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category: common usage
nb of strokes: 7
translation: explain, present, show, indicate, exhibit, give (ext.)
呈する: teisuru: present, make a present of, offer, show, indicate, exhibit
呈す: shimesu: show, point out, indicate, instruct, explain, demonstrate
Kanji words: 贈呈
Expressions: 活気を呈する , 奇観を呈する , 光景を呈する , 賛辞を呈する , 症状を呈する , 盛況を呈する

category: common usage
keyword: animal
nb of strokes: 7
translation: tail, scut, trail
尾: o: tail, scut, brush, train, trail
尾: shippo <<< 尻尾
尾を振る: oohuru: wag its tail <<<
尾を巻く: oomaku: curl its trail <<<
尾り: owari: end, termination
尾む: tsurumu: copulate
Kanji words: 交尾 , 尻尾 , 接尾 , 船尾 , 尾行 , 尾骨
Expressions: 狐の尾 , 彗星の尾

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 7
translation: bear, stand, endure, put up with, persevere
nin, jin
忍ぶ: shinobu: bear, stand, endure, put up with, persevere, conceal [avoid] oneself (jp.)
忍ばせる: shinobaseru: conceal
忍び: shinobi: ninja (jp.)
忍び足で: shinobiashide: stealthily, with stealthy steps, on tiptoe <<<
忍び難い: shinobigatai: unbearable, insufferable, intolerable <<<
忍び込む: shinobikomu: steal [slip] in [into] <<<
忍び入る: shinobiiru <<<
忍び寄る: shinobiyoru: steal near [up, to], draw near unnoticed <<<
忍: oshi: pers.
Kanji words: 堪忍 , 忍者 , 忍術 , 忍耐 , 忍法
Expressions: 恥を忍ぶ , 恥を忍んで , 足音を忍ばせて , 不便を忍ぶ

category: common usage
keyword: travel
nb of strokes: 7
translation: conflict, reach
rei, rai
戻る: motoru: act [be] contrary to, be [go] against, conflict (with)
戻る: itaru: go [come] (to), get (to), arrive (at, in), reach
戻: tsumi: crime, offense, guilt
戻す: modosu: return (jp.), give back, put back, pay back, send back, throw [bring] up, vomit, unwind, reject, turn down <<<
戻る: modoru: come [go] back [home] (jp.), return, trace one's step, unwind itself, get loose, run down
Kanji words: 買戻し
Expressions: 引き戻す , 取り戻す , 巻き戻す , 連れ戻す , 買い戻す , 原点に戻る , 白紙に戻す , 振出に戻る

category: common usage
keyword: war , sport
nb of strokes: 7
translation: attack, assault, study (ext.), master
攻める: semeru: attack (v.), open an attack upon, assault
攻める: osameru: study, complete (the course of), master
Kanji words: 攻撃 , 攻勢 , 攻防 , 攻略 , 専攻 , 特攻
Expressions: 陣地を攻める

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 7
translation: agreeable, pleasant, refreshing, brisk
快い: kokoroyoi: agreeable, pleasant, refreshing, brisk
快く: kokoroyoku: pleasantly, agreeably, cheerfully, delightfully, obligingly, willingly, readily, gladly, with pleasure
快く思う: kokoroyokuomou: be pleased (at, with) <<<
快く思わない: kokoroyokuomowanai: be unpleased (at, with) <<<
Kanji words: 快感 , 快晴 , 快速 , 快適 , 快楽 , 軽快 , 豪快 , 爽快 , 不快 , 愉快

category: common usage
keyword: disaster
nb of strokes: 7
translation: dive, plunge, sink, drown, die, pass away, decease
botsu, mochi
没む: shizumu: dive (vi.), plunge, sink, go to the bottom, go down, set (the sun), be downcast, be rejected, feel depressed, droop
没れる: oboreru: be drowned, drown
没ぬ: shinu: die, pass away, decease
Kanji words: 戦没 , 沈没 , 日没 , 没頭 , 没落
Expressions: 水底に没する

category: common usage
keyword: organs
nb of strokes: 7
translation: liver, gall bladder, courage, pluck, grit
肝: kimo
肝の太い: kimonohutoi: daring, bold, plucky <<<
肝の小さい: kimonochiisai: timid, chickenhearted, cowardly, white-livered <<<
肝を潰す: kimootsubusu: be astounded [flabbergasted], be frightened out of one's wits <<<
肝を冷やす: kimoohiyasu: be scared [frightened], have a thrill of horror <<<
肝に銘じる: kimonimeijiru: take (a matter) to heart, realize (a matter) keenly, be deeply impressed (by, with) <<<
Kanji words: 肝炎 , 肝心 , 肝臓 , 肝要

category: JIS1
keyword: body
nb of strokes: 7
translation: elbow, arm
肘: hiji
肘を枕にする: hijiomakuranisuru: rest one's head on one's own arm <<<
肘を張る: hikioharu: square [spread out] one's elbow <<<
肘で押す: hijideosu: elbow (v.) <<<
肘で突く: hijidetsuku: nudge (a person) <<<
肘を突く: hijiotsuku: rest [lean] one's elbows on [upon] <<<

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 7
translation: encourage, endeavor
励む: hagemu: endeavor (to do, after an aim), strive [exert oneself] (to do, for), be diligent (in, at)
励ます: hagemasu: encourage, cheer up, stimulate
励み: hagemi: encouragement, stimulus
励みに成る: hagemininaru: encouraging, serve as a stimulus (to a person) <<<
励みが付く: hagemigatsuku: be encouraged, be stimulated <<<
励み合う: hagemiau: vie with each other <<<
Kanji words: 激励 , 奨励
Expressions: 家業に励む , 業務に励む

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