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pronunciation: byouin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: hospital
病院に入る: byouinnnihairu: go into hospital <<<
病院に入れる: byouinnniireru: send a person to hospital
病院に居る: byouinnniiru: be in hospital <<<
病院に通う: byouinnnikayou: attend a hospital <<<
病院長: byouinchou: director of hospital <<<
病院船: byouinsen: hospital ship <<<
外科病院: gekabyouin: surgery <<< 外科
陸軍病院: rikugunbyouin: military hospital <<< 陸軍
総合病院: sougoubyouin: general hospital <<< 総合
救急病院: kyuukyuubyouin: emergency hospital <<< 救急
国立病院: kokuritsubyouin: national hospital <<< 国立
大学病院: daigakubyouin: university hospital <<< 大学
精神病院: seishinbyouin: psychiatric hospital <<< 精神
海軍病院: kaigunbyouin: naval hospital <<< 海軍
胃腸病院: ichoubyouin: hospital for the stomach and bowels <<< 胃腸
気違い病院: kichigaibyouin: mental hospital <<< 気違い
家畜病院: kachikubyouin: veterinary hospital <<< 家畜
動物病院: doubutsubyouin: veterinary clinic <<< 動物
歯科病院: shikabyouin: dental clinic [hospital] <<< 歯科
緊急病院: kinkyuubyouin: emergency hospital <<< 緊急
check also: 医院


pronunciation: byoujaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: infirmity, invalidity
病弱な: byoujakuna: infirm, sickly, invalid, weak


pronunciation: byoujou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: condition of a disease [patient], symptoms, clinical picture
病状が悪化する: byoujougaakkasuru: take a turn for the worse <<< 悪化
synonyms: 症状


pronunciation: byouki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: illness, sickness
病気な: byoukina: sick, ill
病気の: byoukino
病気勝ちの: byoukigachino: sickly <<<
病気に罹る: byoukinikakaru: fall [get, be taken] ill, take sick <<<
病気に成る: byoukininaru <<<
病気が治る: byoukiganaoru: get well [better], recover from one's illness <<<
病気を治す: byoukionaosu: cure, heal, remedy
病気を移す: byoukioutsusu: transmit disease <<<
病気を拗らす: byoukiokojirasu: have complications
病気届: byoukitodoke: report of illness, sick-report <<<
病気欠席: byoukikesseki: absence due to illness <<< 欠席
病気休暇: byoukikyuuka: sick leave <<< 休暇
病気見舞: byoukimimai: visit to a sick person <<< 見舞
重い病気: omoibyouki: serious [severe] sickness [illness] <<< , 重病
軽い病気: karuibyouki: slight illness [sickness] <<<
頑固な病気: gankonabyouki: inveterate disease <<< 頑固


pronunciation: byounin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: sick person, invalid, patient
病人を見舞う: byouninnomimau: pay the patient a visit <<< 見舞
病人を看護する: byouninnokangosuru: care a sick person <<< 看護
check also: 患者


pronunciation: byoureki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: medical history, case history
病歴口述: byourekikoujutsu: anamnesis


pronunciation: byouri
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: pathology
病理学: byourigaku <<<
病理の: byourino: pathological
病理解剖: byourikaibou: pathological anatomy <<< 解剖


pronunciation: byousha
kanji characters: ,
keyword: art
translation: description, depiction, portrayal, representation
描写する: byoushasuru: describe, depict, portray, draw, sketch
性格描写: seikakubyousha: character drawing [delineation], characterization <<< 性格
内面描写: naimenbyousha: inner description <<< 内面
心理描写: shinribyousha: psychological description <<< 心理

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