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category: to learn in school
keyword: time
nb of strokes: 7
translation: beginning, start, commencement
sho, so
初め: hajime: beginning, start
初めから: hajimekara: from the beginning [outset, start]
初めから終わりまで: hajimekaraowarimade: from beginning [first] to end [last] <<<
初めの: hajimeno: first, original, initial, early
初めに: hajimeni: first, at [in] the beginning, at the outset [start]
初めは: hajimeha: at first, in the beginning, originally
初めまして: hajimemashite: I am glad [pleased] to see [meet] you, nice to meet you
初めて: hajimete: for the first time, first
初めての: hajimeteno: first time, first
初: hatsu, ui: first
初める: someru: make one's debut
Kanji words: 最初 , 初夏 , 初回 , 初期 , 初級 , 初秋 , 初心 , 初旬 , 初代 , 初頭 , 初冬 , 初日 , 当初 , 初恋 , 初詣
Expressions: 学期初め , 四月初め , 初出演 , 初出演する , 初速度 , 初対面 , 初対面する , 初場所 , 初日出 , 初舞台

category: to learn in school
keyword: life
nb of strokes: 7
translation: mind, will, intention, aim, purpose, ambition, aspiration, desire, wish, register (conf.), shilling (English money, fam.)
志す: kokorozasu: intend (to do), aim (at), have in view, have an ambition (to), aspire (to)
志し: kokorozashi: mind, will, intention, object, aim, purpose, ambition, aspiration, desire, wishes
志を立てる: kokorozashiotateru: set an aim in life <<<
志を遂げる: kokorozashiotogeru: fulfill one's ambition, reach his aim <<<
志す: shirusu: register, record, write [note, jot] down, put [set] down, describe, give an account (of)
志: sakan: tit. (jp.)
Kanji words: 意志 , 志願 , 志望 , 有志
Expressions: 三国志 , 文学を志す


category: JIS1
keyword: body
nb of strokes: 7
translation: bald
禿: hage: baldness, a bald patch
禿る: hageru: lose hair, become bald, become bare
禿: kamuro: an ancient haircut of Japanese girls
禿げた: hageta: bald, bald-headed, bare
禿の: hageno
Kanji words: 禿頭 , 禿鷹
check also: 脱毛

category: to learn in school
keyword: shape
nb of strokes: 7
translation: form, shape, style, model, type, pattern, design, figure
kei, gyou
形: katachi: form, shape, figure
形の良い: katachinoii, katachinoyoi: shapely, well-proportioned, handsome <<<
形の悪い: katachinowarui: unshapely, clumsy <<<
形: kata: form, shape, style, model, type, pattern, design, figure, security, pledge <<< モデル , スタイル
形が崩れる: katagakuzureru: get out of shape, deform <<<
形に取る: katanitoru: take as a security <<<
形われる: arawareru: appear (take a shape), come out, be revealed
Kanji words: 異形 , 円形 , 形見 , 形式 , 形勢 , 形成 , 形態 , 形容 , 原形 , 象形 , 図形 , 整形 , 台形 , 手形 , 人形 , 菱形 , 雛形 , 変形 , 方形 , 山形
Expressions: 本の形で , 渦巻形 , 過去形 , 仮定形 , 疑問形 , 現在形 , 三角形 , 四角形 , 縮小形 , 進行形 , 十字形 , 受動形 , 漏斗形の , 女性形 , 扇子形の , 多角形 , 多角形の , 単数形 , 楕円形 , 楕円形の , 電光形 , 電光形に , 半円形 , 半円形の , 半月形の , 複数形 , 変化形 , 紡錘形の , 三日月形の , 螺旋形 , アーチ形の , ドーム形 , プレート形

