: sparingly, grudgingly, reluctantly
Expressions: 労を惜しまない , 労を惜しむ , 別れを惜しむ , 売り惜しむ , 努力を惜しむ , 名残惜しむ , 費用を惜しまない , 労力を惜しむ

category: JIS2
keyword: animal
nb of strokes: 11
translation: groan, growl, roar
唸る: unaru: groan (v.), growl, roar, hum, buzz, howl, whiz
唸り: unari: grown (n.), growl, roar, howl, bellow, humming, droning, buzzing, whizzing
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category: JIS2
keyword: mechanics
nb of strokes: 11
translation: twist, screw, wrench
rei, retsu
捩じる: nejiru: twist, screw (v.), wrench
捩: neji: screw (jp., n.), nut <<< 螺子

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