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pronunciation: baai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: time
translation: occasion, time, circumstances, case
の場合には: nobaainiha: in case of, in the event of, on the occasion of
場合に拠っては: baainiyotteha: under certain circumstances, as the case may be <<<
場合に拠り: baainiyori
場合に拠る: baainiyoru: That depends upon circumstances, It all depends
場合に応じて: baainioujite: as the case may be <<<
最悪の場合: saiakunobaai: in the worst case <<< 最悪
急用の場合: kyuuyounobaai: in case of emergency <<< 急用
大抵の場合: taiteinobaai: in most case, generally <<< 大抵


pronunciation: bagu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: animal
translation: harness, horse trappings
馬具を付ける: baguotsukeru: harness (a horse) <<<
馬具を外す: baguohazusu: unharness (a horse) <<<
馬具師: bagushi: saddler, harness maker <<<
check also: ハーネス


pronunciation: baibai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: selling and buying, business
売買する: baibaisuru: sell and buy
売買高: baibaidaka: turnover, sales <<<
売買総額: baibaisougaku <<< 総額
売買価格: baibaikakaku: purchase value <<< 価格
売買条件: baibaijouken: conditions (terms) of purchase <<< 条件
売買契約: baibaikeiyaku: bargain, sales contract <<< 契約
売買契約者: baibaikeiyakusha: contractant, contracting party <<<
売買契約書: baibaikeiyakusho: contractual document <<<
株式売買: kabushikibaibai: stock-broking <<< 株式
偽装売買: gisoubaibai: money laundering, washing <<< 偽装
奴隷売買: doreibaibai: slave trade <<< 奴隷
土地売買: tochibaibai: dealing in real estates, land jobbing <<< 土地
現物売買: genbutsubaibai: spot trading [transaction] <<< 現物
見本売買: mihonbaibai: sale by sample <<< 見本
銘柄売買: meigarabaibai: sale description <<< 銘柄
人身売買: jinshinbaibai: human traffic, slave trade <<< 人身


pronunciation: baidoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: syphilis
梅毒の: baidokuno: syphilitic
梅毒性: baidokusei <<<
梅毒に罹る: baidokunikakaru: suffer from syphilis <<<
梅毒患者: baidokukanja: syphilitic person <<< 患者


pronunciation: baikai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine , society
translation: mediation, intermediation, good offices
媒介する: baikaisuru: mediate (between), act as (a), go-between
媒介者: baikaisha: mediator, middleman, agent <<<
媒介物: baikaibutsu: medium <<<
synonyms: 仲介 , 斡旋


pronunciation: baisen
kanji characters:
keyword: food
translation: roasting


pronunciation: baishou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: finance , war
translation: reparation, recompense, compensation, indemnity
賠償する: baishousuru: recompense, make reparation (for the damage), compensate [indemnify] (a person for a loss)
賠償金: baishoukin: compensation, indemnity, damages, reparations <<<
賠償責任: baishousekinin: liability of compensation <<< 責任
損害賠償: songaibaishou: compensation for damages, reparation, indemnity <<< 損害
現物賠償: genbutsubaishou: reparations in kind <<< 現物
check also: 弁償


pronunciation: baishun
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sex
translation: prostitution
売春する: baishunsuru: prostitute (v.)
売春婦: baishunhu: prostitute (n.), hooker, whore, sex worker <<< , 娼婦 , 売女


pronunciation: baishuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business , crime
translation: purchase (n.), bribery, corruption, takeover
買収する: baishuusuru: purchase (v.), corrupt, bribe
買収される: baishuusareru: accept a bribe
買収者: baishuusha: briber <<<
買収策: baishuusaku: purchase plan <<<
買収価格: baishuukakaku: purchase [buying] price <<< 価格
買収運動: baishuuundou: bribe campaign <<< 運動
check also: 贈賄


pronunciation: baita
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sex
translation: prostitute, whore, slut, minx
synonyms: 娼婦 , 阿婆擦

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