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category: JIS1
keyword: plant , china
nb of strokes: 13
translation: thorn, bramble, whip, lash, Chu (a kingdom in south China, 722 BC-221 BC)
楚: ibara: thorn, bramble
楚: muchi: whip, lash
楚: shimoto
Kanji words: 清楚
check also: ,

category: JIS1
keyword: bird
nb of strokes: 13
translation: birds, fowls, caprtve (orig.)
禽: tori: (family of) birds, fowls <<<
禽: toriko: captive, prisoner <<<
Kanji words: 猛禽
check also: 鳥類

category: JIS1
keyword: tool
nb of strokes: 13
translation: hammer, mallet, maul
槌: tsuchi: hammer (n.), mallet, maul
槌で打つ: tsuchideutsu: hammer (v.), beat with a hammer <<<
Kanji words: 相槌 , 鉄槌
check also: ハンマー

category: JIS1
keyword: vegetable
nb of strokes: 13
translation: leek, chive
韮: nira

category: JIS2
keyword: color
nb of strokes: 13
translation: halo, dizziness, vertigo, shade, gradation
暈: kasa: halo
暈: memai: dizziness, vertigo <<<
暈: kuma: shade, gradation <<<
暈し: bokashi: gradation
暈す: bokasu: gradate, mute
暈る: bokeru: grow faint, fade, shade off
暈ける: boyakeru: grow dim, become blurred, fade
Expressions: 色を暈す

category: JIS2
keyword: construction
nb of strokes: 13
translation: break, destroy, tear, rend, blame, censure, slander
毀つ: kobotsu: break, destroy, tear, rend
毀る: yaburu: tear, rend <<<
毀す: kowasu: destroy, break (vt.), demolish <<<
毀れる: kowareru: break (vi.), be broken [smashed, wrecked], be damaged, go to pieces
毀れ掛かった: kowarekakatta: half-ruined <<<
毀れ易い: kowareyasui: be easily broken, fragile, frail, delicate <<< , デリケート
毀る: soshiru: blame, censure, slander <<<

category: JIS2
nb of strokes: 13
translation: extravagant, haughty, arrogant, despise, contempt
傲る: ogoru: live luxuriously, be extravagant, be haughty [arrogant], become [get] conceited
傲どる: anadoru: despise, look down upon, hold (a person) in contempt, make little of
Kanji words: 傲慢
synonyms: ,

category: JIS1
keyword: plant
nb of strokes: 13
translation: ivy
蔦: tsuta

category: JIS2
keyword: amusement
nb of strokes: 13
translation: taste, relish
嗜む: tashinamu: be fond of, have a taste for, live, love, relish
嗜み: tashinami: taste (n.), relish, accomplishments, modesty (jp.), etiquette <<< エチケット
嗜みの良い: tashinaminoii, tashinaminoyoi: descent, reputable, ethical <<<
Kanji words: 嗜好

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 13
translation: jealous, envious
嫉む: nikumu: hate, detest
嫉む: netamu: be jealous [envious] (of), envy
Kanji words: 嫉妬

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