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pronunciation: chibusa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: body
translation: breast, boob
乳房を含ませる: chibusaohukumaseru: give the breast <<<
check also: 乳首


pronunciation: chichioya
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: father, papa
義理の父親: girinochichioya: father-in-law, stepfather <<< 義理
check also: 母親 , パパ


pronunciation: chichuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: construction
translation: underground (n.)
地中の: chichuuno: underground (a.)
地中に: chichuuni: under the ground, in the earth
地中の宝: chichuunotakara: buried [underground] treasures <<<
地中に埋める: chichuuniumeru: bury <<<
check also: 地下 , 地底


pronunciation: chichuukai
kanji characters: , ,
keyword: europe , africa , sea
translation: Mediterranean Sea
地中海の: chichuukaino: Mediterranean
check also: 地中


pronunciation: chidori
kanji characters: ,
keyword: bird
translation: plover
千鳥足: chidoriashi: stagger (n.), zigzagging <<<
千鳥足の: chidoriashino: zigzagging (a.)
千鳥足で歩く: chidoriashidearuku: (go) zigzag, totter, reel along <<<
蟹千鳥: kanichidori: crab-plover <<<


pronunciation: chie
kanji characters: ,
translation: wisdom, wit, intelligence
知恵の有る: chienoaru: wise, witty, intelligent <<<
知恵の無い: chienonai: silly, stupid, unwise, brainless, soft-headed <<<
知恵を貸す: chieokasu: give council [advice, suggestion] <<<
知恵を借りる: chieokariru: take advice from, consult <<<
知恵を出す: chieodasu: show wisdom <<<
知恵を絞る: chieoshiboru: beat one's brains <<<
知恵が付く: chiegatsuku: grow wise [intelligent], get wisdom <<<
知恵比べ: chiekurabe: contest of wits <<<
知恵の輪: chienowa: puzzle-ring <<<
知恵者: chiemono: man of resources, sage <<< , 策士
知恵歯: chieba: wisdom tooth, third molar <<<
入れ知恵: ireJie: hint, borrowed wisdom <<<
入れ知恵する: ireJiesuru: suggest an idea (to a person), drop [give] (a person) a hint, instigate


pronunciation: chihiro
kanji characters: ,
translation: great length, great depth
千尋の: chihirono: very long, very deep


pronunciation: chihou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: dementia
痴呆症: chihoushou <<<


pronunciation: chihou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: region, province, district, area
地方の: chihouno: local, regional, provincial
地方版: chihouban: local edition <<<
地方色: chihoushoku: local color <<<
地方史: chihoushi: local [regional] history <<<
地方化: chihouka: localization <<<
地方税: chihouzei: local tax <<<
地方新聞: chihoushinbun: local newspaper <<< 新聞
地方記事: chihoukiji: local news <<< 記事
地方巡業: chihoujungyou: provincial tour <<< 巡業
地方行政: chihougyousei: local administration <<< 行政
地方自治: chihoujichi: local autonomy <<< 自治
地方自治体: chihoujichitai: self-governing [local autonomous] body, local authority, municipality <<<
地方分権: chihoubunken: decentralization
地方議会: chihougikai: local assembly <<< 議会
地方裁判所: chihousaibansho: local court <<< 裁判所
山岳地方: sangakuchihou: mountainous region <<< 山岳
南極地方: nankyokuchihou: Antarctic Region <<< 南極
東部地方: toubuchihou: the East, eastern region <<< 東部
西部地方: seibuchihou: the West, western region <<< 西部
九州地方: kyuushuuchihou: Kyushu Region <<< 九州
四国地方: shikokuchihou: Shikoku Region <<< 四国
北海道地方: hokkaidouchihou: Hokkaido Region <<< 北海道
東北地方: touhokuchihou: Northeast Japan, Tohoku region, Northeast China, Manchuria <<< 東北
中部地方: chuubuchihou: central region (of Japan), Chubu region <<< 中部
沿岸地方: enganchihou: coastal region, coast <<< 沿岸
海岸地方: kaiganchihou: seaside district <<< 海岸
中国地方: chuugouchihou: western part of Honshu island <<< 中国
北極地方: hokkyokuchihou: Arctic region <<< 北極
熱帯地方: nettaichihou: the tropics <<< 熱帯
カシミール地方: kashimiiruchihou: Kashmir region <<< カシミール
ルール地方: ruuruchihou: Ruhr Area <<< ルール
ブルターニュ地方: burutaanyuchihou: Brittany Region <<< ブルターニュ
ギアナ地方: gianachihou: Guianas <<< ギアナ
ダルフール地方: daruhuuruchihou: Darfur region <<< ダルフール
アルザス地方: aruzasuchihou: Alsace region <<< アルザス
フランケン地方: hurankenchihou: Franconia (Germany) <<< フランケン
チロル地方: chiroruchihou: Tyrol county <<< チロル
synonyms: 地域 , 田舎 , ローカル


pronunciation: chii
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: post, position, level, status
地位が高い: chiigatakai: be high in position <<<
地位が低い: chiigahikui: be low in position <<<
地位の有る: chiinoaru: of (high) position (rank) <<<
地位を失う: chiioushinau: lose one's position <<<
地位を得る: chiioeru: gain (get, acquire) a position <<<
地位を争う: chiioarasou: try (compete) for a position <<<
重要地位: juuyouchii: important position <<< 重要
check also: ポスト

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