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pronunciation: ainoko
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 間の子
keyword: family , biology
translation: crossbreed, hybrid (n.), mongrel, metis
合の子の: ainokono: crossed, hybrid (a.)
check also: 混血 , ハイブリッド


pronunciation: ainori
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: car pool [pooling]
相乗する: ainorisuru: ride together, carpool (v.), ride pillion


pronunciation: aisai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: love
translation: one's dearest wife
愛妻家: aisaika: devoted [doting] husband <<<


pronunciation: aisatsu
keyword: greeting
translation: greeting, salutation, compliments
挨拶をする: aisatsuosuru: greet, salute, nod, make a bow
挨拶を交わす: aisatsuokawasu: exchange greetings <<<
挨拶を返す: aisatsuokaesu: return greetings <<<
挨拶状: aisatsujou: greeting card, notice <<<
時候の挨拶: jikounoaisatsu: compliments of the season <<< 時候


pronunciation: aisha
kanji characters: ,
keyword: car
translation: one's own car


pronunciation: aishou
kanji characters: ,
translation: congeniality, affinity
相性が良い: aishougaii: congenial <<<


pronunciation: aishou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: name
translation: nickname, pet name, diminutive
synonyms: 渾名 , ニックネーム


pronunciation: aisou , aiso
kanji characters: ,
keyword: greeting
translation: kindness, courtesy
愛想の良い: aisounoii: amiable, sociable, affable, agreeable, fair-spoken <<<
愛想を良くする: aisouoyokusuru: be affable (to), make oneself agreeable (to)
愛想良く: aisouyoku: amiably, hospitably, cordially, sleekly
愛想の悪い: aisounowarui: cold, unsociable, inhospitable, blunt <<<
愛想の無い: aisounonai <<<
愛想を尽かす: aisouotsukasu: be disgusted (with, at by) <<<
愛想が尽きる: aisougatsukiru
愛想を尽かされる: aisouotsukasareru: be given up (by)
愛想笑い: aisouwarai: ingratiating smile <<<
check also: 御世辞 , 愛嬌


pronunciation: aite
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society
translation: partner, companion, competitor, opponent, rival
相手をする: aiteosuru: entertain, bear company
相手にしない: aitenishinai: ignore, pay no attention to
相手に成る: aiteninaru: deal with, contend with, play against <<<
相手方: aitegata: opposite party <<<
相手役: aiteyaku: coactor <<<
話相手: hanashiaite: companion (of conversation) <<<
競争相手: kyousouaite: competitor, contestant, rival <<< 競争
相談相手: soudannaite: adviser <<< 相談
結婚相手: kekkonnaite: marriage partner <<< 結婚
気安い相手: kiyasuiaite: person with whom one feels at ease <<< 気安い
デートの相手: deetonoaite: date partner <<< デート
check also: パートナー


pronunciation: aiyoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sex , love
translation: passion, lust
愛欲に溺れる: aiyokunioboreru: give vent to one's (amorous) passion <<<
愛欲の虜に成る: aiyokunotorikoninaru: become a slave to (amorous) passion
愛欲盛んな: aiyokusakannna: lecherous, wanton, lewd, lascivious <<<

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