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pronunciation: purokishi
other spells: プロクシ
origin: proxy (eg.)
keyword: computer
translation: proxy server, proxy
プロキシサーバー: purokishisaabaa: proxy server <<< サーバー


pronunciation: purometeusu
origin: Prometheus (lat.)
keyword: legend
translation: Prometheus


pronunciation: puropera
origin: propeller (eg.)
keyword: airplane
translation: propeller
プロペラを回す: puroperaomawasu: turn the propeller <<<
プロペラの翼: puroperanotsubasa: propeller blades <<<
プロペラ機: puroperaki: propeller plane <<<
check also: ジェット , スクリュー


pronunciation: puroroogu
origin: prologue (eg.)
keyword: literature
translation: prologue
check also: エピローグ


pronunciation: purosesu
origin: process (eg.)
keyword: industry
translation: process
check also: 工程


pronunciation: purotesutanto
origin: Protestant (eg.)
keyword: christianity
translation: Protestantism, Protestant (n.), Evangelical
プロテスタントの: purotesutantono: Protestant (a.), Evangelical
synonyms: 新教


pronunciation: purutoniumu
origin: plutonium (eg.)
keyword: technology , physics
translation: plutonium
check also: ウラン


pronunciation: puteranodon
origin: Pteranodon (lat.)
keyword: prehistory
translation: Pteranodon


pronunciation: puudoru
other spells: プードゥル
origin: Pudelhund (de.)
keyword: pet
translation: poodle (dog)
プードル犬: puudoruken <<<
プードル・カット: puudorukatto: poodle cut <<< カット


pronunciation: puuketto
origin: Phuket (eg.)
keyword: asia
translation: Phuket
プーケット島: puukettotou: Phuket Island (Thailand) <<<
check also: タイ

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