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pronunciation: bouen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: optics
translation: see far, zoom
望遠レンズ: bouenrenzu: telephoto lens <<< レンズ
check also: 広角 , 望遠鏡


pronunciation: bouenkyou
kanji characters: , ,
keyword: optics , astronomy
translation: telescope
望遠鏡の: bouenkyouno: telescopic
電波望遠鏡: denpabouenkyou: radio telescope <<< 電波
反射望遠鏡: hanshabouenkyou: reflecting telescope <<< 反射
屈折望遠鏡: kussetsubouenkyou: refracting telescope, refractor <<< 屈折
天体望遠鏡: tentaibouenkyou: astronomical telescope <<< 天体
check also: 望遠


pronunciation: bougai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport
translation: interference, obstruction, disturbance, blockade, bar (n.)
妨害する: bougaisuru: interfere, obstruct, disturb, block, bar (v.)
妨害物: bougaibutsu: obstacle, hindrance, obstruction <<<
妨害電波: bougaidenpa: interfering signal <<< 電波
議事妨害: gijibougai: obstruction of proceedings, filibuster <<< 議事
電波妨害: denpabougai: radiojamming <<< 電波
放送妨害: housoubougai: jamming <<< 放送
列車妨害: resshabougai: train obstruction <<< 列車
営業妨害: eigyoubougai: interference with (another's) business <<< 営業
治安妨害: chianbougai: disturbance of public peace <<< 治安
公務執行妨害: koumushikkoubougai: interference with a government official in the execution of his official duties <<< 公務
道路妨害: dourobougai: traffic block <<< 道路
職務妨害: shokumubougai: interference with a person's duty <<< 職務
職務を妨害する: shokumuobougaisuru: obstruct a person's duty <<< 職務
synonyms: 干渉 , 障害 , 邪魔


pronunciation: bougo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: environment
translation: protection, defense
防護する: bougosuru: protect, defend
防護服: bougohuku: protective suit <<<
防護壁: bougoheki: protective wall <<<
防護マスク: bougomasuku: protective mask <<< マスク
check also: 防御


pronunciation: bougu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weapon
translation: protector


pronunciation: bougyo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , sport
translation: defense, protection, safeguard (n.)
防御の: bougyono: defensive, protective
防御の無い: bougyononai: defenseless, undefended <<<
防御する: bougyosuru: defend [protect, guard] (a thing from, oneself against), safeguard (v.)
防御に就く: bougyonitsuku: stand on the defensive <<<
防御率: bougyoritsu: earned run average (in baseball), ERA <<<
防御力: bougyoryoku: defense potential, defensive power <<<
防御線: bougyosen: line of defense <<<
防御戦: bougyosen: defensive war <<<
防御者: bougyosha: defender <<<
防御地域: bougyochiiki: section of defense <<< 地域
防御陣地: bougyojinchi: defensive position <<< 陣地
防御工事: bougyokouji: fortification <<< 工事
防御兵器: bougoheiki: defensive weapon <<< 兵器
防御同盟: bougyodoumei: defensive alliance <<< 同盟
沿岸防御: enganbougyo: coast defense <<< 沿岸
海岸防御: kaiganbougyo: coastal guard <<< 海岸
ミサイル防御: misairubougyo: missile defense <<< ミサイル
synonyms: 防衛 , 守備
antonyms: 攻撃


pronunciation: bouhan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: crime prevention
防犯ベル: bouhanberu: burglar alarm <<< ベル
防犯カメラ: bouhankamera: security camera <<< カメラ


pronunciation: bouhatei
kanji characters: , ,
keyword: construction
translation: break-water, mole
防波堤を築く: bouhateiokizuku: build a break-water [mole] <<<


pronunciation: bouhu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: antisepsis
防腐の: bouhuno: antiseptic (a.), antiseptical
防腐剤: bouhuzai: antiseptic (n.), preservative <<<
防腐剤を施す: bouhuzaiohodokosu: apply antiseptic treatment (to) <<<


pronunciation: bouhuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather
translation: storm, typhoon, hurricane, cyclone
暴風雨: bouhuuu: storm (with strong rain) <<<
暴風雨の: bouhuuuno: stormy
暴風雪: bouhuusetsu: snow storm <<<
暴風圏: bouhuuken: storm zone <<<
暴風警報: bouhuukeihou: storm warning <<< 警報
暴風信号: bouhuushingou: storm signal <<< 信号
check also: 台風 , ハリケーン

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