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pronunciation: dentou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history , art
translation: tradition
伝統的: dentouteki: traditional <<<
伝統的に: dentoutekini: traditionally
伝統に従う: dentounishitagau: follow tradition <<<
伝統に倣う: dentouninarau <<<
伝統を破る: dentouoyaburu: violate tradition <<<
伝統を重んじる: dentouoomonjiru: make much of tradition <<<
伝統を守る: dentouomamoru <<<
伝統主義: dentoushugi: traditionalism <<< 主義
伝統主義者: dentoushugisha: traditionalist <<<
長い伝統: nagaidentou: time-honored tradition <<<
check also: 慣習


pronunciation: dentou
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 電燈
keyword: electricity
translation: electric light [lamp]
電灯を引く: dentouohiku: have electric lights installed <<<
電灯を点ける: dentouotsukeru: switch [turn] on the light <<< , 点灯
電灯を点す: dentouotomosu
電灯を消す: dentouokesu: switch [turn] off the light <<<
電灯線: dentousen: indoor lamplight wire, lamp cord <<<
電灯料: dentouryou: electric light charges <<<
電灯会社: dentougaisha: electric light company <<< 会社
懐中電灯: kaichuudentou: flashlight, electric torch <<< 懐中
check also: 電球 , 電気


pronunciation: denwa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: communication
translation: telephone, phone (n.)
電話する: denwasuru: phone (v.), call
電話を掛ける: denwaokakeru <<<
電話で: denwade: by telephone, through the telephone
電話が掛かる: denwagakakaru: have a telephone call, be called up
電話で話す: denwadehanasu: talk [speak] over the telephone <<<
電話を切る: denwaokiru: hang up the phone, ring [switch] off <<<
電話機: denwaki: phone set <<<
電話帖: denwachou: phone book, phone directory <<<
電話番号: denwabangou: telephone number <<< 番号
電話ボックス: denwabokkusu: telephone box, telephone booth <<< ボックス
電話カード: denwakaado: phonecard <<< カード
公衆電話: koushuudenwa: public telephone, pay phone, call box <<< 公衆
直通電話: chokutsuudenwa: direct phone [line] <<< 直通
市外電話: shigaidenwa: out-of-town call <<< 市外
無線電話: musendenwa: wireless telephone, radiophone, walkie-talkie <<< 無線
内線電話: naisendenwa: interphone <<< 内線
親子電話: oyakodenwa: party line <<< 親子
国際電話: kokusaidenwa: international call <<< 国際
切替電話: kirikaedenwa: extension phone <<< 切替
代表電話: daihyoudenwa: key (telephone) number, pilot number <<< 代表
携帯電話: keitaidenwa: cellular phone, mobile phone <<< 携帯
固定電話: koteidenwa: fixed-line telephone, landline [fixed] phone <<< 固定
悪戯電話: itazuradenwa: prank calls <<< 悪戯
スカイプで電話する: sukaipudedenwasuru: skype (v.) <<< スカイプ
ファックス電話: fakkusudenwa: fax phone <<< ファックス
check also: 携帯


pronunciation: deshi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: education , religion , sport
translation: disciple, follower, pupil
弟子にする: deshinisuru: take a person as one's pupil
弟子を取る: deshiotoru: take pupils <<<
弟子入りする: deshiirisuru: become a person's pupil, be apprenticed <<<
兄弟子: anideshi: older disciple <<<
一番弟子: ichibandeshi: the first [best] disciple <<< 一番
兄弟弟子: kyoudaideshi: fellow disciples <<< 兄弟


pronunciation: dobin
kanji characters: ,
other spells: ドビン
keyword: utensil
translation: earthen teapot
土瓶敷: dobinshiki: teapot stand <<<


pronunciation: doboku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: construction
translation: engineering work, public works
土木課: dobokuka: public works section <<<
土木局: dobokukyoku: public works bureau <<<
土木技師: dobokugishi: civil engineer <<< 技師
土木監督: dobokukantoku: foreman, chief worker, master workman, work master <<< 監督
土木建築: dobokukenchiku: civil engineering and construction <<< 建築
土木建築業: dobokukenchikugyou: civil engineering and construction industry <<<
土木工学: dobokukougaku: civil engineering <<< 工学
土木事業: dobokujigyou: public engineering works <<< 事業
土木工事: dobokukouji: public works <<< 工事
check also: 土建


pronunciation: dodai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: construction
translation: foundation, base, groundwork
土台を据える: dodaiosueru: lay the foundation of <<<
土台石: dodaiishi: foundation stone <<<


pronunciation: doken
kanji characters: ,
keyword: construction
translation: engineering work, public works
土建屋: dokennya: construction contractor <<<
土建業者: dokengyousha <<< 業者
土建業: dokengyou: construction industry <<<
check also: 土木


pronunciation: doki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: earthen vessel, earthenware


pronunciation: doko
kanji characters: ,
keyword: position
translation: where, which place
何処へ: dokoe: to where
何処に: dokoni: where, to where
何処に居ますか: dokoniimasuka: Where are you? <<<
何処から: dokokara: from where
何処からか: dokokaraka: from somewhere
何処から来ましたか: dokokarakimashitaka: Where are you from? <<<
何処から見ても: dokokaramitemo: in all respects, in every respect <<<
何処でも: dokodemo: in any place, wherever, everywhere
何処にも: dokonimo
何処まで: dokomade: how far, where
何処までも: dokomademo: wherever, everywhere
何処と無く: dokotonaku: anyhow, somehow <<<
何処ですか: dokodesuka: Where is it?
駅は何処ですか: ekihadokodesuka: Where is the station? <<<
便所は何処ですか: benjohadokodesuka: Where can I wash my hands? <<< 便所
トイレットは何処ですか: toirettohadokodesuka: Where is the restroom [washroom, toilet]? <<< トイレット
check also: 場所

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