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pronunciation: noruwee
other spells: ノルエー
origin: Norway (eg.)
keyword: europe
translation: Norway
ノルウェーの: noruweeno: Norwegian
ノルウェー人: noruweejin: Norwegian (people) <<<
ノルウェー語: noruweego: Norwegian language <<<
ノルウェーの森: noruweenomori: Norwegian Wood (a novel of Haruki Murakami, 1987) <<<
ノルウェー・クローナ: noruweekuroona: Norwegian krona


pronunciation: nosutoradamusu
origin: Nostradamus (lat.)
keyword: fantasy
translation: Nostradamus
ノストラダムスの予言: nosutoradamusunoyogen: prophecies of Nostradamus <<< 予言


pronunciation: notto
origin: knot (eg.)
keyword: ship , unit
translation: knot


pronunciation: nugaa
origin: nougat (fr.)
keyword: confectionery
translation: nougat


pronunciation: nuudo
origin: nude (eg.)
keyword: art , show
translation: nude
ヌードモデル: nuudomoderu: nude model <<< モデル
ヌード写真: nuudoshashin: nude photo <<< 写真


pronunciation: nuudoru
origin: noodle (eg.)
keyword: food
translation: noodle


pronunciation: nyuansu
origin: nuance (fr.)
keyword: art
translation: nuance


pronunciation: nyuuderii
origin: New Delhi (eg.)
keyword: asia
translation: New Delhi (city)
ニューデリー市: nyuuderiishi: City of New Delhi (India) <<<
check also: インド


pronunciation: nyuuhanpushaa
origin: New Hampshire (eg.)
keyword: usa
translation: New Hampshire
ニューハンプシャー州: nyuuhanpushaashuu: State of New Hampshire <<<


pronunciation: nyuujaajii
origin: New Jersey (eg.)
keyword: usa
translation: New Jersey
ニュージャージー州: nyuujaajiishuu: State of New Jersey <<<

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