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pronunciation: bokumetsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society
translation: eradication, extermination
撲滅する: bokumetsusuru: eradicate, exterminate, stamp [wipe] out, put down
撲滅運動: bokumetsuundou: movement [crusade, campaign] against <<< 運動
synonyms: 退治


pronunciation: bokushi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: christianity
translation: priest, pastor, minister, clergyman, rector, chaplain
牧師に成る: bokushininaru: take holy orders <<<
牧師館: bokushikan: manse, presbytery, vicarage <<<
check also: 神父


pronunciation: bokutachi
kanji characters: ,
translation: we (masculine), us
僕達は: bokutachiwa: we are
僕達の: bokutachino: our
僕達に: bokutachini: us, to us
synonyms: 私達 , 我々


pronunciation: bonchi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: basin, valley, hollow
甲府盆地: kouhubonchi: Kofu valley [basin] <<< 甲府
松本盆地: matsumotobonchi: Matsumoto Valley <<< 松本


pronunciation: bonjin
kanji characters: ,
translation: ordinary person, man
凡人ではない: bonjindehanai: be no ordinary man


pronunciation: bonnnou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: buddhism
translation: worldly desires, lusts of the flesh
煩悩に悩まされる: bonnnouninayamasareru: be harassed by (worldly) passions <<<
子煩悩: kobonnnou: friend of children, deep love for one's child [children] <<<
子煩悩な: kobonnnouna: indulgent, fond


pronunciation: bonsai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: tree
translation: potted plant, dwarf tree, bonsai
盆栽作り: bonsaiZukuri: dwarf-tree culture <<<
check also: Bonsai


pronunciation: bonyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: mother's milk
母乳で育てる: bonyuudesodateru: feed (a baby) on mother's milk, rear (a baby) at the breast <<<
母乳で育った: bonyuudesodatta: breast-fed
check also: 哺乳


pronunciation: boro
other spells: ボロ
keyword: clothes
translation: rags, tatters
襤褸の: borono: tattered, threadbare
襤褸服: borohuku: rag, tatter <<<
襤褸靴: borogutsu: worn-out shoes <<<
襤褸を着た: borookita: in rags <<<
襤褸を出す: boroodasu: expose one's defects <<<
襤褸儲け: boromouke: soft job [thing] <<<
襤褸儲けする: boromoukesuru: make an easy money, pick up a fast buck


pronunciation: boshi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: mother and child
母子寮: boshiryou: widow's home <<<
母子家庭: boshikatei: family of the mother and a child <<< 家庭
母子手帳: boshitechou: maternity passbook <<< 手帳

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