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pronunciation: ankoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: darkness, gloom
暗黒の: ankokuno: dark, pitch-dark, black
暗黒街: ankokugai: underworld <<<
暗黒色: ankokushoku: pitch-dark color <<<
暗黒面: ankokumen: dark [seamy] side <<<
暗黒時代: ankokujidai: dark ages <<< 時代
暗黒大陸: ankokutairiku: Black Continent <<< 大陸 , アフリカ


pronunciation: ankou
other spells: アンコウ
keyword: fish
translation: anglerfish, monkfish


pronunciation: anma
kanji characters:
keyword: health
translation: massage
按摩をする: anmaosuru: massage (v.)
synonyms: マッサージ


pronunciation: anni
kanji characters: ,
translation: ease, thoughtlessness
安易な: annina: easy, easygoing, thoughtless, wishful


pronunciation: annnai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel
translation: guidance, guide (n.), information
案内する: annnaisuru: guide (v.), act as a guide, show, usher (v.)
案内所: annnaisho: information bureau, inquiry office <<<
案内状: annnaijou: information [invitation] card <<<
案内人: annnainin: (tourist) guide, usher (n.) <<<
案内係: annnaigakari <<<
案内書: annnaisho: guidebook <<<
水先案内: mizusakiannnai: pilotage, piloting, pilot (n.) <<< 水先
水先案内する: mizusakiannnaisuru: pilot (a boat) <<< 水先
旅行案内: ryokouannnai: traveler's guide <<< 旅行
観光案内: kankouannnai: tourist information, tourist guide <<< 観光
遊覧案内: yuurannannnai: guidebook <<< 遊覧
営業案内: eigyouannnai: business guide <<< 営業
出荷案内: shukkaannnai: advice of shipment <<< 出荷
check also: ガイド


pronunciation: annyaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: secret maneuvering, underground activities
暗躍する: annyakusuru: get about in secret, be active behind the scenes


pronunciation: anpi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disaster
translation: safety, welfare, fate
安否を尋ねる: anpiotazuneru: inquire after [ask about] a person's safety <<<
安否を問う: anpiotou <<<
安否を知らせる: anpioshiraseru: let (a person) know how one is <<<
安否を気遣う: anpiokiZukau: worry about a person's safety
安否不明: anpihumei: unknown fate <<< 不明


pronunciation: anraku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: comfort, ease
安楽な: anrakuna: comfortable, easy, happy
安楽な生活: anrakunaseikatsu: comfortable life <<< 生活
安楽に: anrakuni: comfortably, in comfort
安楽に感じる: anrakunikanjiru: be at ease, be relaxed, feel comfortable <<<
安楽に暮らす: anrakunikurasu: live in comfort, lead an easy life <<<
安楽死: anrakushi: easy and painless death, mercy killing, euthanasia <<<
安楽椅子: anrakuisu: easy chair <<< 椅子
check also: 快適 , 呑気


pronunciation: ansatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: assassination
暗殺する: ansatsusuru: assassinate
暗殺を企てる: ansatsuokuwadateru: make an attempt on a person's life <<<
暗殺を謀る: ansatsuohakaru <<<
暗殺者: ansatsusha: assassin <<<
check also: 刺客


pronunciation: anshin
kanji characters: ,
translation: relief, ease, rest, peace of mind, confidence
安心する: anshinsuru: feel easy, feel confident, be assured
安心させる: anshinsaseru: set at ease, relieve from anxiety
安心して: anshinshite: free from care, without anxiety, with confidence
安心して死ぬ: anshinshiteshinu: die in peace <<<
安心立命: anshinritsumei: peace of mind, spiritual peace, calm resignation
check also: 安堵 , 信頼 , 安全

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