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pronunciation: chouji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: condiment
translation: clove tree
丁子の芽: choujinome: clove <<<


pronunciation: chouji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: death
translation: funeral address, condolatory speech, message of condolence
弔辞を述べる: choujionoberu: give a funeral address, make a condolatory speech, send a message of condolence, express one's sincere condolences <<<
synonyms: 御悔み
check also: 葬式


pronunciation: choujo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: the eldest [oldest] daughter [sister]
check also: 次女 , 長男


pronunciation: choujou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography , nature
translation: top, summit, the highest peak, zenith, apex
頂上を征服する: choujouoseihukusuru: gain [win, get to] the summit <<< 征服
頂上を極める: choujouokiwameru <<<
頂上会議: choujoukaigi: summit conference <<< 会議
check also: 頂点 , サミット


pronunciation: chouju
kanji characters: , 寿
keyword: life , health
translation: longevity, long life
長寿を保つ: choujuotamotsu: live long, enjoy longevity <<<
長寿法: choujuhou: secret of longevity, macrobiotics <<<
check also: 長生き


pronunciation: chouka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: excess
超過する: choukasuru: exceed, be over
超過額: choukagaku: surplus <<<
超過勤務: choukakinmu: overtime work [service] <<< 勤務
超過勤務する: choukakinmusuru: work overtime
超過勤務手当: choukakinmuteate: overtime allowance <<< 手当
超過重量: choukajuuryou: overweight, excess weight, surplus weight, overload, excess load <<< 重量
予算超過: yosanchouka: excess over the estimates <<< 予算
重量超過: juuryouchouka: extra weight <<< 重量


pronunciation: choukai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , law
translation: disciplinary actions, punishment
懲戒する: choukaisuru: discipline (v.), reprimand
懲戒処分: choukaishobun: disciplinary measures <<< 処分
懲戒免職: choukaimenshoku: disciplinary dismissal <<< 免職


pronunciation: choukan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: media
translation: morning paper, morning edition
check also: 夕刊


pronunciation: choukan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: secretary, director general
官房長官: kanbouchoukan: Chief Cabinet Secretary <<< 官房
内閣官房長官: naikakukanbouchoukan: director of cabinet secretariat <<< 内閣
陸軍長官: rikugunchoukan: secretary of war <<< 陸軍
海軍長官: kaigunchoukan: secretary of the navy <<< 海軍
財務長官: zaimuchoukan: Secretary of Treasury (in US) <<< 財務
司法長官: shihouchoukan: attorney general <<< 司法
司令長官: shireichoukan: commander in chief <<< 司令
ライス長官: raisuchoukan: Secretary (Condoleezza) Rice <<< ライス


pronunciation: chouki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: long period [time, term]
長期の: choukino: long-dated, long-term (a.)
長期に亘る: choukiniwataru: extend over a long period [time] <<<
長期戦: choukisen: prolonged [long, drawn-out] war <<<
長期貸付: choukikashitsuke: long-term loan <<< 貸付
長期計画: choukikeikaku: long-range plan <<< 計画
長期欠勤: choukikekkin: chronic absence from work <<< 欠勤
長期欠席: choukikesseki: long absence from school <<< 欠席
長期興行: choukikougyou: long run (of a play) <<< 興行
長期資金: choukishikin: long-term funds <<< 資金
長期信用: choukishinnyou: long-term credit <<< 信用
長期社債: choukishasai: long-term debenture <<< 社債
長期滞在: choukitaizai: long [prolonged] stay <<< 滞在
長期手形: choukitagata: long-dated [long-term] bill <<< 手形
長期取引: choukitorihiki: long-term transaction <<< 取引
長期予報: choukiyohou: long-range forecast <<< 予報
antonyms: 短期

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