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pronunciation: denkou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: electricity
translation: electric light, flash of lightning
電光形: denkoukeini: zigzag (n.) <<<
電光形に: denkoukeini: zigzag (adv.), zigzagways
電光石火の如く: denkousekkanogotoku: like [as quick as] lightning
電光掲示板: denkoukeijiban: electric bulletin board
電光ニュース: denkounyuusu: illuminated ribbon of news, electric news sign <<< ニュース
check also: 稲妻


pronunciation: denkyoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: physics
translation: electrode
電極棒: denkyokubou <<<


pronunciation: denkyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: electricity
translation: electric bulb
電球が切れた: denkyugakireta: The filament has snapped <<<
閃光電球: senkoudenkyuu: flash bulb <<< 閃光
タングステン電球: tangusutendenkyuu: tungsten lamp <<< タングステン
check also: 電灯


pronunciation: dennatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: electricity
translation: volt, voltage
電圧計: dennatsukei: voltmeter <<<
高電圧: koudennatsu: high voltage <<<
check also: ボルト , 電流


pronunciation: dennen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: countryside, rural districts
田園の: dennennno: rural, pastoral (a.)
田園化: dennenka: ruralization <<<
田園化する: dennenkasuru: ruralize
田園詩: dennenshi: idyl, pastoral (n.) <<<
田園詩人: dennenshijin: idylist <<< 詩人
田園文学: dennenbungaku: pastoral literature <<< 文学
田園生活: dennenseikatsu: rural [country] life <<< 生活
田園生活をする: dennenseikatsuosuru: lead a rural [country] life
田園生活を送る: dennenseikatsuookuru <<<
田園都市: dennentoshi: garden [rural] city <<< 都市
check also: 田舎


pronunciation: denpa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: electricity
translation: electric wave
電波に乗る: denpaninoru: be broadcasted (by radio), go on the air <<<
電波を通じて: denpaotsuujite: over the [through] radio <<<
電波学: denpagaku: radio technology <<<
電波計: denpakei: wavemeter <<<
電波塔: denpatou: radio (transmission) tower <<<
電波妨害: denpabougai: radiojamming <<< 妨害
電波探知機: denpatanchiki: radar, radiolocator <<< レーダー
電波望遠鏡: denpabouenkyou: radio telescope <<< 望遠鏡
電波天文学: denpatenmongaku: radio astronomy
電波天文学者: denpatenmongakusha: radio astronomer <<< 学者
電波少年: denpashounen: Denpa Shonen (a Japanese TV reality show, 1992-2003) <<< 少年
妨害電波: bougaidenpa: interfering signal <<< 妨害
check also: ラジオ


pronunciation: denpou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: communication
translation: telegram, telegraphic message, wire, cable
電報で: denpoude: by wire [telegraph, cable]
電報を打つ: denpououtsu: telegraph (to), send a telegram [wire] <<<
電報料: denpouryou: telegram fee [charge] <<<
電報料金: denpouryoukin <<< 料金
電報局: denpoukyoku: telegraphic office <<<
電報取扱局: denpoutoriatsukaikyoku
電報為替: denpoukawase: telegraphic remittance <<< 為替
電報為替で送る: denpoukawasedeokuru: wire (money) to (a person) <<<
電報用紙: denpouyoushi: telegram form, telegraph blank <<< 用紙
電報依頼紙: denpouiraishi
電報配達: denpouhaitatsu: telegram delivery, telegram deliverer <<< 配達
電報配達人: denpouhaitatsunin: telegram deliverer <<<
無線電報: musendenpou: wireless telegram [message], radiotelegram <<< 無線
和文電報: wabundenpou: telegram in Japanese <<< 和文
暗号電報: angoudenpou: ciphered cable [telegram] <<< 暗号


pronunciation: denpun
kanji characters:
keyword: biology , food
translation: starch, dextrin
澱粉質の: denpunshitsuno: starchy, farinaceous <<<
澱粉糖: denpuntou: glucose, starch sugar <<<
check also: 炭水化物 , 蛋白 , 脂肪


pronunciation: denpyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: accounting
translation: slip, chit
伝票を切る: denpyouokiru: issue [write out] a slip <<<
伝票で買う: denpyoudekau: buy (things) by signing chits <<<
入金伝票: nyuukindenpyou: paying-in slip <<< 入金
出金伝票: shukkindenpyou: payment slip <<< 出金
収納伝票: shuunoudenpyou: receipts <<< 収納
売上伝票: uriagedenpyou: sales slip <<< 売上


pronunciation: denri
kanji characters: ,
keyword: physics
translation: electrolytic dissociation, ionization
電離する: denrisuru: ionize (vi.)
電離させる: denrisaseru: ionize (vt.)
電離層: denrisou: ionosphere <<<
電離装置: denrisouchi: ionizer <<< 装置
check also: イオン

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