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 7
translation: uproot, extract, remove
抜く: nuku: pull [draw] out, extract, uncork, unscrew, draw, remove, omit, leave out, select, quote, outstrip, outrun, get ahead of (a person), excel [surpass] (a person in), pierce, shoot through
抜かす: nukasu: omit, leave [miss] out, skip, have the imprudence [the cheek] to say, talk crap
抜ける: nukeru: come [fall] out [off], be left out, be omitted [missing, wanting], be gone, get rid of, get over, go [pass] through, leave, withdraw (from)
抜かり: nukari: slip, blunder, oversight
抜かりが無い: nukariganai: have all one's wits about one, be wide awake <<<
抜きにする: nukinisuru: leave out, omit, do [go] without (a thing)
抜き出す: nukidasu: pull [draw] out, extract, pick [single] out, select <<<
抜き取る: nukitoru: pull [draw] out, extract, remove, pilfer <<< ,
抜きん出る: nukinderu: excel [surpass] (a person in), stand out above (others), cut a prominent figure (among, in) <<<
抜きん出た: nukindeta: eminent, distinguished <<<
抜け出す: nukedasu: steal [slip] out of, get [break] loose, come out <<<
抜け抜けと: nukenuketo: shamelessly, impudently
抜け目無い: nukemenai: shrewd, sharp, smart, careful, cautious, tactful <<< 注意
抜け目無く: nukemenaku: shrewdly, smartly, cautiously
Kanji words: 海抜 , 奇抜 , 染抜 , 税抜 , 抜穴 , 抜道 , 抜粋 , 抜擢 , 吹抜
Expressions: 刀を抜く , 力が抜ける , 毛が抜ける , 毛を抜く , 生き抜く , 打ち抜く , 気が抜ける , 色を抜く , 底が抜ける , 底を抜く , 味が抜ける , 染みを抜く , 染め抜く , 通り抜ける , 剣を抜く , 釘を抜く , 疲れが抜ける , 歯が抜ける , 腰を抜かす , 遣り抜く , 魂の抜けた , 鏡を抜く , 籍を抜く , 色気抜きの , 御世辞抜きで , 空気を抜く , 牛蒡抜き , 牛蒡抜きにする , 冗談抜きにして , 太刀を抜く , 引出を抜く , 拍子抜けする , 眉毛を抜く , 指輪を抜く , カフェイン抜きの , コルクを抜く , コルク抜き , シャンパンを抜く

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 7
translation: welcome, greet
gei, gyou
迎える: mukaeru: meet, go (out) to meet, welcome (v.), great, receive, invite, call in
迎え: mukae: going (out) to meet, welcome (n.), reception
迎えに行く: mukaeniiku: go to meet, go for <<<
迎えに遣る: mukaeniyaru: send (a person) for <<<
迎えに来る: mukaenikuru: come [call] for (a person) <<<
迎え入れる: mukaeireru: show [usher] (a person) in <<<
迎え撃つ: mukaeutsu: meet [encounter] the enemy <<<
Kanji words: 歓迎
Expressions: 年を迎える , 妻に迎える , 客を迎える , 意を迎える , 笑顔で迎える , 終幕を迎える , 新年を迎える

category: common usage
keyword: disease
nb of strokes: 7
translation: mad, crazy, insane, mania
狂う: kuruu: become insane, be [get] out of order (jp.), be thrown out of gear, go wrong, be crooked, warp
狂: kurutta: insane, mad, wrong
狂わせる: kuruwaseru: put [throw] out of order [gear], upset, frustrate, drive (a person) mad
狂おしい: kuruoshii: crazy
狂: kichigai: madness, madman <<< 気違い
Kanji words: 狂喜 , 狂気 , 狂犬 , 狂人 , 熱狂
Expressions: 狙いが狂う , 荒れ狂う , 音程が狂う , 音程が狂った , 誇大妄想狂 , 調子が狂う , 手順が狂う , 手順を狂わせる , 手元が狂う , 読書狂 , 放火狂 , 予算が狂う , 予定が狂う , 露出狂 , ジャズ狂 , スピード狂

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 7
translation: change, exchange, replace
更える: kaeru: change, exchange, replace
更に: sarani: again, once more, still more, further, more and more, moreover, never (jp.)
更: sara: new (jp.)
更ける: hukeru: grow late (jp.), advance (for the time)
更かす: hukasu: sit up late (jp.)
Kanji words: 今更 , 更衣 , 更新 , 更正 , 更迭 , 更年期 , 尚更 , 変更 , 夜更け


category: common usage
keyword: medicine
nb of strokes: 7
translation: urine, piss
尿: nyou: urine
尿: yubari, ibari
尿の: nyouno: urinary, uric
尿をする: nyouosuru: urinate, piss
尿を出す: nyouodasu <<<
尿を漏らす: nyouomorasu: wet oneself <<<
Kanji words: 糖尿病
Expressions: 尿検査 , 蛋白尿
synonyms: 小便

category: common usage
keyword: ship
nb of strokes: 7
translation: dive, plunge, sink, submerge
chin, jin, shin
沈む: shizumu: dive (vi.), plunge, sink, go to the bottom, go down, set, be downcast, be dejected, feel depressed
沈める: shizumeru: plunge (vt.), sink, send (a ship) to the bottom, submerge
Kanji words: 沈殿 , 沈没 , 沈黙
Expressions: 月が沈む , 悲しみに沈む , 憂いに沈む , 水底に沈む , 船首から沈む , 太陽が沈む , マットに沈める

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