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category: common usage
keyword: disease
nb of strokes: 12
translation: diarrhea, loose bowels
痢: geri <<< 下痢
Kanji words: 下痢

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 12
translation: obey, follow, conform
zui, da
随う: shitagau
Kanji words: 随分
synonyms: ,

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 12
translation: hurry, trouble, faint (conf.), obscure
慌ただしい: awatadashii: hurried, flurried, confused
慌ただしく: awatadashiku: hurriedly, in a hurry
慌てる: awateru: be confused [flurried], lose one's presence of mind, be in a hurry
慌てない: awatenai: remain calm, keep quiet
慌てるな: awateruna: Don't be in a hurry, Now you must keep your head
慌てて: awatete: in a flurry, in confusion, helter-skelter, hurriedly
慌て者: awatemono: hasty person, scatterbrain <<<
慌い: kurai: obscure
Kanji words: 恐慌

category: JIS1
keyword: plant
nb of strokes: 12
translation: wither, droop, weaken, wilt
萎える: naeru: wither, droop, lose strength, weaken, be paralyzed <<< 麻痺
萎れる: shioreru: wither, droop, be dejected, be dispirited, be cast down, wilt
Kanji words: 萎縮

category: common usage
keyword: position
nb of strokes: 12
translation: aside, side, near
bou, hou
傍ら: katawara: aside
傍らに: katawarani: by the side (of), beside, aside, by, near by
傍らに寄る: katawaraniyoru: step aside <<<
傍: soba: near
傍: waki: side
傍う: sou: accompany, go along with

category: common usage
keyword: accounting
nb of strokes: 12
translation: symptom, nearly
幾: kizashi: symptom, omen
幾ど: hotondo: nearly
幾: hotohoto: quite (at a loss)
幾: iku: unknown quantity
幾ら: ikura: how much, how many, how far, how long
幾らでも: ikurademo: any number [amount] of, as many [much] as one likes [wants]
幾らですか: ikuradesuka: How much does it cost, What is the price [charge, fare, fee]
幾らか: ikuraka: some, a little, somewhat, to some extent, partly
幾ら遅くとも: ikuraosokutomo: at (the) latest <<<
幾ら多くても: ikuraookutemo: at (the) most <<<
幾ら良くても: ikurayokutemo: at (the) best <<<
幾つ: ikutsu: how many, how old
幾つか: ikutsuka: some, several, few
幾つですか: ikutsudesuka: How old are you?
Kanji words: 幾度 , 幾何
Expressions: 皆で幾らですか , 締めて幾らですか , 幾週間も , 値段は幾ら

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 12
translation: escape, flee, avoid, evade
ton, shun
遁れる: nogareru: escape, get off [away], flee, make one's escape, take refuge in, avoid, evade, be freed from, be exempted from, get rid [clear] of
遁る: nigeru: run away [off], flee, take to flight, escape, break [get] loose, fly away, shirk, back out of
Kanji words: 火遁 , 水遁 , 土遁

category: JIS1
keyword: mollusk
nb of strokes: 12
translation: clam
蛤: hamaguri

category: JIS1
keyword: tree
nb of strokes: 12
translation: a kind of paulownia, chair
椅: iigiri: a kind of paulownia
椅: isu: chair <<< 椅子
Kanji words: 椅子

category: common usage
keyword: musical instrument
nb of strokes: 12
translation: zither, harp
kin, gon
琴: koto: koto (a Japanese music instrument)
synonyms: ハープ
check also: Koto

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