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category: JIS1
keyword: fish
nb of strokes: 16
translation: catfish
den, nen
鮎: namazu: catfish <<<
鮎: ayu: sweetfish (jp.)

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 16
translation: knead, gloss, temper, elaborate
錬る: neru: knead, soften and polish, gloss, temper, elaborate
Kanji words: 鍛錬 , 錬金術

category: common usage
keyword: music
nb of strokes: 16
translation: sing, chant
謡う: utau: sing, chant
謡: hayariuta: popular song
謡: utai: Japanese song (jp.)
Kanji words: 歌謡 , 童謡 , 民謡

category: JIS1
keyword: material
nb of strokes: 16
translation: tin
seki, shaku
錫: suzu
錫の: suzuno: tinny
錫製の: suzuseino <<<

category: common usage
keyword: chemistry
nb of strokes: 16
translation: melt, dissolve, pass
融ける: tokeru: melt (vi.), dissolve, be melted
融る: tooru: pass (along, through, by), get through <<<
融: too, yoshi, michi, tooru, akira: pers.
Kanji words: 金融 , 融合 , 融資 , 融和

category: common usage
keyword: energy
nb of strokes: 16
translation: firewood, kindling wood
薪: takigi
薪: maki
薪を集める: makioatsumeru: gather wood for fuel <<<
薪を割る: makiowaru: split [chop] the wood <<<

category: JIS2
keyword: body
nb of strokes: 16
translation: follow, succeed, heel
踵ぐ: tsugu: follow, succeed
踵: kubisu: heel
踵: kibisu
踵: kakato
踵の高い: kakatonotakai: high heeled <<<
踵の高い靴: kakatonotakaikutsu: high heeled shoes
踵の低い: kakatonohikui: low heeled <<<
踵を返す: kibisuokaesu: turn back, turn on one's heels <<<
踵を接する: kibisuosessuru: be close on one's heels, follow one after another <<<
Expressions: 靴の踵
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category: JIS1
keyword: grammar
nb of strokes: 16
translation: proverb, saying, maxim
諺: kotowaza
諺の: kotowazano: proverbial
諺にも有る様に: kotowazanimoaruyouni: as the proverb says [goes, puts it]
synonyms: 格言

category: JIS1
keyword: fantasy
nb of strokes: 16
translation: dragon, hero, imperial
ryuu, ryou, rou
龍: tatsu: dragon
龍が如く: ryuugagotoku: Yakuza (Like a Dragon, a Japanese video game, 2005-2008) <<<
Kanji words: 飛龍
synonyms: , ドラゴン

category: JIS2, only in Japanese
keyword: education
nb of strokes: 16
translation: breeding, training, discipline, education
躾: shitsuke
躾の良い: shitsukenoii, shitsukenoyoi: well-bred, well-mannered <<<
躾の悪い: shitsukenowarui: ill-bred, ill-mannered <<<
check also: 調教

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