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pronunciation: binbou
kanji characters: ,
translation: poverty
貧乏な: binbouna: poor, needy
貧乏する: binbousuru: become poor, be in poverty
貧乏に成るびんぼうになる: <<<
貧乏揺り: binbouyusuri: shaking oneself <<<
貧乏人: binbounin: poor person <<<
貧乏所帯: binboushotai: needy family <<< 所帯
器用貧乏: kiyoubinbou: a Jack of all trades and a master of none <<< 器用
check also: 貧困


pronunciation: binetsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: slight fever
微熱が有る: binetsugaaru: have a slight fever <<<


pronunciation: binsen
kanji characters: 便
keyword: communication
translation: writing paper, notepaper, letter paper, writing pad
check also: 手紙


pronunciation: bishoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: delicious food, fleshpot
美食する: bishokusuru: keep a good table, eat good food
美食家: bishokuka: gourmet, epicure <<<
美食主義: bishokushugi: epicurism <<< 主義
check also: グルメ


pronunciation: bishou
kanji characters: ,
translation: smile (n.)
微笑み: hohoemi
微笑する: bishousuru: smile (v.), give a smile
微笑む: hohoemu
微笑して: bishoushite: with a smile, smilingly
微笑を浮かべて: bishououkabete <<<
氷の微笑: kourinobishou: Basic Instinct (US movie) <<<


pronunciation: biten
kanji characters: ,
translation: good quality, merit, virtue
synonyms: 長所 , メリット


pronunciation: biwa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fruit
translation: loquat, Japanese medlar


pronunciation: biwa
keyword: musical instrument , japan
translation: biwa, Japanese lute
琵琶を弾じる: biwaodanjiru: play the biwa <<<
琵琶湖: biwako: Lake Biwa <<<
琵琶法師: biwahoushi: biwa player
check also: 滋賀 , Lake_biwa


pronunciation: biyaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: drug , sex
translation: aphrodisiac (n.)
媚薬の: biyakuno: aphrodisiac (a.)


pronunciation: biyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: beauty
translation: beauty treatment
美容の: biyouno: cosmetic, aesthetic, beauty (a.)
美容院: biyouin: beauty parlor, beauty salon, aesthetic salon <<<
美容室: biyoushitsu <<<
美容師: biyoushi: beauty artist, hairdresser, aesthetician, beautician <<<
美容食: biyoushoku: diet <<<
美容術: biyoujutsu: beauty culture, aesthetics <<<
美容整形: biyouseikei: aesthetic surgery <<< 整形
美容体操: biyoutaisou: calisthenics <<< 体操
全身美容: zenshinbiyou: integral beauty <<< 全身
check also: 洒落 , 化粧 , エステ

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