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pronunciation: chingin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: wages, pay
賃金を上げる: chinginnoageru: raise wages <<<
賃金を得る: chinginnoeru: get [earn] wages <<<
賃金を貰う: chinginnomorau <<<
賃金引上げ: chinginhikiage: wage increase
賃金引下げ: chinginhikisage: wage decrease
賃金カット: chinginkatto <<< カット
賃金を支払う: chinginnoshiharau: pay a person <<< 支払
賃金を払う: chinginnoharau <<<
賃金指数: chinginshisuu: wage index <<< 指数
賃金水準: chinginsuijun: wage level <<< 水準
賃金格差: chinginkakusa: wage differentials <<< 格差
賃金闘争: chingintousou: wage struggle <<< 闘争
賃金ベース: chinginbeesu: wage standard
差別賃金: sabetsuchingin: differential wages <<< 差別
基準賃金: kijunchingin: standard wages <<< 基準
最低賃金: saiteichingin: the minimum wages <<< 最低
時間賃金: jikanchingin: time wages <<< 時間
synonyms: 給料
check also: 報酬


pronunciation: chinjou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: petition, appeal (n.), lobbying
陳情する: chinjousuru: appeal (v.), lobby (v.)
陳情を受ける: chinjououkeru: receive a petition <<<
陳情人: chinjounin: petitioner, suppliant, supplicant <<<
陳情者: chinjousha <<<
陳情書: chinjousho: (written) petition <<<
陳情団: chinjoudan: lobby, group of lobbyists <<<


pronunciation: chinka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disaster
translation: fire extinction
鎮火する: chinkasuru: be put out, be extinguished [subdued, arrested], be got [brought] under (control)
check also: 消火


pronunciation: chinkeizai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: drug
translation: spasmolytic, antispasmodic
check also: 痙攣


pronunciation: chinkon
kanji characters: ,
keyword: religion
translation: appeasing souls
鎮魂曲: chinkonkyoku: requiem <<<


pronunciation: chinmoku
kanji characters: ,
translation: silence, reticence, taciturnity
沈黙する: chinmokusuru: be [keep] silence [taciturn], be reserved in speech, hold one's tongue
沈黙させる: chinmokusaseru: silence (v.), put [reduce] to silence, talk down
沈黙を守る: chinmokuomamoru: keep [preserve, observe] silence, remain [keep] silent, be mute <<<
沈黙を破る: chinmokuoyaburu: break the silence <<<
沈黙は金: chinmokuwakin: Silence is gold <<<


pronunciation: chinou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine , crime
translation: mental faculties, intelligence
知能犯: chinouhan: intellectual crime <<<
知能指数: chinoushisuu: intelligence quotient, IQ <<< 指数
知能検査: chinoukensa: intelligence test, IQ test <<< 検査
知能テスト: chinoutesuto <<< テスト
人工知能: jinkouchinou: artificial intelligence <<< 人工


pronunciation: chinretsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: shop
translation: exhibition, display, show
陳列する: chinretsusuru: show, arrange, exhibit, display, make an exhibition of
陳列室: chinretsushitsu: showroom <<<
陳列棚: chinretsudana: showcase <<<
陳列窓: chinretsumado: show window <<<
陳列品: chinretsuhin: exhibited article, thing on display <<<
店頭陳列: tentouchinretsu: window display <<< 店頭


pronunciation: chintai , chingashi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: realty
translation: hire, lease, renting
賃貸で: chintaide: on lease
賃貸する: chintaisuru: hire out, let out (a thing) on hire, lease [rent] out, put out (land) to lease
賃貸借: chintaishaku: lease, let and hiring <<<
賃貸借契約: chintaishakukeiyaku: lease [hiring] contract [agreement] <<< 契約
賃貸契約: chintaikeiyaku
賃貸人: chintainin: lessor <<<
賃貸料: chintairyou: rent, rental fee <<<
賃貸価格: chintaikakaku: land value <<< 価格
賃貸住宅: chintaijuutaku: house to rent, rented house <<< 住宅
賃貸マンション: chintaimanshon: rental apartment <<< マンション
check also: リース


pronunciation: chintsuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: drug
translation: painkilling, pain relief [ease]
鎮痛剤: chintsuuzai: anodyne, painkiller, painreliever <<<

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