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category: JIS1
keyword: fish
nb of strokes: 19
translation: chowder, herring
sei, shou
鯖: saba: mackerel (jp.)
鯖を読む: sabaoyomu: cheat in counting, give a false count <<<
鯖: yosenabe: chowder
鯖: nishin: herring
Expressions: 鯖寿司

category: JIS1
keyword: decoration
nb of strokes: 19
translation: bamboo blind
簾: su, sudare
簾を掛ける: sudareokakeru: hang a bamboo blind <<<
簾を巻く: sudareomaku: roll up a bamboo blind <<<
check also: ブラインド

category: common usage
keyword: weather
nb of strokes: 19
translation: fog, mist
mu, bu
霧: kiri
霧が掛かる: kirigakakaru: The fog gathers. <<<
霧が晴れる: kirigahareru: The fog lifts [clears up] <<<
霧の深い: kirinohukai: foggy <<<
霧に包まれる: kirinitsutsumareru: be shrouded in fog <<<
霧が立つ: kirigatatsu: The fog is rising. <<<
霧を吹く: kiriohuku: spray water (on, over), blow a spray on <<< , スプレー
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category: JIS1
keyword: ship , communication
nb of strokes: 19
translation: tie, fasten, chain, connect, link, join
繋ぐ: tsunagu: tie, fasten, chain, connect, link, join
繋げる: tsunageru
繋がり: tsunagari: connection, relation
繋がりが有る: tsunagarigaaru: be related (to, with), be connected (with) <<<
繋がる: tsunagaru: be connected (with), be joined (with, to), be related (to, with)
繋がって: tsunagatte: in a line, in succession, in a train
繋ぎ: tsunagi: connection, link, entr'acte, thickening, liaison, hedging
繋ぎに: tsunagini: to fill up the time [the gap]
繋ぎ合せる: tsunagiawaseru: join [link] (a thing to another), connect (a thing with another), piece <<<
繋ぎ止める: tsunagitomeru: sustain, moor <<<
繋ける: kakeru: connect (vt.), link, join
繋かる: kakaru: connect (vi.), link, join <<< , , ,
繋: tsugu, tsuna: pers.
Expressions: 血の繋がり , 血が繋がった , 鎖で繋ぐ , 数珠繋ぎ , 数珠繋ぎにする , ハイフンで繋ぐ
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