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category: common usage
nb of strokes: 13
translation: touch, feel, pat
shoku, soku
触れる: hureru: touch (vt.), come in contact (with), feel, hit, conflict with, violate, infringe
触れ合う: hureau: come into contact with, touch each other <<<
触れ込む: hurekomu: give oneself out (for, as, to be), announce oneself (as), pretend (to be), pose (as) <<<
触る: sawaru: touch (vt.), feel, pat
触らぬ神に祟り無し: sawaranukaminitatarinashi: Let sleeping dogs lie
触り: sawari: touch (n.), feel, moving passage
Kanji words: 感触 , 触手 , 触角 , 接触 , 肌触 , 触合
Expressions: 手を触れる , 有り触れた , 折に触れて , 指で触る , 核心に触れる , 機雷に触れる , 要点に触れる

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 13
translation: trace, track, remains, chase
seki, shaku
跡: ato: trace, track, remains
跡を付ける: atootsukeru: shadow (a person), trail <<<
跡を追う: atooou: follow (a person), chase, trail <<<
跡を継ぐ: atootsugu: succeed to [take over] (a person's business), succeed (a person), inherit <<<
Kanji words: 足跡 , 遺跡 , 傷跡 , 軌跡 , 奇跡 , 痕跡
Expressions: 蹄の跡 , 蝸牛の跡 , 火傷の跡

category: common usage
keyword: material
nb of strokes: 13
translation: lead
鉛: namari: lead (n.)
鉛の: namarino: lead (a.), leaden
Kanji words: 亜鉛 , 鉛筆
Expressions: 塩化鉛 , 酢酸鉛 , 炭酸鉛 , 鉛中毒

category: common usage
keyword: fest
nb of strokes: 13
translation: heap up (org.), organize (meeting etc.), urge, invite
催す: moyoosu: organize, celebrate, hold, feel
催: moyoosareru: be organized [held], take place
催: moyooshi: meeting, social gathering, ceremony, entertainment, party, show
催す: unagasu: urge, invite, incite
Kanji words: 開催 , 催促 , 催眠 , 主催
Expressions: 集まりを催す , 宴会を催す , 嘔吐を催す , 嘔吐を催させる , 祝宴を催す , 小宴を催す , 茶会を催す , 吐気を催す , 忘年会を催す

category: common usage
keyword: time
nb of strokes: 13
translation: leisure, spare time
暇: hima: leisure, spare time, separation (jp.), leave, dismissal, discharge
暇が無い: himaganai: have no time (to spare), have no leisure (to do, for a matter) <<< ,
暇な時に: himanatokini: at one's leisure, when one has time (to spare) <<<
暇でしたら: himadeshitara: If you are free [not engaged]
暇を潰す: himaotsubusu: kill time, while away one's time <<<
暇取る: himadoru: take time, delay <<< ,
暇が掛かる: himagakakaru <<<
暇を遣る: himaoyaru: give leave (of absence) <<<
暇を出す: himaodasu: dismiss, send (a person) packing, fire (a person) <<<
暇を取る: himaotoru: leave one's service [employment] <<<
暇: itoma: leisure, spare time, separation (jp.), leave, farewell
暇を告げる: itomaotsugeru: take one's leave <<<
暇を告げずに: itomaotsugezuni: without taking leave <<<
暇を乞う: itomaokou: ask a leave [separation] <<<
Kanji words: 休暇 , 余暇
synonyms: レジャー

category: JIS1
keyword: flower
nb of strokes: 13
translation: lotus
蓮: hasu
蓮の根: hasunone: lotus root <<< , 蓮根
蓮の葉: hasunoha: lotus leaf <<<
蓮の花: hasunohana: lotus flower <<<
蓮の池: hasunoike: lotus pond <<<
Kanji words: 睡蓮 , 木蓮 , 蓮華 , 蓮根

category: common usage
keyword: buddhism
nb of strokes: 13
translation: (Buddhist) priest, monk
僧: bouzu
Kanji words: 小僧 , 僧侶 , 尼僧
Expressions: 行脚僧 , 修道僧 , 修行僧 , 堕落僧
synonyms: 坊主

category: JIS2
keyword: bird
nb of strokes: 13
translation: pheasant, measure of castle's walls
chi, ji
雉: kiji: pheasant
雉: kaki: measure of castle's walls
Kanji words: 雉鳩

category: JIS1
keyword: nature , finance
nb of strokes: 13
translation: drip, drop, trickle
溜る: shitataru: drip, drop, trickle
溜まる: tamaru: collect (jp., vi.), gather, form a mass, heap, accumulate, stay, stand, be in arrears, be overdue
溜める: tameru: accumulate (jp., vt.), amass, save, store, lay [set] by, put aside [by, away], hoard, collect, gather, run up [behind in one's] (bills), leave (one's work) undone, leave over (one's work) <<<
溜り: tamari: waiting room (jp.), haunt, hangout, parking lot
溜: tame: dump (jp.), tip
溜め込む: tamekomu: save [hoard] up, amass <<<
Kanji words: 溜息 , 日溜り , 水溜り
Expressions: 埃が溜まる , 汚水溜 , 勘定を溜める , 下水溜め , ストレスが溜まる

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 13
translation: smoke, smoky, haze
煙: kemuri: smoke (n.)
煙る: kemuru: be smoky, look dim
煙い: kemui: smoky, filled with smoke, fumous, feel awkward (jp.)
煙たい: kemutai
煙: kemutagaru: feel awkward [ill at ease], be rather afraid of, keep (a person) at a respectful distance
煙を出す: kemuriodasu: smoke (vt.) <<<
煙が出る: kemurigaderu: smoke (vi.) <<<
煙が立つ: kemurigatatsu <<<
煙にする: kemurinisuru: lose, throw away <<<
煙に成る: kemurininaru: end in smoke <<<
煙に巻く: kemurinimaku: bewilder, nonplus, mystify, fool <<<
煙に巻かれる: kemurinimakareru: be overwhelmed [suffocated] by smoke, be mystified [bewildered] <<<
Kanji words: 煙突 , 煙幕 , 煙管 , 喫煙 , 禁煙 , 硝煙 , 煙草 , 狼煙
synonyms: スモーク

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