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category: common usage
nb of strokes: 16
translation: muddy, turbid, cloudy, impure
daku, joku
濁る: nigoru: become muddy [impure, cloudy], have a flat sound
濁った: nigotta: muddy, turbid, cloudy
濁す: nigosu: make muddy [turbid]
濁り: nigori: muddiness, impurity, voiced-sound mark
Kanji words: 濁流
Expressions: 御茶を濁す , 言葉を濁す , 小便が濁る

category: to learn in school
nb of strokes: 16
translation: loosen, slack, vertical (longer than horizontal thread)
juu, shou
縦: tate: length, height, longitude
縦の: tateno: longitudinal, lengthwise (a.), vertical, perpendicular
縦に: tateni: longitudinally, lengthwise (adv.), vertically, perpendicularly
縦む: yurumu: slacken (vi.), loosen
縦す: hanasu: release, let loose
縦いまま: hoshiimama: arbitrary, wayward, freely <<<
縦い, 縦え: tatoi, tatoe: even if
Kanji words: 縦横 , 縦隊 , 縦断 , 操縦
Expressions: 縦座標 , 縦断面

category: common usage
keyword: war
nb of strokes: 16
translation: defend, guard, protect, escort
ei, e
衛る: mamoru: defend, guard, protect, escort
衛り: mamori: defense (against), protection
Kanji words: 衛星 , 衛生 , 衛兵 , 後衛 , 近衛 , 護衛 , 守衛 , 自衛 , 前衛 , 防衛

category: common usage
keyword: position
nb of strokes: 16
translation: neighbor, border on
隣: tonari: neighborhood, neighborliness, vicinity
隣の: tonarino: next, next door, neighboring, adjoining, adjjacent
隣の人: tonarinohito: one's (next-door) neighbor <<<
隣の家: tonarinoie: next [neighboring, adjoining] house <<<
隣に座る: tonarinisuwaru: sit text (a person) <<<
隣る: tonaru
Kanji words: 近隣 , 隣国 , 隣人
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category: common usage
keyword: animal
nb of strokes: 16
translation: beast, animal
juu, jiu
獣: kemono, kedamono
獣の様な: kemononoyouna, kedamononoyouna: bestial <<<
Kanji words: 怪獣 , 獣医 , 獣姦 , 猛獣 , 野獣
Expressions: 獣医学 , 一角獣 , 肉食獣
synonyms: 動物 , 畜生

category: JIS1
keyword: material
nb of strokes: 16
translation: rust (n.), patina, detailed
sei, shou
錆: sabi: rust (n.), patina
錆びる: sabiru: rust (v.), gather rust, become rusty
錆付く: sabitsuku <<<
錆びた: sabita: rusty, rusted
錆びない: sabinai: stainless, rust-proof
錆を落とす: sabiootosu: clean [rub off] the rust, furbish <<<
錆を止める: sabiotomeru: prevent rust [rusting] <<<
錆しい: kuwashii: detailed

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 16
translation: clear, evident, obvious, truth
tei, dai
諦らか: akiraka: clear (fig.), evident, obvious
諦: makoto: truth
諦める: akirameru: give up (jp.), abandon, resign oneself to
諦め: akirame: resignation (jp.), abandonment, submission
諦めて: akiramete: with resignation, resignedly
諦めが良い: akiramegaii: give up easily <<<
諦めが悪い: akiramegawarui: give up hardly <<<
Expressions: 因果と諦める , 運命と諦める , 不運と諦める

category: JIS1
keyword: tool
nb of strokes: 16
translation: saw
kyo, ko
鋸: noko, nokogiri: saw (n.)
鋸で挽く: nokodehiku, nokogiridehiku: saw (v.) <<<
鋸で切る: nokodekiru, nokogiridekiru <<<
鋸の目: nokogirinome: sawteeth <<<
鋸の歯: nokogirinoha <<<

category: JIS1
keyword: body
nb of strokes: 16
translation: cheek
頬: hoo, hoho
頬が痩けた: hoogakoketa, hohogakoketa: hollow-cheeked <<<
頬を膨らませる: hooohukuramaseru, hohoohukuramaseru: puff out one's cheeks, be sulky <<<
頬の膨らんだ: hoonohukuranda, hohonohukuranda: chubby-cheeked <<<
頬を赤らめる: hoooakarameru, hohooakarameru: blush <<<
頬張る: hoobaru: stuff [cram] one's mouth (with food) <<<
Kanji words: 頬白

category: JIS1
keyword: game
nb of strokes: 16
translation: bet, stake, risk, gamble
賭け: kake: gambling, betting
賭る: kakeru: bet (n.), stake, risk, gamble
賭けをする: kakeosuru: gamble, bet, make a bet
賭けに勝つ: kakenikatsu: win a wager <<<
賭けに負ける: kakenimakeru: lose a wager <<<
賭けに凝る: kakenikoru: indulge in betting and gambling <<<
Kanji words: 賭金 , 賭博
Expressions: 賞金を賭ける , 生命を賭けて , パスカルの賭け
synonyms: 博打

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