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category: JIS1
keyword: body
nb of strokes: 15
translation: knee, lap
shitsu, shichi
膝: hiza
膝を組む: hizaokumu: cross one's legs, sit cross-legged <<<
膝を付く: hizaotsuku: knee down, fall one's knees, get down on one's knees <<<
膝を付いて: hizaotsuite: kneeling, on his knees <<<
膝を崩す: hizaokuzusu: sit at ease <<<
膝を屈する: hizaokussuru: bow the knee to [before] <<<
膝を曲げる: hizaomageru: bend the knees <<<
膝までの深さの: hizamadenohukasano: knee-deep <<<
Expressions: 膝小僧

category: JIS1
keyword: amusement
nb of strokes: 15
translation: enjoy, amuse
嬉しむ: tanoshimu: enjoy, take pleasure in, amuse oneself
嬉しい: ureshii: happy (jp.), glad, grateful, joyful
嬉ぶ: yorokobu: please (jp.)

category: JIS1
keyword: animal , game
nb of strokes: 15
translation: steed, young horse, chessman, piece (of chess)
駒: koma: chessman, piece, bridge (of music instrument)
駒を動かす: komaougokasu: make a move (of chess) <<<
Kanji words: 駒鳥
Expressions: 将棋の駒 , チェスの駒 , ドミノの駒
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category: common usage
nb of strokes: 15
translation: rub, scrub, scour, chafe, brush
摩る: suru: rub (vt.), file, frost, strike
摩る: kosuru: rub, scrub, scour, chafe, brush
摩る: naderu: stroke, pat, smooth
Kanji words: 按摩 , 薩摩 , 摩擦 , 摩天楼 , 摩滅

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 15
translation: stroke, pat, smooth, caress
bu, hu
撫でる: naderu: stroke, pat, smooth, caress
撫で上げる: nadeageru: brush back, comb [smooth] up <<<
撫で下ろす: nadeorosu: heave a sigh of relief, feel relieved <<<
撫で付ける: nadetsukeru: comb, brush, smooth (one's hair) <<<
Kanji words: 愛撫 , 撫子
Expressions: 軽く撫でる , 顎を撫でる , 顎を撫ぜる

category: JIS1
other spells:
keyword: health
nb of strokes: 15
translation: thin, slender, lean, skinny, poor, barren, sterile
sou, shou
痩せる: yaseru: become thin, lose weight [flesh]
痩せた: yaseta: thin, slender, lean, skinny, poor, barren, sterile
痩せっぽち: yaseppochi: skinny person, living skeleton
痩せ衰える: yaseotoroeru: become emaciated <<<
痩せ細る: yasehosoru <<<
痩せ衰えた: yaseotoroeta: emaciated, withered, thin and pale <<<
痩せ細った: yasehosotta <<<
痩せても枯れても: yasetemokaretemo: Poor as one is, Though in reduced circumstances, one is <<<
Expressions: 頬が痩けた , 痩せ我慢 , 痩せ我慢する
antonyms: ,

category: JIS2
keyword: body
nb of strokes: 15
translation: wrinkles, lines, furrows, creases, rumples, folds
suu, shou
皺: shiwa
皺にする: shiwanisuru: crinkle, wrinkle (up), fold
皺が寄る: shiwagayoru: become wrinkled [creased, crumpled] <<<
皺の寄った顔: shiwanoyottakao: wrinkled face
皺に成る: shiwaninaru: crease, be crumpled, pucker <<<
皺に成らない: shiwaninaranai: be crease-free <<<
皺を伸ばす: shiwaonobasu: smooth (out) creases, press out the wrinkles, iron out <<<
皺くちゃの: shiwakuchano: wrinkled, crumpled, rumpled, withered
皺だらけの: shiwadarakeno
皺くちゃにする: shiwakuchanisuru: rumple, crumple (up), wrinkle, crease
皺くちゃ婆: shiwakuchababaa: wizened old woman <<<
Expressions: 縮緬皺 , 目尻の皺

category: common usage
keyword: optics
nb of strokes: 15
translation: shade, shadow, silhouette, figure
ei, you
影: kage: shade, shadow, silhouette, figure, reflection, image, sign, trace
影が差す: kagegasasu: cast [throw] a shadow (on) <<<
影の様な: kegenoyouna: shadowy <<<
影も形も無い: kagemokatachimonai: Nothing remains of it, There is no trace of it
影も形も見えない: kagemokatachimomienai
影を隠す: kageokakusu: hide away, secrete oneself, disappear <<<
影を潜める: kageohisomeru <<<
影が薄い: kagegausui: look as if one were shadowed by death, be in a back seat <<<
Kanji words: 影響 , 面影 , 幻影 , 撮影 , 火影
Expressions: 噂をすれば影 , 影武者
synonyms: , シルエット

category: common usage
keyword: nature
nb of strokes: 15
translation: transparent, clear, pure, limpid
澄む: sumu: become clear
澄んだ: sunda: clear, lucid, transparent, limpid
澄ます: sumasu: make clear, clarify, strain [prick up] one's ears, put on airs, be affected, look serious [grave, demure] (jp.), be [look] composed [calm], look prim
澄ました: sumashita: affected, prim, stuck up
澄んだ目: sundame: limpid eyes <<<
澄んだ声: sundakoe: clear voice <<<
澄んだ水: sundamizu: clear water <<<
澄み渡る: sumiwataru: clear up <<<
Expressions: 乙に澄ます , 耳を澄ます , 見澄ます

category: common usage
keyword: footwear
nb of strokes: 15
translation: shoes, boots, put on, trample, walk
履: kutsu: shoes, boots
履む: humu: trample, walk
履く: haku: put on <<< 穿
Kanji words: 草履 , 履物 , 履歴
Expressions: 靴を履く , 靴下を履く , 下駄を履く , 下駄履きで , 草履を履く , 足袋を履く , 長靴を履く , 長靴を履いた , 履物を履く , 部屋履き , スキーを履く , スリッパを履く

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