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pronunciation: chuukaku
kanji characters: ,
translation: kernel, core


pronunciation: chuukan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: position
translation: middle, medium
中間の: chuukannno: intermediate, mean
中間を取る: chuukannotoru: take the middle value <<<
中間色: chuukanshoku: neutral tints <<<
中間層: chuukansou: middle-class, middle-brows <<<
中間子: chuukanshi: meson <<<
中間駅: chuukanneki: way station <<<
中間選挙: chuukansenkyo: midterm [off-year] election <<< 選挙
中間報告: chuukanhoukoku: interim report <<< 報告
中間貿易: chuukanboueki: intermediate trade <<< 貿易
中間商人: chuukanshounin: middleman, broker <<< 商人
中間搾取: chuukansakushu: intermediary exploitation
中間試験: chuukanshiken: midterm examination <<< 試験
check also: 中心


pronunciation: chuukei , nakatsugi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: media , business
translation: relay (n.), translation, hookup
中継する: chuukeisuru: relay (v.), translate, broadcast
中継器: chuukeiki: repeater, translator <<<
中継局: chuukeikyoku: relay station <<<
中継線: chuukeisen: junction line <<<
中継港: chuukeikou: transit port <<<
中継貿易: chuukeiboueki: intermediate (transit) trade <<< 貿易
中継放送: chuukeihousou: relay broadcasting <<< 放送
生中継: namachuukei: live coverage <<<
全国中継: zenkokuchuukei: nationwide hookup <<< 全国
衛星中継: eiseichuukei: satellite transmission <<< 衛星
テレビ中継: terebichuukei: tv coverage <<< テレビ


pronunciation: chuuki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: palsy, paralysis
中気の: chuukino: palsied, paralyzed, paralytic
中気に成る: chuukininaru: have a stroke of [be taken with] paralysis <<<
中気に罹る: chuukinikakaru <<<
synonyms: 麻痺


pronunciation: chuuki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: middle period, midterm
check also: 前期 , 後期


pronunciation: chuuko , chuuburu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business , history
translation: used article, Middle Ages
中古の: chuukono: secondhand, medieval
中古車: chuukosha: secondhand car <<<
中古史: chuukoshi: medieval history <<<
中古パソコン: chuukopasokon: used computer <<< パソコン
check also: 新品 , 中世


pronunciation: chuukoku
kanji characters: ,
translation: admonition, advice, counsel, warning
忠告する: chuukokusuru: admonish
忠告に従う: chuukokunishitagau: act on a person's advice, follow [accept] a person's advice <<<
忠告を入れる: chuukokuoireru <<<
忠告に背く: chuukokunisomuku: act against a person's advice <<<
忠告を与える: chuukokuoataeru: give an advice <<<
忠告者: chuukokusha: admonitor, adviser, counselor, mentor <<< , カウンセラー
check also: 勧告 , 助言 , アドバイス


pronunciation: chuumoku
kanji characters: ,
translation: notice, attention, observation
注目する: chuumokusuru: attend to, watch, observe, mark, keep an eye on, pay attention [turn one's attention] to, take note [notice] of
注目される: chuumokusareru: attract notice, be given attention
注目を引く: chuumokuohiku <<<
注目すべき: chuumokusubeki: noteworthy, worthy of notice [note], remarkable
注目の的: chuumokunomato: center [object] of (public) attention <<<
注目に値する: chuumokuniataisuru: be noteworthy [worthy of notice] <<<


pronunciation: chuumon
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: order (n.), request, wish
注文する: chuumonsuru: order (v.), give an order
注文を付ける: chuumonnotsukeru: assert [raise] a claim <<<
注文に応じる: chuumonnnioujiru: accept [take] an order <<<
注文を受ける: chuumonnoukeru <<<
注文を取る: chuumonnotoru: apply for an order <<<
注文通りに: chuumondoorini: as requested [required] <<<
注文先: chuumonsaki: orderer, customer, client, receiver of an order <<<
注文主: chuumonnnushi: orderer, customer, client, principal <<<
注文書: chuumonsho: order form <<<
注文票: chuumonhyou: order sheet <<<
注文帳: chuumonchou: order book <<<
注文品: chuumonhin: ordered goods, an order <<<
買い注文: kaichuumon: purchase request, order to buy <<<
売り注文: urichuumon: order to sell <<<
御注文: gochuumon: your order <<<
追加注文: tsuikachuumon: additional order <<< 追加
購入注文: kounyuuchuumon: purchase order <<< 購入
見本注文: mihonchuumon: order by sample <<< 見本
指値注文: sashinechuumon: limited order, stop order <<< 指値
ランチを注文する: ranchiochuumonsuru: order lunch <<< ランチ
カタログで注文する: katarogudechuumonsuru: order from a catalog <<< カタログ


pronunciation: chuunen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: middle age
中年の人: chuunennnohito: middle-aged person <<<
中年者: chuunenmono <<<
中年女: chuunenonnna: woman past her prime, middle-aged woman, mature woman <<<
中年男: chuunenotoko: middle-aged man, man of middle age <<<
中年期: chuunenki: middle years of one's life <<<
check also: 中世

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