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category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 17
translation: close, cover, dark, dim, gloomy, somber
an, on
闇じる: tojiru: close, cover
闇い: kurai: dark, dim, gloomy, somber
闇: yami: obscurity (jp.), darkness
闇の中で: yaminonakade: in the dark <<<
闇に紛れて: yaminimagirete: under cover of darkness <<<
闇で売る: yamideuru: sell on [at] the black market <<<
闇で買う: yamidekau: buy on [at] the black market <<<
闇に葬る: yaminihoumuru: hush [smother] up (a matter) <<<
Kanji words: 暗闇 , 宵闇
Expressions: 沙汰闇の , 闇将軍 , 闇取引 , 闇ルート

category: JIS1
keyword: body
nb of strokes: 17
translation: pupil, apple of the eye, ignorance, innocence
tou, dou
瞳: hitomi: pupil, apple of the eye
瞳を凝らす: hitomiokorasu: strain one's eyes, stare at <<<
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category: JIS2
keyword: disease
nb of strokes: 17
translation: wen, lump, swelling, bump, hump, bulge, protuberance, knob, knot
ryuu, ru
瘤: kobu
瘤の有る: kobunoaru: gnarled, gnarly, knobbed, knotted <<<
瘤が出る: kobugaderu: A bump comes out <<<
瘤が出来る: kobugadekiru
Expressions: 静脈瘤 , 動脈瘤 , 駱駝の瘤

category: JIS2
keyword: flower
nb of strokes: 17
translation: (flower) bud
蕾: tsubomi
蕾が出る: tsubomigaderu: be budding <<<
蕾が付く: tsubomigatsuku <<<
蕾を付ける: tsubomiotsukeru <<<
蕾が膨らむ: tsubomigahukuramu: be in full bud <<<

category: JIS1
keyword: fish
nb of strokes: 17
translation: shark
kou, kau
鮫: same: shark
鮫: mizuchi: a four legged imaginary poisonous monster
Kanji words: 蝶鮫
Expressions: 小判鮫

category: JIS1
keyword: sport
nb of strokes: 17
translation: ball
kiku, kyou
鞠: mari
鞠を突く: mariotsuku: bounce a ball <<<
Kanji words: 手鞠
Expressions: ゴム鞠
synonyms: , ボール

category: JIS1
keyword: fish
nb of strokes: 17
translation: fish, blowfish
kei, kai
鮭: shake, sake: salmon (jp.)
鮭: hugu: blowfish, globefish, puffer fish <<< 河豚
鮭: sakana: fish
Expressions: 鮭のマリネ

category: common usage
keyword: construction
nb of strokes: 17
translation: ditch, dike, moat, canal
濠: hori: ditch, dike, moat, canal

category: to learn in school
nb of strokes: 17
translation: severe, strict, harsh, dour, solemn, stern, grave, impressive, awe-inspiring, majestic
gen, gon
厳かな: ogosokana: solemn, strict, stern, grave, impressive, awe-inspiring, majestic
厳かに: ogosokani: solemnly, gravely, sternly
厳しい: kibishii: severe, strict, harsh, dour
厳める: imashimeru: admonish (a person against doing, a person not to do), warn, punish
Kanji words: 厳格 , 厳守 , 厳重 , 厳選 , 厳冬 , 厳密
Expressions: 防備を厳にする

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 17
translation: angry, furious, scold, rebuke, reprimand, threaten, menace, intimidate, terrify
嚇る: ikaru: get angry, become furious <<<
嚇る: shikaru: scold, rebuke, reprimand, call (a person) down, read (a person) a lecture <<<
嚇す: odosu: threaten, menace (v.), intimidate, terrify <<< ,

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