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category: common usage
keyword: war , sport
nb of strokes: 18
translation: fight, struggle, combat, contend
tou, tsu
闘う: tatakau: fight, struggle, combat, contend, play <<<
Kanji words: 格闘 , 敢闘 , 決闘 , 健闘 , 拳闘 , 死闘 , 戦闘 , 闘技 , 闘牛 , 闘士 , 闘争 , 乱闘

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 18
translation: noise, turbulent, unquiet, agitate, uproar
騒ぐ: sawagu: make a noise, be noisy, become agitated
騒ぎ: sawagi: noise, uproar, disturbance, commotion, fuss, bustle, revel, spree, racket, affair, case
騒ぎを静める: sawagioshizumeru: appease [calm] the tumult <<<
騒ぎを起こす: sawagiookosu: raise an uproar, cause excitement, kick up a row [dust] <<<
騒ぎ立てる: sawagitateru: raise [make] an uproar, fuse about, give an alarm (of) <<<
騒がしい: sawagashii: noisy, turbulent, unquiet
騒い: urei: trouble, anxiety
Kanji words: 喧騒 , 騒音 , 騒動
Expressions: 世間を騒が , 取付け騒ぎ , 陽気に騒ぐ

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 18
translation: lock, chain (ext.)
鎖: jou: lock, padlock
鎖: kusari: chain (n.) <<< チェーン
鎖で繋ぐ: kusaridetsunagu: chain (up), put in chains <<<
鎖を外す: kusariohazusu: unchain <<<
Kanji words: 閉鎖 , 連鎖
Expressions: 犬の鎖 , 時計の鎖

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 18
translation: store, reserve, stock, supplies, savings
儲: takuwae: store, reserve, stock, supplies, savings
儲える: takuwaeru: store up, lay in store, hoard, treasure, save, lay up
儲: mouke: profit (jp.), gain, earnings
儲ける: moukeru: earn [gain] money (jp.), make a profit
儲けが多い: moukegaooi: bring in large return [margin of profit] <<<
儲けが薄い: moukegausui: bring in small return [margin of profit] <<<
儲けが少ない: moukegasukunai <<<
Expressions: 金を儲ける , 株で儲ける , 相場で儲ける , 襤褸儲け , 襤褸儲けする
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category: common usage
keyword: life
nb of strokes: 18
translation: habit, way, custom, tendency, leaning
癖: kuse
癖が付く: kusegatsuku: get into a habit (of doing) <<<
癖が有る: kusegaaru: have a habit (of doing) <<<
癖に成る: kuseninaru: become a habit, make a precedent <<<
癖を付ける: kuseotsukeru: form a habit (of), accustom oneself to (doing) <<<
癖を直す: kuseonaosu: cure oneself of a habit, beat a person out of habit <<<
Kanji words: 口癖
Expressions: 其の癖 , 飲酒癖 , 虚言癖 , 孤独癖 , 収集癖 , 読書癖 , 放浪癖 , 浪費癖

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 18
translation: wink, glimmer, twinkle
瞬く: matataku: wink (v.), glimmer, twinkle
瞬き: matataki: wink (n.), winking, twinkling
瞬く間に: matatakumani: in the twinkling of an eye, in an instant [a moment, a wink] <<<
Kanji words: 一瞬 , 瞬間
Expressions: 星が瞬く
synonyms: ウインク

category: JIS2
nb of strokes: 18
translation: whisper, murmur
jou, chou
囁く: sasayaku: whisper (v.), speak in a whisper, speak under one's breath, murmur
囁き: sasayaki: whispering, whisper (n.), murmur, soft nothings
囁き合う: sasayakiau: exchange whispers, whisper to each other <<<
Expressions: 愛の囁き

category: JIS1
keyword: greeting
nb of strokes: 18
translation: wear, covered, crowned, have a person as (leader)
戴く: itadaku: wear, be covered [crowned] with, have a person as (leader), receive (jp., pol.), accept, have, eat, drink, have (a person) do, have (a person, a matter) done, beg (a person) to do, ask
戴きます: itadakimasu: thank you for the dinner (should be said before eating)
戴いた: itadaita: covered, crowned, received (pol.)
Kanji words: 戴冠 , 頂戴

category: JIS1
keyword: weapon
nb of strokes: 18
translation: spear (n.), lance, javelin
槍: yari
槍で突く: yaridetsuku: spear (v.), lance <<<
槍を構える: yariokamaeru: lower a spear for attack, couch a lance <<<
槍を投げる: yarionageru: throw a spear <<< , 投槍
槍の穂: yarinoho: spearhead <<<
槍の先: yarinosaki <<<
槍の柄: yarinoe: spear shaft <<<
Kanji words: 投槍
Expressions: 一本槍
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category: JIS1
keyword: farming
nb of strokes: 18
translation: sickle, scythe
鎌: kama
鎌で刈る: kamadekaru: reap <<<
鎌を掛ける: kamaokakeru: pump a secret (out of a person) <<<
Kanji words: 鎌倉

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