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category: JIS1
keyword: ship
nb of strokes: 14
translation: transport [carry] by ship (orig.), row, pull (on) an oar, work at oars
漕ぐ: kogu: row, pull (on) an oar, work at oars
漕ぎ出す: kogidasu: row [pull] out <<<
漕ぎ手: kogite: oarsman <<<
漕ぶ: hakobu: ship (v.), transport [carry] by ship
Expressions: 船を漕ぐ , 櫓で漕ぐ , 自転車を漕ぐ , オールを漕ぐ , カヌーを漕ぐ , ボートを漕ぐ

category: common usage
keyword: art
nb of strokes: 14
translation: ink, black (conf.), dark
墨: sumi: ink stick, (India, China) ink
墨い: kurai: dark, obscure
墨い: kuroi: black
墨で書く: sumidekaku: write in Indian [Chinese] ink <<<
墨を磨る: sumiosuru: rub an ink stick <<<
墨を付ける: sumiotsukeru: smear with ink <<<
墨を漬ける: sumiotsukeru: dip in ink <<<
墨を吐く: sumiohaku: spurt the ink <<<
Kanji words: 靴墨 , 水墨 , 墨絵 , 眉墨
Expressions: 烏賊の墨
synonyms: インク
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category: common usage
keyword: tool
nb of strokes: 14
translation: line, rope, cord, cable
綱: tsuna
綱を張る: tsunaoharu: stretch a rope <<<
Kanji words: 大綱 , 綱引 , 要綱 , 横綱
Expressions: 犬の綱 , 頼みの綱 , 干物綱 , クロム綱
synonyms: ケーブル , ロープ
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category: JIS1
keyword: material
nb of strokes: 14
translation: wax, beeswax
蝋の: rouno: waxen
蝋を引く: rouohiku: wax (v.) <<<
蝋: mitsurou: beeswax
Kanji words: 蝋燭
Expressions: 蝋人形

category: common usage
keyword: animal
nb of strokes: 14
translation: porcupine, strong (bor.), excellent, manly, Australia (pref.)
gou, kou
豪: yamaarashi: porcupine <<< 山荒
Kanji words: 強豪 , 剣豪 , 豪雨 , 豪華 , 豪快 , 豪州 , 豪邸 , 富豪
Expressions: 豪ドル
synonyms: オーストラリア

category: common usage
keyword: religion
nb of strokes: 14
translation: swear, vow, pledge, pawn, oath
誓う: chikau: swear, vow (v.), pledge, pawn
誓って: chikatte: upon my honor, I swear (that, to do)
誓い: chikai: oath, vow (n.), pledge
誓いを守る: chikaiomamoru: keep one's vow [oath, pledge] <<<
誓いを破る: chikaioyaburu: break one's vow [oath, pledge] <<<
誓いを立てる: chikaiotateru: swear an oath <<<
Expressions: 忠誠を誓う , 秘密を誓う

category: to learn in school
keyword: geography
nb of strokes: 14
translation: nape, neck, govern (bor.), manage
ryou, rei
領: ryou: territory, fief
領する: ryousuru: have under one's rule, govern, possess
領める: osameru: govern, manage, rule
領: unaji: nape
領: eri: collar, neck
Kanji words: 横領 , 首領 , 占領 , 大統領 , 要領 , 領域 , 領海 , 領空 , 領主 , 領収 , 領事 , 領土
Expressions: 侯爵領 , 公爵領 , 子爵領 , 自治領 , 男爵領 , 伯爵領 , 保護領 , オランダ領 , ベルギー領 , ベルギー領コンゴ

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 14
translation: hate, detest
zou, sou
憎む: nikumu: hate (v.), detest, have a hatred for
憎むべき: nikumubeki: hateful, detestable, abominable
憎しみ: nikushimi: hate (n.), hatred, spite
憎い: nikui: hateful, detestable, abominable, difficult (jp.)
憎らしい: nikurashii: hateful, detestable, abominable, irritating (jp.)
Kanji words: 愛憎 , 生憎 , 憎悪

category: common usage
keyword: food
nb of strokes: 14
translation: rot, spoil, decay, putrefy
腐る: kusaru: go bad, rot, spoil (vi.), decay, putrefy, turn sour, stale, addle, corrode, corrupt
腐った: kusatta: rotten, putrid, corrupt (a.)
腐らす: kusarasu: corrupt (vt.), rot, cause (a thing) to decay, putrefy, spoil
腐っても鯛: kusattemotai: An old eagle is better than a young crow <<<
Kanji words: 豆腐 , 腐敗 , 防腐
Expressions: 芯まで腐った , 根性の腐った

category: JIS1
keyword: plant
nb of strokes: 14
translation: vine, tendril, runner, stretch, lengthen, spread, grow, run
man, ban
蔓: tsuru: vine, tendril, runner
蔓が這う: tsurugahau: A vine creeps <<<
Kanji words: 蔓延
Expressions: 藤の蔓 , 葡萄の蔓

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