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category: JIS1
keyword: cereal
nb of strokes: 13
translation: millet, unhulled rice
zoku, shoku, soku
粟: awa: millet
粟: momi: unhulled rice

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 13
translation: sleep, rest
寝る: neru: sleep, go to sleep, fall asleep, take a nap
寝かす: nekasu: put (a person) to sleep [bed], send (a person) to sleep, lull(a baby) to sleep
寝られない: nerarenai: cannot get a sleep, lie [be kept] awake
寝ずに: nezuni: without sleeping
寝ずに居る: nezuniiru: stay [sit] up, be up late at night, remain awake <<<
寝て暮らす: netekurasu: idle [while] one's time away <<<
寝ても覚めても: netemosametemo: awake or sleep, night and day, all the time <<<
寝る子は育つ: nerukohasodatsu: sleep brings up a child well, a well-slept child is a well-kept child
寝た子を起こす: netakoookosu: Let sleeping dogs lie
寝たきりの: netakirino: bedridden
寝む: yasumu: go to bed, have a rest
寝: mitamaya: altar <<< 祭壇
Kanji words: 就寝 , 寝具 , 寝室 , 寝台 , 寝入 , 寝言 , 寝相 , 寝坊 , 寝巻 , 昼寝
Expressions: 未だ寝てる , 一緒に寝る , 寝小便 , 寝小便をする , 地面に寝る , 寝不足 , 寝不足で , 寝不足の為
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category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 13
translation: little, few
僅か: wazuka: little, few
僅: yoshi: pers.

category: to learn in school
keyword: food , weather
nb of strokes: 13
translation: hemp stalk, steam (bor.)
jou, shou
蒸す: musu: steam (vt.)
蒸らす: murasu
蒸れる: mureru: be steamed
蒸し暑い: mushiatsui: sultry, muggy, soggy <<<
蒸し暑さ: mushiatsusa: damp heat <<<
蒸し返す: mushikaesu: steam over again, bring up (the settled matter) again, harp on, sing the same line, repeat, adapt <<<
蒸し返し: mushikaeshi: resteaming, repetition, revival, adaptation <<<
蒸: ogara: hemp stalk
蒸: moromoro: all, every
Kanji words: 蒸気 , 蒸発 , 蒸焼
Expressions: 御飯蒸 , 茶碗蒸し , 蒸タオル

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 13
translation: high, tall, raised, lofty, elevated
suu, shuu
嵩い: takai: high, tall, raised, lofty, elevated
嵩: kasa: quantity (jp.), volume <<<
嵩に掛かって: kasanikakatte: overbearingly, overwhelmingly <<<
嵩の有る: kasanoaru: bulky, voluminous <<<
嵩張った: kasabatta <<<
嵩張る: kasabaru: be bulky [voluminous], be of great bulk <<<
嵩む: kasamu: grow bulky, voluminous, increase, swell, run [mount] up
Expressions: 経費が嵩む , 費用が嵩む

category: to learn in school
keyword: grammar
nb of strokes: 13
translation: refuse, decline, resign, word (bor.), speech, expression
辞する: jisuru: resign, take one's leave of, say good-bye (to a person)
辞: kotoba: speech, expression, word <<< 言葉
辞る: kotowaru: refuse, decline
辞める: yameru: resign, give up <<<
Kanji words: 御辞儀 , 御世辞 , 賛辞 , 辞書 , 辞職 , 辞退 , 辞典 , 辞任 , 弔辞
Expressions: 務めを辞める , 職を辞める , 開会の辞 , 会社を辞める , 巻頭の辞 , 学校を辞める , 告別の辞 , 仕事を辞める , 就任の辞 , 称賛の辞 , 接頭辞 , 接尾辞 , 送別の辞 , 大臣を辞める , 俳優を辞める , 閉会の辞

category: JIS2
keyword: bird
nb of strokes: 13
translation: wild duck:, grey-headed lapwing
鳧: kamo: wild duck
鳧: keri: grey-headed lapwing (jp.)

category: to learn in school
keyword: psychology
nb of strokes: 13
translation: dream, vision, illusion, dim
mu, bou
夢: yume: dream, vision, illusion
夢を見る: yumeomiru: dream (a dream), have a dream <<<
夢見る: yumemiru: dream of, fancy <<<
夢に見る: yumenimiru: see (a thing, a person) in a dream <<<
夢が醒める: yumegasameru: awake from a dream <<<
夢から醒める: yumekarasameru <<<
夢を破られる: yumeoyaburareru: be awakened from sleep <<<
夢を叶える: yumeokanaeru: achieve [fulfill] one's dream <<<
夢の様な: yumenoyouna: dreamlike, dreamy, illusive, visionary <<<
夢の無い: yumenonai: dreamless <<<
夢の国: yumenokuni: dreamland <<<
夢い: kurai: vague (as a dream), dim
Kanji words: 悪夢 , 夢想 , 夢中 , 夢遊病
Expressions: 夢心地 , 夢心地の , 夢心地で
synonyms: ドリーム
check also: 幻想

category: JIS2
keyword: astronomy
nb of strokes: 13
translation: shine, glitter, gleam
煌く: kagayaku
煌き: kirameki: glitter (n.), sparkle, flash, twinkle, twinkling
煌く: kirameku: glittering (a.), brilliant, sparkling, twinkling, glitter (v.), glisten, sparkle, twinkle

category: JIS2
keyword: vegetable
nb of strokes: 13
translation: garlic
葫: ninnniku
synonyms: 大蒜

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