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pronunciation: chiiki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: region, area, zone, district
地域的: chiikiteki: local, regional <<<
地域差: chiikisa: regional difference <<<
地域社会: chiikishakai: local community <<< 社会
地域手当: chiikiteate: area allowance <<< 手当
作戦地域: sakusenchiiki: field of operations <<< 作戦
占領地域: senryouchiiki: occupied territory [area] <<< 占領
防御地域: bougyochiiki: section of defense <<< 防御
部族地域: buzokuchiiki: tribal area <<< 部族
浸水地域: shisuichiiki: flooded [inundated, submerged] districts [area] <<< 浸水
受信障害地域: jushinshougaichiiki: poor reception area <<< 受信
隷属地域: reizokuchiiki: dependency <<< 隷属
ドル地域: doruchiiki: dollar area <<< ドル
ポンド地域: pondochiiki: sterling area <<< ポンド
check also: 地方


pronunciation: chiji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: (prefectural) governor
知事職: chijishoku: governorship <<<
県知事: kenchiji: prefectural governor <<<
副知事: hukuchiji: vice-governor <<<
州知事: shuuchiji: state governor, provincial governor <<<


pronunciation: chijin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: acquaintance
check also: 馴染


pronunciation: chijou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: media , war
translation: ground, earth, land
地上の: chijouno: earthy, terrestrial
地上波: chijouha: terrestrial wave <<<
地上権: chijouken: surface rights <<<
地上部隊: chijoubutai: ground unit <<< 部隊
地上砲火: chijouhouka: ground fire <<< 砲火
check also: 地下


pronunciation: chika
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house , construction
translation: underground (n.)
地下の: chikano: subterranean, underground (a.)
地下に潜る: chikanimoguru: go underground <<<
地下に埋める: chikaniumeru: bury underground <<<
地下道: chikadou: subway, underpass <<<
地下水: chikasui: subterranean [underground] water <<<
地下鉄: chikatetsu: subway, metro, underground, tube <<<
地下室: chikashitsu: basement, underground (room) <<<
地下街: chikagai: underground center <<<
地下茎: chikakei: subterranean stem <<<
地下資源: chikashigen: underground resources <<< 資源
地下活動: chikakatsudou: secret activity <<< 活動
地下組織: chikasoshiki: secret organization <<< 組織
check also: 地中 , 地底


pronunciation: chikaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: perception, consciousness
知覚する: chikakusuru: perceive, be conscious of
知覚し難い: chikakushigatai: imperceptible <<<
知覚を失う: chikakuoushinau: lose consciousness <<<
知覚神経: chikakushinkei: sensory nerves <<< 神経


pronunciation: chikaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geology
translation: earth's crust
地殻運動: chikakuundou: crustal movement <<< 運動
地殻変動: chikakuhendou <<< 変動


pronunciation: chikan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: molester, groper, masher


pronunciation: chikoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: time
translation: lateness, tardiness, delay
遅刻する: chikokusuru: be behind time, be late (for), be tardy (at), come late (to)
遅刻者: chikokusha: late comer <<<
遅刻届: chikokutodoke: report for being late, late report <<<


pronunciation: chiku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: district
割譲地区: katsujouchiku: ceded area <<< 割譲
解放地区: kaihouchiku: liberated area [zone] <<< 解放
禁止地区: kinshichiku: forbidden area <<< 禁止
中部地区: chuubuchiku: central area [district] <<< 中部
クイーンズ地区: kuiizuchiku: Borough of Queens (in New York) <<< クイーンズ
ブロンクス地区: buronkusuchiku: Borough of the Bronx (New York) <<< ブロンクス
マンハッタン地区: manhattanchiku: Borough of Manhattan <<< マンハッタン
ブルックリン地区: burukkurinchiku: Borough of Brooklyn <<< ブルックリン
ワシントン地区: washintonchiku: Washington DC <<< ワシントン

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