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pronunciation: boshuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: collection, subscription, recruitment, enlistment, invitation
募集する: boshuusuru: collect, recruit, invite
募集人員: boshuujinnin: number of recruits
募集広告: boshuukoukoku: advertisements for recruiting <<< 広告
募集要項: boshuuyoukou: prospectus of a school for candidates <<< 要項
株式を募集する: kabushikioboshuusuru: offer shares for subscription <<< 株式
要員募集: youinboshuu: recruitment of needed personnel <<< 要員
補欠募集: hoketsuboshuu: invitation (of students) for filling vacancies <<< 補欠
補欠募集する: hoketsuboshuusuru: invite (students) to fill vacancies <<< 補欠
資金募集: shikinboshuu: fund raising <<< 資金
社員募集: shainboshuu: recruitment <<< 社員
国債を募集する: kokusaioboshuusuru: raise a national loan <<< 国債
check also: 応募


pronunciation: botan
kanji characters: ,
other spells: ボタン
keyword: flower
translation: peony
牡丹雪: botannyuki: large snow flakes <<<
牡丹園: botannen: peony garden <<<
牡丹刷毛: botanbake: powder puff <<< 刷毛
牡丹餅: botamochi: rice dumpling covered with bean jam <<<
棚から牡丹餅: tanakarabotamochi: windfall profit, godsend, pennies from heaven <<<
天竺牡丹: denjikubotan: dahlia <<< 天竺


pronunciation: botsuraku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: ruin, fall, downfall, bankruptcy
没落する: botsurakusuru: fall, be ruined, go to ruin, become bankrupt
antonyms: 繁栄


pronunciation: bottou
kanji characters: ,
translation: devotion, concentration
没頭する: bottousuru: be absorbed [immersed, engrossed] in, devote oneself to, give oneself up to, concentrate upon


pronunciation: boubi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: defense, defensive preparations, fortification, protection
防備する: boubisuru: defend, protect
防備の有る: boubinoaru: fortified <<<
防備の無い: boubinonai: unfortified, defenseless <<<
無防備の: muboubino
防備を施す: boubiohodokosu: fortify <<<
防備を厳にする: boubiogennnisuru: strengthen the defense <<<
check also: 防御 , 防衛


pronunciation: bouchou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: physics
translation: expansion, swelling
膨張する: bouchousuru: expand, swell, increase
膨張計: bouchoukei: dilatometer <<<
膨張力: bouchouryoku: expansive power <<<
膨張率: bouchouritsu: rate of expansion <<<
膨張係数: bouchoukeisuu: coefficient of expansion
通貨膨張: tsuukabouchou: inflation <<< 通貨
check also: 増加


pronunciation: boudou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , war
translation: riot (n.), rebellion, revolt (n.), insurrection
暴動を起こす: boudouookosu: riot (v.), rebel, revolt (v.) <<<
暴動が起こる: boudougaokoru: a riot breaks out
暴動を静める: boudouoshizumeru: suppress a riot <<<
check also: 反乱


pronunciation: bouei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , security , sport
translation: defense, protection
防衛する: boueisuru: defend, protect
防衛軍: boueigun: security force <<<
防衛庁: boueichou: Defense agency (in Japan until 2007) <<<
防衛省: boueishou: ministry of defense <<<
防衛費: boueihi: defense expenses <<<
防衛力: boueiryoku: defense force <<<
防衛手段: boueishudan: means of defense <<< 手段
防衛大学: boueidaigaku: defense academy <<< 大学
防衛協定: boueikyoutei: defense pact <<< 協定
防衛同盟: boueidoumei <<< 同盟
防衛海域: boueikaiiki: defense [defensive] waters
防衛水域: boueisuiiki
防衛産業: boueisangyou: defense industry <<< 産業
防衛体制: boueitaisei: defensive system <<< 体制
防衛予算: boueiyosan: (national) defense budget <<< 予算
過剰防衛: kajoubouei: excessive self-defense <<< 過剰
自己防衛: jikobouei: self defense <<< 自己
自主防衛: jishubouei: self-reliant [autonomous] defense <<< 自主
タイトルを防衛する: taitoruoboueisuru: defend a title <<< タイトル
タイトル防衛: taitorubouei: title defense <<< タイトル
synonyms: 防御 , 守備 , 自衛


pronunciation: boueki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: prevention of epidemics
防疫線: bouekisen: sanitary cordon <<<
防疫官: bouekikan: health officer <<<


pronunciation: boueki
kanji characters: 貿 ,
keyword: business , economy
translation: (international) trade
貿易する: bouekisuru: trade (v.)
貿易風: bouekihuu: trade wind, monsoon <<<
貿易港: bouekikou: trade port <<<
貿易品: bouekihin: trade goods <<<
貿易商: bouekishou: trader <<<
貿易業者: bouekigyousha <<< 業者
貿易商会: bouekishoukai: trading firm <<< 商会
貿易収支: bouekishuushi: trade balance <<< 収支
貿易黒字: bouekikuroji: trade surplus <<< 黒字
貿易協定: bouekikyoutei: trade agreement <<< 協定
民間貿易: minkanboueki: private foreign trade <<< 民間
外国貿易: gaikokuboueki: foreign trade <<< 外国
通過貿易: tsuukaboueki: transit trade <<< 通過
三角貿易: sankakuboueki: triple trade <<< 三角
国際貿易: kokusaiboueki: international trade <<< 国際
間接貿易: kansetsuboueki: indirect trade <<< 間接
保護貿易: hogoboueki: protected [protective] trade <<< 保護
沿岸貿易: enganboueki: coastal trade <<< 沿岸
中継貿易: chuukeiboueki: intermediate (transit) trade <<< 中継
海外貿易: kaigaiboueki: overseas [foreign] trade <<< 海外
中間貿易: chuukanboueki: intermediate trade <<< 中間
自由貿易: jiyuuboueki: free trade <<< 自由

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