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pronunciation: chouritsu
kanji characters: 調 ,
keyword: music
translation: tuning
調律する: chouritsusuru: tune (v.), put in tune
調律師: chouritsushi: tuner <<<


pronunciation: chourou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society
translation: elder (person), superior, senior member, senior statesman, presbyter
長老教会: chouroukyoukai: Presbyterian Church <<< 教会
check also: シニア


pronunciation: chourui
kanji characters: ,
keyword: bird
translation: birds, fowls
鳥類学: chouruigaku: ornithology <<<
鳥類学者: chouruigakusha: ornithologist <<< 学者
check also:


pronunciation: chouryoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: physics , technology
translation: tension
張力の: chouryokuno: tensile
張力計: chouryokukei: tensiometer <<<
張力試験: chouryokushiken: tension test <<< 試験
最大張力: saidaichouryoku: maximum tension <<< 最大
表面張力: hyoumenchouryoku: surface tension <<< 表面
界面張力: kaimenchouryoku: interfacial tension <<< 界面


pronunciation: chousa
kanji characters: 調 ,
keyword: crime , politics
translation: examination, investigation, survey, study
調査する: chousasuru: examine, investigate
調査中である: chousachuudearu: be under investigation <<<
調査を進める: chousaosusumeru: make close investigations <<<
調査員: chousain: investigator <<<
調査官: chousakan <<<
調査部: chousabu: inquiry section <<<
調査局: chousakyoku: investigations office <<<
調査費: chousahi: investigation expense <<<
調査委員: chousaiin: investigation commissioner <<< 委員
調査委員会: chousaiinkai: investigation (inquiry, fact-finding) committee <<<
野外調査: yagaichousa: field study <<< 野外
戸別調査: kobetsuchousa: house-to-house investigation <<< 戸別
身元調査: mimotochousa: identification check <<< 身元
意見調査: ikenchousa: survey, opinion poll <<< 意見
出口調査: deguchichousa: exit poll <<< 出口
世論調査: yoronchousa: poll <<< 世論
地質調査: chishitsuchousa: geological survey <<< 地質
秘密調査: himitsuchousa: secret inquiry <<< 秘密
市場調査: shijouchousa: market survey [surveying] <<< 市場
人口調査: jinkouchousa: head count, demography <<< 人口
事実調査: jijitsuchousa: fact-finding <<< 事実
現地調査: genchichousa: field survey [investigation] <<< 現地
現地調査をする: genchichousaosuru: make a field survey [investigation] <<< 現地
パネル調査: paneruchousa: panel survey <<< パネル


pronunciation: chousei
kanji characters: 調 ,
keyword: technology
translation: adjustment, regulation, alignment, control, coordination
調整する: chouseisuru: adjust, regulate, align, control (v.), coordinate
調整器: chouseiki: moderator, adjuster <<<
調整室: chouseishitsu: control room <<<
調整者: chouseisha: coordinator <<<
物価調整: bukkachousei: price control <<< 物価
年末調整: nenmatsuchousei: year-end adjustment <<< 年末
check also: 調節 , コントロール


pronunciation: chousen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport
translation: challenge (n.), defiance, provocation
挑戦する: chousensuru: challenge (v.), defy, dare
挑戦に応じる: chousennnioujiru: accept [take] a challenge, take up the glove <<<
挑戦的: chousenteki: provocative, defiant <<<
挑戦者: chousensha: challenger <<< , チャレンジャー
check also: 挑発 , チャレンジ


pronunciation: chousen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: asia
translation: Korea
朝鮮の: chousennno: Korean (a.)
朝鮮語: chousengo: Korean (language) <<<
朝鮮人: chousenjin: Korean (people) <<<
朝鮮薊: chousennazami: artichoke <<< , アーティチョーク
朝鮮人参: chousennninjin: ginseng <<< 人参
朝鮮朝顔: chousennasagao: datura <<< 朝顔
朝鮮戦争: chousensensou: Korean War <<< 戦争
朝鮮海峡: chousenkaikyou: Korean Strait <<< 海峡
朝鮮料理: chousenryouri: Korean dishes <<< 料理
北朝鮮: kitachousen: North Korea <<<
南朝鮮: minamichousen: South Korea <<< , 韓国


pronunciation: chousetsu
kanji characters: 調 ,
keyword: technology
translation: regulation, adjustment, alignment
調節する: chousetsusuru: regulate, adjust, align
温度を調節する: ondoochousetsusuru: regulate [adjust] the temperature <<< 温度
自動調節: jidouchousetsu: self-adjustment <<< 自動
check also: 調整


pronunciation: choushi
kanji characters: 調 ,
keyword: music
translation: tune, key, note, pitch, tone, vein
調子が合う: choushigaau: get in tune <<<
調子が外れる: choushigahazureru: get out of tune <<<
調子が狂う: choushigakuruu <<<
調子外れの: choushihazureno: discordant, out of tune <<<
調子を合わせる: choushioawaseru: tune up, put in tune, keep tune (with) <<<
調子を変える: choushiokaeru: modulate (a tone), change one's tone, change one's tune <<<
調子が良い: choushigaii: be in good condition, be in shape <<<
調子が悪い: choushigawarui: be in poor condition <<<
調子が出る: choushigaderu: warm up, get along, be in full swing <<<
調子付く: choushiZuku <<<
調子に乗る: choushininoru: get into the swing, be elated, let oneself go <<<
一本調子: ipponchoushi: monotony <<< 一本
一本調子の: ipponchoushino: monotonous <<< 一本
check also: 音程 , テンポ , リズム

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