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pronunciation: choushin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: auscultation
聴診する: choushinsuru: osculate
聴診器: choushinki: stethoscope <<<


pronunciation: choushin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mechanics
translation: long [minute] hand (of clock)
check also: 短針


pronunciation: chousho
kanji characters: 調 ,
keyword: law
translation: protocol, record
調書を取る: choushootoru: put (a deposition) on record <<<
調書を作る: choushootsukuru <<<
尋問調書: jinmonchousho: interrogatory (protocol) <<< 尋問


pronunciation: chousho
kanji characters: ,
translation: strong [good] point, merit, one's forte, advantage
長所短所: choushotansho: merits and demerits, strong and weak points <<< 短所
antonyms: 短所


pronunciation: choushoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: breakfast
朝食を取る: choushokuotoru: have breakfast, take breakfast <<<
ティファニーで朝食を: tifaniidechoushokuo: Breakfast at Tiffany's (novel of Truman Capote, 1958) <<< ティファニー
synonyms: 朝飯
check also: 昼食 , 夕食


pronunciation: choushou
kanji characters: ,
translation: derision, sneer, ridicule (n.), scornful laugh, sardonic smile
嘲笑する: choushousuru: laugh at, ridicule (v.), deride, bring (a person) into ridicule
嘲笑的: choushouteki: mocking, derisive, scornful <<<
嘲笑の的: choushounomato: laughingstock
嘲笑の的に成る: choushuunomatoninaru: be a laughingstock (of), find oneself amid the jeers and laughter of everyone


pronunciation: choushuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: finance , business
translation: collection, levy (n.)
徴収する: choushuusuru: collect, levy (v.)
徴収料: choushuuryou: collection fee <<<
徴収額: choushuugaku: collected amount <<<
会費を徴収する: kaihiochoushuusuru: collect dues <<< 会費
源泉徴収: gensenchoushuu: collection of taxes at the source <<< 源泉


pronunciation: choutei
kanji characters: 調 ,
keyword: law
translation: arbitration, conciliation, mediation, intervention
調停する: chouteisuru: arbitrate (in, between), mediate (between), reconcile, intervene
調停に付する: chouteinihusuru: submit (a matter) to arbitration <<<
調停の労を執る: chouteinorouotoru: take the trouble of mediating
調停案: chouteian: mediation plan, arbitration proposal <<<
調停者: chouteisha: arbitrator, mediator <<<
任意調停: ninnichoutei: voluntary arbitration [meditation] <<< 任意


pronunciation: chouten
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography , nature
translation: apex, top
頂点に達する: choutennnitassuru: reach [attain] the peak [climax] <<<
check also: 頂上 , トップ


pronunciation: chouwa
kanji characters: 調 ,
keyword: art , music
translation: harmony, agreement, concord, balance
調和した: chouwashita: harmonious
調和の取れた: chouwanotoreta <<<
調和しない: chouwashinai: inharmonious, discordant
調和する: chouwasuru: harmonize (vi.), match
調和させる: chouwasaseru: harmonize (vt.)
調和関数: chouwakansuu: harmonic function <<< 関数
調和数列: chouwasuuretsu: harmonic progression
check also: ハーモニー

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