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pronunciation: basho
kanji characters: ,
keyword: position , martial art
translation: place, spot, position, situation, location, scene, seat, site
場所が良い: bashogaii, bashogayoi: be well located [situated] <<<
場所が悪い: bashogawarui: be badly located [situated] <<<
場所を取る: bashootoru: occupy much room [space], keep a place <<<
場所を塞ぐ: bashoohusagu: take up much room [space] <<<
場所を空ける: bashooakeru: make room, clear space <<<
場所割り: bashowari: allocation of places <<<
居場所: ibasho: whereabout <<<
初場所: hatsubasho: new year sumo tournament <<<
春場所: harubasho: spring sumo tournament <<<
夏場所: natsubasho: summer sumo tournament <<<
秋場所: akibasho: fall sumo tournament <<<
本場所: honbasho: official sumo tournament <<<
集合場所: shuugoubasho: meeting place <<< 集合
会合場所: kaigoubasho: place of meeting, rendezvous <<< 会合
申合せた場所: moushiawasetabasho: appointed place <<< 申合せ
任意の場所: ninninobasho: any place <<< 任意
格好な場所: kakkounabasho: appropriate place <<< 格好
synonyms: 位置
check also: 相撲 , Basho


pronunciation: bashou
kanji characters:
keyword: plant
translation: banana plant
水芭蕉: mizubashou: Asian [white] skunk cabbage <<<
check also: バナナ


pronunciation: bassui
kanji characters: ,
keyword: book
translation: extract (n.), excerpt, abstract, summary, selection, quotation
抜粋する: bassuisuru: extract (a passage from), select (from)
抜粋曲: bassuikyoku: selection (music) <<<


pronunciation: batou
kanji characters:
translation: abuse (n.), insult, invectiveness, revilement, slander, vituperation
罵倒する: batousuru: denounce, abuse (v.), cry down, inveigh (against), revile


pronunciation: batta
kanji characters:
keyword: insect
translation: grasshopper


pronunciation: batteki , battaku
kanji characters:
keyword: job
translation: selection (of a person), choice
抜擢する: battekisuru: select (a person), single [pick] out


pronunciation: beikoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: usa
translation: America, USA
米国の: beikokuno: American (a.)
米国人: beikokujin: American (people) <<<
米国籍: beikokuseki: American nationality <<<
check also: アメリカ


pronunciation: bekkyo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: living separately, separation
別居する: bekkyosuru: live separately, separate
別居手当: bekkyoteate: alimony, separate maintenance <<< 手当
check also: 同居


pronunciation: bengo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: law
translation: defense (in court), justification, pleading
弁護する: bengosuru: defend, justify, plead
弁護団: bengodan: defense counsel <<<
弁護人: bengonin: defender, councilor, pleader <<<
弁護料: bengoryou: lawyer's fee <<<
弁護士: bengoshi: lawyer, attorney, barrister <<<
弁護士に成る: bengoshininaru: enter the law <<<
弁護士を頼む: bengoshiotanomu: engage (consult) a lawyer <<<
弁護士会: bengoshikai: lawyers' association <<<
弁護士業: bengoshigyou: attorneyship <<<
弁護士試験: bengoshishiken: bar examination <<< 試験


pronunciation: beniiro
kanji characters: ,
keyword: color
translation: red color, crimson
check also: 緋色

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