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category: to learn in school
keyword: farming
nb of strokes: 8
translation: fruit, truth, reality, actuality
実: jitsu: compassion (jp.), honesty, fidelity, faithfulness
実の: jitsuno: true, real, actual
実の有る: jitsunoaru: truehearted, sincere, loyal, faithful <<<
実の無い: jitsunonai: insincere, faithless, fickle <<<
実を尽くす: jitsuotsukusu: act sincerely (toward a person), show fidelity (to) <<<
実は: jitsuwa: really, in fact, as a matter of fact, The truth is that, To tell the truth
実の所: jitsunotokoro <<<
実に: jitsuni: indeed, truly, really, surely, very, much, so, such, extremely, exceedingly <<< 非常
実に困った: jitsunikomatta: I am in a fix <<<
実: mi: fruit (n.), nut, berry, ingredient, substance <<< ナッツ
実の有る: minoaru: substantial, solid <<<
実を結ぶ: miomusubu: bear [yield] fruit, come [be brought] to fruition <<<
実る: minoru: bear fruit, ripen, fruit (v.)
実り: minori: crop, harvest <<< 収穫
実: makoto: truth
Kanji words: 確実 , 果実 , 虚実 , 現実 , 口実 , 木の実 , 真実 , 事実 , 実家 , 実感 , 実験 , 実効 , 実行 , 実際 , 実施 , 実習 , 実績 , 実践 , 実体 , 実益 , 実現 , 実物 , 実用 , 実話 , 充実 , 誠実 , 忠実 , 無実
Expressions: 松の実 , 栃の実 , 梅の実 , 桑の実 , 菱の実 , 榛の実 , 橅の実 , 胡桃の実 , 芥子の実 , 実収入 , 椰子の実 , コーヒーの実

category: to learn in school
keyword: kids
nb of strokes: 8
translation: cry, weep, sob
泣く: naku
泣: naki: excuse (n., jp.)
泣いて: naite: with [in] tears
泣いて頼む: naitetanomu: supplicate <<<
泣きながら: nakinagara: with tears in one's eyes, weeping
泣き泣き: nakinaki
泣かせる: nakaseru: make (a person) cry, move [touch] (a person) to tears, grieve
泣き叫ぶ: nakisakebu: scream, cry, howl <<<
泣き噦る: nakijakuru: sob, blubber, cry (as one's heart is breaking)
泣き出す: nakidasu: begin to weep, burst into tears [out crying] <<<
泣き止む: nakiyamu: stop crying, cry oneself out <<<
泣き付く: nakitsuku: implore, entreat, cry to, supplicate (a person for help, a person to do) <<<
泣き腫らす: nakiharasu: cry one's eyes out <<<
泣き伏す: nakihusu: throw oneself down crying, break down <<<
泣き面に蜂: nakitsuranihachi: Misfortunes seldom [never] come alone [single]
Kanji words: 泣き虫
Expressions: 咽び泣く , 咽び泣き
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category: common usage
nb of strokes: 8
translation: draw, pull, haul, extract
抽く: hiku: draw, pull, give a pull (at), haul
抽く: nuku: extract
Kanji words: 抽出 , 抽象 , 抽選

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 8
translation: hang, suspend, dangle
垂れる: tareru: hang (vi.), droop, dangle, trail, give, grant, confer [bestow] (on), drip, drop, fall to drops, trickle
垂る: taru
垂らす: tarasu: hang (vt.), suspend, dangle, drop, let fall [drop], spill
垂れ: tare: seasoning soy, tare sauce, gravy
垂れ込める: tarekomeru: lie [hang] over <<<
垂れ下がる: taresagaru: hang down, dangle <<<
垂れ流す: tarenagasu: dirty one's clothes, be incontinent <<<
垂する: nannnantosuru: be going to, be about to
Kanji words: 垂直
Expressions: 舌をだらりと垂らす , 涎を垂らす , 雫が垂れる , 鼻水を垂す
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category: common usage
keyword: justice
nb of strokes: 8
translation: prosecute, pursue, chase
劾める: kiwameru: pursue, chase, seek after

category: to learn in school
keyword: time
nb of strokes: 8
translation: neglect, instantly (pho.), immediately, suddenly
忽ち: tachimachi: instantly, at once, in no time at all, in a twinkling, immediately, right away [off], suddenly, all of a sudden
忽せにする: yurugasenisuru: neglect, give no heed (to), slight

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 8
translation: beautiful, pretty, lovely, fine, nice, good
ka, ke
佳い, 佳し: yoi, yoshi: fine, nice, good <<< , ,
佳しい: utsukushii: beautiful, pretty, lovely

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 8
translation: grind, bray
抹る: suru
Kanji words: 抹茶

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 8
translation: break up, pick up (conf.)
taku, seki
拓く: hiraku: open (v.), uncover, unlock, empty
拓う: hirou: pick up, find, gather up, glean
Kanji words: 開拓 , 拓本

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 8
translation: receive, offer (pol.)
享ける: ukeru: receive
享: yuki, michi, akira, taka: pers.
Kanji words: 享楽

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