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pronunciation: ashidai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: furniture
translation: footstool, footrest


pronunciation: ashika
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 海驢, 葦鹿, アシカ
keyword: animal
translation: sea lion
check also: 膃肭臍 , 胡獱


pronunciation: ashikoshi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: body
translation: legs and hips [haunch]
足腰が痛い: ashikoshigaitai: have a pain in one's legs and hips <<<
足腰が立たない: ashikoshigatatanai: be crippled <<<
足腰が立つ内に: ashikoshigatatsuuchini: while one is strong enough to work


pronunciation: ashikubi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: body
translation: ankle
足首を捻挫する: ashikubionenzasuru: sprain [twist] one's ankle <<< 捻挫
antonyms: 手首


pronunciation: ashimoto
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 足元, 足許
translation: gait, step
足下に: ashimotoni: at one's feet
足下を見る: ashimotoomiru: take [mean] advantage of <<<
足下に付込む: ashimotonitsukekomu
足下が明るい内に: ashimotogaakaruiuchini: before it gets dark [is too late]
足下が危ない: ashimotogaabunai: have an unsteady gait <<<


pronunciation: ashinami
kanji characters: ,
translation: pace, step
足並を揃える: ashinamiosoroeru: keep step [pace] with (a person) <<<
足並が揃った: ashinamigasorotta: in step
足並を乱す: ashinamiomidasu: break step <<<
check also: ステップ


pronunciation: ashioto
kanji characters: ,
translation: (sound of) footsteps, (one's) step, patter (of feet), trample
足音がする: ashiotogasuru: hear some footsteps
足音が聞こえる: ashiotogakikoeru <<<
足音を立てて: ashiotootatete: with sounding footsteps <<<
足音を忍ばせて: ashiotooshinobasete: with stealthy steps <<<
足音を盗んで: ashiotoonusunde <<<


pronunciation: ashita , asu , myounichi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: tomorrow
明日の: ashitano, asuno, miyounichino: tomorrow's
明日のジョー: ashitanojoo: Tomorrow's Joe (a manga of Tetsuya Chiba, 1968-1973) <<< ジョー
明日の朝: ashitanoasa, asunoasa: tomorrow morning <<<
明日の晩: ashitanoban, asunoban: tomorrow evening <<<
明日の夜: ashitanoyoru, asunoyoru: tomorrow night <<<
明日から: ashitakara, asukara: from tomorrow
明日まで: ashitamade, asumade: till [until] tomorrow
又明日: mataashita: See you tomorrow! <<<
synonyms: 翌日
antonyms: 昨日
check also: 未来


pronunciation: asobiba
kanji characters: ,
keyword: amusement
translation: playground, pleasure resort


pronunciation: asoko
kanji characters: ,
keyword: position
translation: there, that place
彼所に: asokoni: there, over [down, up] there
彼所まで: asokomade: until there
彼所から: asokokara: from there
彼所にも此所にも: asokonimokokonimo: here and there, everywhere <<< 此所
此所彼所: kokokashiko: here and there, everywhere <<< 此所
antonyms: 其所

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