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pronunciation: dorei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: slave
奴隷にする: doreinisuru: enslave
奴隷の様な: doreinoyouna: slavish, servile <<<
奴隷船: doreisen: slave ship <<<
奴隷根性: doreikonjou: servile spirit <<< 根性
奴隷売買: doreibaibai: slave trade <<< 売買
奴隷制度: doreiseido: slavery <<< 制度
奴隷商人: doreishounin: slave trader <<< 商人
奴隷開放: doreikaihou: liberation of slaves <<< 開放
奴隷禁止: doreikinshi: antislavery <<< 禁止
奴隷廃止: doreihaishi: abolitionism <<< 廃止
情欲の奴隷: jouyokunodorei: slave of passion <<< 情欲


pronunciation: dorobou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: thief, robber, burglar, theft, robbery
泥棒する: dorobousuru: steal, rob
泥棒に遭う: dorobouniau: be robbed <<<
泥棒根性: doroboukonjou: thievish nature <<< 根性
月給泥棒: gekkyuudorobou: those who are not worth their salaries <<< 月給
墓場泥棒: hakabadorobou: grave robber, tomb raider [robber] <<< 墓場


pronunciation: doronuma
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature
translation: bog
泥沼に填る: doronumanihamaru: be bogged down, get stuck in a fix <<<
泥沼戦争: doronumasensou: quagmire of a war <<< 戦争


pronunciation: doryoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: effort, endeavor, labor
努力する: doryokusuru: strive, try
努力して: doryokushite: by exertion, with a effort
努力を惜しむ: doryokuooshimu: be sparing of one's pains [labor] <<<
努力家: doryokuka: hard worker, industrious man <<<
必死の努力をする: hisshinodoryokuosuru: make desperate efforts <<< 必死
check also: 苦心 , 労力 , 丹精


pronunciation: dosei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: astronomy
translation: Saturn
土星の輪: doseinowa: Saturn's rings <<<


pronunciation: dosei
kanji characters: ,
translation: angry voice


pronunciation: dosha
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disaster
translation: earth and sand
土砂降り: doshaburi: heavy [torrential] rain, downpour, cloudburst <<<
土砂崩れ: doshakuzure: washout, landslide <<<
土砂崩壊: doshahoukai <<< 崩壊


pronunciation: doton
kanji characters: ,
keyword: martial art
translation: ninja technique to hide [escape] by [through] soil
土遁の術: dotonnnojutsu <<<
check also: 火遁 , 水遁 , 忍者


pronunciation: dou , ikaga
kanji characters: ,
translation: how, what
如何して: doushite: why, for what reason, how, in what way, far from that
如何しても: doushitemo: by all means, at all costs [risks], by no means, must, whether one likes it or not, willy-nilly, in the end, after all, in the long run, all things considered, in all respects
如何ですか: doudesuka: How are you? How do you feel today?
如何するか: dousuruka: What I [we] should do?
如何する気: dousuruki: What would you do? What do you want to do? <<<
如何在っても: douattemo: in any case, by all means, whatever may happen <<<
如何でも: doudemo: anyhow, anyway, in any way, at any cost, by all means, at all risks
如何でも良い: doudemoii: That doesn't matter, That is not the point, That's neither here nor there <<<
如何見ても: doumitemo: to all appearance, in every respect <<<
如何言う: douiu: what kind [sort] of <<<
如何言う風に: douiuhuuni: how, in what way <<<
如何言う訳だか: douiuwakedaka: for some reason or other <<<
如何言う訳ですか: douiuwakedesuka: Why? How is [comes] it that? What do you mean? <<<
如何致しまして: douitashimashite: Not at all! You are welcome! With pleasure! The pleasure is mine <<<
一体如何したのだ: ittaidoushitanoda: What is it all about? What the deuce is the matter? <<< 一体
check also: 何故


pronunciation: doubutsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: animal , biology
translation: animal (n.), beast, creature
動物園: doubutsuen: zoo, zoological garden <<<
動物界: doubutsukai: animal kingdom, fauna <<<
動物学: doubutsugaku: zoology <<<
動物学者: doubutsugakusha: zoologist <<< 学者
動物性: doubutsusei: animality, animalism <<<
動物性油: doubutsuseiyu: animal oil <<<
動物性脂肪: doubutsuseishibou: animal fat <<< 脂肪
動物性蛋白: doubutsuseitanpaku: animal protein <<< 蛋白
動物性の: doubutsuseino: animal (a.), brute <<<
動物病院: doubutsubyouin: veterinary clinic <<< 病院
小動物: shoudoubutsu: small animal <<<
冬眠動物: toumindoubutsu: hibernating animal <<< 冬眠
円形動物: enkeidoubutsu: nematodes, roundworms <<< 円形
寄生動物: kiseidoubutsu: parasitic animal <<< 寄生
草食動物: soushokudoubutsu: herbivorous animal <<< 草食
高等動物: koutoudoubutsu: higher animal <<< 高等
両生動物: ryouseidoubutsu: amphibian (n.) <<< 両生
哺乳動物: honyuudoubutsu: mammal, mammalian <<< 哺乳
海綿動物: kaimendoubutsu: porifera <<< 海綿
胎生動物: taiseidoubutsu: viviparous animal <<< 胎生
夜行動物: yakoudoubutsu: nocturnal animal <<< 夜行
原生動物: genseidoubutsu: protozoan <<< 原生
肉食動物: nikushokudoubutsu: carnivorous animal, meat eater <<< 肉食
野生動物: yaseidoubutsu: wild animal <<< 野生
食虫動物: shokuchuudoubutsu: insectivorous animal <<< 食虫
実験動物: jikkendoubutsu: animal for experiments, experimental animal <<< 実験
寒帯動物: kantaidoubutsu: polar animal <<< 寒帯
synonyms: , 畜生
antonyms: 植物

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