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category: JIS1
keyword: utensil
nb of strokes: 15
translation: chopstick
cho, chaku
箸: hashi
箸を付ける: hashiotsukeru: touch [eat] the dish [food] <<<
箸を付けない: hashiotsukenai: leave the food untouched <<<
箸で食べる: hashidetaberu: eat with chopsticks <<<
箸にも棒にも掛からない: hashinimobounimokakaranai: be incorrigible, be good for nothing

category: JIS1
keyword: vegetable
nb of strokes: 15
translation: waste
bu, mu
蕪れる: areru: run waste, fall [go] to ruin
蕪: kabura: turnip (jp.)
蕪: kabu

category: JIS2
keyword: musical instrument
nb of strokes: 15
translation: govern, rule, administer, flip, eliminate, reject, plectrum, pick, drumstick
hatsu, bachi
撥: bachi: plectrum, pick, drumstick
撥める: osameru: govern, rule, administer, reign over
撥ねる: haneru: flip, eliminate, reject, turn over, set aside
撥ね付ける: hanetsukeru: refuse, turn down, reject (a proposal, a request) <<<
撥ね付けられる: hanetsukerareru: meet with a (flat) refusal, get the mitten [brush-off], suffer a rebuff, get dumped <<<
Expressions: 突っ撥ねる
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category: common usage
nb of strokes: 15
translation: obey, follow, comply
jun, shun
遵う: shitagau

category: common usage
keyword: society
nb of strokes: 15
translation: edge, rim, cause (bor.)
縁: en: relation, connection, affinity, ties, bond, marriage, fate, destiny, karma <<< 関係
縁が近い: engachikai: be closely related <<<
縁が深い: engahukai <<<
縁が遠い: engatooi: be distantly related <<<
縁を結ぶ: ennomusubu: form a connection (with a person) <<< , 結婚
縁を切る: ennokiru: cut connections (with), break off (from), break with (a person) <<<
縁が無い: enganai: have no relations [relationship, chance], cannot get married <<<
縁: huchi: edge, rim, border, limit
縁を取る: huchiotoru: hem (v.), fringe, border <<<
縁を付ける: huchiotsukeru: frame (v.), border <<<
縁無しの: huchinashino: brimless, rimless, unframed <<<
縁る: yoru: be based on, be due to
縁みに: chinamini: incidentally, by the way
縁: masa, mune, yasu, yori, yoshi: pers.
Kanji words: 因縁 , 縁側 , 縁起 , 縁組 , 縁談 , 縁結び , 額縁 , 復縁 , 無縁
Expressions: 親子の縁 , 眼鏡の縁 , 夫婦の縁 , 帽子の縁

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 15
translation: praise, admire, commend
褒める: homeru: praise, speak well of, commend, admire
Kanji words: 褒美

category: common usage
keyword: sport
nb of strokes: 15
translation: step, trample, go through, visit
踏む: humu: step [tread] on, go through, finish, value [estimate] (a thing), visit
踏まえる: humaeru: trample, consider
踏み荒す: humiarasu: trample down, ravage <<<
踏み替える: humikaeru: change step <<<
踏み固める: humikatameru: tread [stamp] down <<<
踏み切る: humikiru: step out of the ring, take off, make a bold start, take a plunge <<< , 踏切
踏み砕く: humikudaku: trample (a thing) to pieces <<<
踏み消す: humikesu: stamp [tread] out (the fire) <<<
踏み越える: humikoeru: step over (a thing) <<<
踏み込む: humikomu: step into, rush [break] into, trespass (on), make a raid (in, into) <<<
踏み倒す: humitaosu: trample down, bilk (a debt, a bill) <<<
踏み出す: humidasu: step forward, advance <<<
踏み付ける: humitsukeru: stamp down, stomp, tread on, insult <<< , 侮辱
踏ん付ける: hunZukeru <<<
踏み潰す: humitsubusu: smash (a thing) by treading on it <<<
踏み躙る: huminijiru: trample [tread] (a thing) underfoot
踏み外す: humihazusu: miss one's foot, lose one's footing <<<
Kanji words: 踏切 , 踏台
Expressions: 猫踏んじゃった , 轍を踏む , 韻を踏む , 韻を踏んだ , 手続を踏む , 舞台を踏む , アクセルを踏む , ステップを踏む , ペダルを踏む
synonyms: ,

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 15
translation: feat, exploit
勲: isao: merits, distinguished services, meritorious deeds

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 15
translation: ask, beg, request, entrust
嘱む: tanomu: ask, beg, request, as a favor, entreat, implore, solicit, entrust (a person) with (a matter)

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 15
translation: spread, shop (ext.)
舗く: shiku: spread
舗なる: tsuranaru: be linked, be connected
舗: mise: shop (where goods are spread)
Kanji words: 店舗

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