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pronunciation: bushu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: grammar
translation: radical [component] of a kanji [Chinese] character


pronunciation: busou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weapon
translation: armaments, equipments
武装する: busousuru: arm (oneself with), equip (an army)
武装した: busoushita: armed, armored
武装している: busoushiteiru: be armed (with)
武装を解く: busouotoku: disarm, dismantle <<<
武装解除: busoukaijo: disarmament, dismantlement <<< 解除
武装警官: busoukeikan: armed policeman <<< 警官
武装警官隊: busoukeikantai: armed police <<<
武装平和: busouheiwa: armed peace <<< 平和
武装中立: busouchuuritsu: armed neutrality <<< 中立
武装列車: busouressha: armored train <<< 列車
武装ゲリラ: busougerira: armed guerrilla <<< ゲリラ


pronunciation: bussan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: product, produce
物産展: bussanten: exhibition of the produce <<<
物産陳列所: bussanchiretsusho: produce museum
物産陳列館: bussanchinretsukan
重要物産: juuyoubussan: staple products <<< 重要
synonyms: 産物


pronunciation: busshi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disaster
translation: goods, commodities, materials, resources
物資に富む: busshinitomu: abound in natural resources <<<
物資が豊か: busshigayutaka <<<
物資を供給する: busshiokyoukyuusuru: give a supply of goods <<< 供給
援助物資: enjobusshi: succor (resources) <<< 援助
救援物資: kyuuenbusshi: rescue goods <<< 救援
交換物資: koukanbusshi: barter goods <<< 交換
重要物資: juuyoubusshi: key commodities <<< 重要
check also: 原料 , 資源


pronunciation: busshitsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: physics , material
translation: substance, matter, thing, material (n.)
物質の: busshitsuno: material (a.)
物質的: busshitsuteki <<<
物質的に: busshitsutekini: materially, physically
物質界: busshitsukai: material (physical) world <<<
物質文明: busshitsubunmei: material civilization <<< 文明
物質主義: busshitsushugi: materialism <<< 主義
物質主義者: busshitsushugisha: materialist <<<
核物質: kakubusshitsu: nuclear substance <<<
合成物質: gouseibusshitsu: synthetic material <<< 合成
有害物質: yuugaibusshitsu: contaminant, harmful substance, pollutant <<< 有害
汚染物質: onsenbusshitsu: pollutant <<< 汚染
電解物質: denkaibusshitsu: electrolyte <<< 電解


pronunciation: busu
kanji characters: ,
other spells: ブス
translation: ugly woman
antonyms: 美女


pronunciation: busuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: book
translation: number of copies, circulation
部数を増やす: busuuohuyasu: increase the number of copies <<<
部数に制限が有る: busuuniseigengaaru: The number of copies is limited
発行部数: hakkoubusuu: circulation <<< 発行
出版部数: shuppanbusuu: print run <<< 出版


pronunciation: butai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: show
translation: stage, platform, scene, theater
舞台を踏む: butaiohumu: appear before the footlights, go on the stage <<<
舞台に立つ: butainitatsu <<<
舞台を去る: butaiosaru: quit [retire from] the stage <<<
舞台を退く: butaioshirizoku <<< 退
舞台が変わる: butaigakawaru: The scene shifts [changes] <<<
舞台裏: butaiura: backstage <<<
舞台劇: butaigeki: stage drama <<<
舞台監督: butaikantoku: stage director <<< 監督
舞台装置: butaisouchi: stage setting <<< 装置
舞台効果: butaikouka: scenic effect <<< 効果
舞台照明: butaishoumei: stage illumination [lighting] <<< 照明
初舞台: hatsubutai: debut <<<
桧舞台: hinokibutai: first-class stage <<<
桧舞台を踏む: hinokibutaiohumu: perform [play] on a first-class stage <<<
回り舞台: mawaributai: revolving stage <<<
check also: 劇場


pronunciation: butai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: detachment, corps, unit, force
部隊長: butaichou: commander <<<
先頭部隊: sentoubutai: van, leading troop <<< 先頭
外人部隊: gaijinbutai: foreign legion <<< 外人
地上部隊: chijoubutai: ground unit <<< 地上
装甲部隊: soukoubutai: armored corps <<< 装甲
機動部隊: kidoubutai: mobile unit, task force <<< 機動
後方部隊: kouhoubutai: troops in the rear, rearguard <<< 後方
特殊部隊: tokushubutai: special forces <<< 特殊
精鋭部隊: seieibutai: picked troops, crack unit <<< 精鋭
戦闘部隊: sentoubutai: combat unit <<< 戦闘
上陸部隊: jourikubutai: landing troops <<< 上陸
降下部隊: koukabutai: paratroops, paratroopers <<< 降下
ゲリラ部隊: gerirabutai: guerrilla band [troops, unit] <<< ゲリラ
レンジャー部隊: renjaabutai <<< レンジャー
レスキュー部隊: resukyuubutai: rescue party <<< レスキュー
check also: 戦隊


pronunciation: butaniku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: meat
translation: pork
synonyms: ポーク

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