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category: JIS2
keyword: medicine
nb of strokes: 16
translation: worry, concern, suffer (ext.)
罹る: kakaru: be taken ill, suffer from, be attacked (by), come down with, catch
Expressions: 黄疸に罹った , 脚気に罹る , 霜焼に罹る , 蕁麻疹に罹る , 卒中に罹かる , 中気に罹る , 痛風に罹る , 凍傷に罹る , 麻疹に罹る , 梅毒に罹る , 病気に罹る , 疱瘡に罹る , カリエスに罹る , ノイローゼに罹る , ペストに罹る , ペストに罹った , ホームシックに罹る , マラリアに罹かる , リューマチに罹かる

category: common usage
keyword: tool
nb of strokes: 16
translation: high leg dish
jou, tei
錠: jou: lock (n., jp.), padlock, tablet
錠を下ろす: jouoorosu: lock (v.), fasten a lock <<<
錠を開ける: jouoakeru: unlock <<<
Kanji words: 手錠
Expressions: 南京錠 , ビタミン錠
synonyms: ロック
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category: JIS1
keyword: animal
nb of strokes: 16
translation: hoof
蹄: hiZume: hoof, hooves (plur.)
蹄の有る: hiZumenoaru: hoofed <<<
蹄の跡: hiZumenoato: hoof tracks [prints] <<<
蹄の音: hiZumenooto: clatter of hoofs <<<
Kanji words: 口蹄疫 , 蹄鉄

category: common usage
keyword: plant , color
nb of strokes: 16
translation: thin, light, clear, weak, faint, fade
haku, baku
薄い: usui: thin, light, clear, weak, faint, fade
薄い色: usuiiro: light color <<<
薄いお茶: usuiocha: weak tea <<<
薄める: usumeru: lighten (vt.), weaken, dilute
薄まる: usumaru: lighten (vi.), weaken, dilute
薄く成る: usukunaru <<<
薄らぐ: usuragu: thin (vi.), fade, become faint
薄れる: usureru
薄ら寒い: usurazamui: a little chilly, rather cold <<<
薄: susuki: pampas grass
Kanji words: 薄型 , 希薄 , 軽薄 , 薄弱 , 薄情 , 薄力粉 , 薄荷
Expressions: 肉の薄い , 影が薄い , 儲けが薄い , 薄化粧 , 薄い肉片

category: common usage
keyword: weather
nb of strokes: 16
translation: cloudy
don, tan
曇る: kumoru: become cloudy [overcast], be [become] dim [blurred] (jp.), be smoked, cloud, falter
曇り: kumori: cloudy weather [sky], blur (jp.)
曇り勝ちの: kumorigachino: cloudy <<<
曇った: kumotta
曇り無い: kumorinai: cloudless, clean, clear, stainless <<<
曇り後晴れ: kumorinochihare: 'Cloudy, fine later'
曇りガラス: kumorigarasu: frosted glass
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category: common usage
keyword: job
nb of strokes: 16
translation: ask, beg, request, rely
頼む: tanomu: ask, beg, request, as a favor, entreat, implore, solicit, entrust (a person) with (a matter), leave (a matter) to (a person), rely [depend, count] on [upon], engage, hire
頼み込む: tanomikomu: ask, beg, request, ask a favor, entreat, implore, solicit <<<
頼み: tanomi: request, solicitation
頼みを聞く: tanomiokiku: comply with a person's request <<<
頼みを断る: tanomiokotowaru: reject a person's request <<<
頼みに成る: tanomininaru: reliable, dependable, trustworthy <<<
頼みにする: tanominisuru: rely [depend] upon, trust in, look to a person for help
頼みの綱: tanominotsuna: one's only hope, one's last resort <<<
頼る: tayoru: rely on
頼り: tayori: reliance, dependence
頼もしい: tanomoshii: reliable, trustworthy, promising, hopeful
頼もしく思う: tanomoshikuomou: place confidence [trust] in, expect [hope] much from <<< , 信頼
頼むに足らぬ: tanomunitaranu: not to be relied [depended] upon, unreliable, untrustworthy <<<
頼む所: tanomutokoro: one's (last) resort, one's (last) hope <<<
Kanji words: 依頼 , 信頼
Expressions: 宜しく頼みます , 泣いて頼む , 衆を頼んで , 計器に頼って , 直感に頼る , 留守を頼む , タクシーを頼む

category: common usage
other spells:
keyword: clothes
nb of strokes: 16
translation: remember, become attached
懐う: omou: remember
懐く: natsuku: become attached
懐ける: natsukeru: get a person attached to
懐かしむ: natsukashimu: long for, yearn for
懐かしい: natsukashii: longing
懐: hutokoro: breast, bosom, one's purse, one's pocket <<< 懐中
懐に入れる: hutokoroniireru: put (a thing) in one's bosom [pocket] <<<
懐を肥やす: hutokorookoyasu: fill one's (own) packet, feather one's nest <<<
懐が暖かい: hutokorogaatatakai: have a heavy purse <<<
懐が寂しい: hutokorogasabishii: have a light purse <<<
懐を痛める: hutokorooitameru: pay out of one's pocket <<<
懐く: idaku: keep (in heart)
Kanji words: 懐石 , 懐中 , 懐炉
Expressions: 心に懐く , 過去を懐しむ

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 16
translation: sober, disillusioned
醒る: sameru: sober up, become [grow] sober, be brought to one's senses, be undeceived, be disillusioned
Kanji words: 覚醒
Expressions: 迷いが醒める , 迷いから醒める , 迷いを醒まさせる , 迷いから醒まさせる , 迷いを醒ます , 夢が醒める , 夢から醒める

category: JIS1
keyword: clothes
nb of strokes: 16
translation: raw silk
縞: shima: stripes (jp.), striped pattern
縞の: shimano: striped
縞の有る: shimanoaru: with stripes <<<
縞: shiroginu: raw silk
Kanji words: 縞馬 , 縞瑪
Expressions: 干渉縞 , 格子縞 , 縞ズボン

category: common usage
keyword: shape
nb of strokes: 16
translation: swell, expand, inflate
bou, hou
膨れる: hukureru: expand (vi.), swell (out), be inflated, rise
膨らむ: hukuramu
膨らます: hukuramasu: expand (vt.), swell (out), distend, inflate, blow up
膨れた: hukureta: big, swollen
膨らみ: hukurami: swelling, bulge, expansion
膨れっ面: hukurettsura: sulky look <<<
膨れっ面をする: hukurettsuraosuru: get [be] sulky [cross, sore] <<<
Kanji words: 膨張
Expressions: 頬を膨らませる , 頬の膨らんだ , 蕾が膨らむ

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