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pronunciation: danryuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sea
translation: warm current
check also: 寒流


pronunciation: dansa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: construction
translation: difference in level


pronunciation: dansei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: clothes , grammar
translation: stronger sex, male, man, masculine gender
男性の: danseino: masculine, male (a.)
男性的: danseiteki: manly, manlike, masculine, virile <<<
男性美: danseibi: manly [masculine] beauty <<<
男性用: danseiyou: for men <<<
男性型: danseikei: masculine gender <<<
男性歌手: danseikashu: male singer <<< 歌手
男性名詞: danseimeishi: masculine noun <<< 名詞
男性ホルモン: danseihorumon: male hormone, testosterone <<< ホルモン
antonyms: 女性
check also: 紳士 , 男子


pronunciation: danshaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: baron
男爵領: danshakuryou: barony <<<
男爵夫人: danshakuhujin: baroness <<< 夫人
check also: 公爵 , 伯爵 , 子爵 , 侯爵


pronunciation: danshi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: school , sport
translation: son, boy, young man, adolescent, male
男子の: danshino: men's, male
男子用: danshiyou: for men [boys] <<<
男子服: danshihuku: men's wear <<<
男子校: danshikou: boys' school <<<
男子高: danshikou: boys' high school <<<
男子寮: danshiryou: students' hall, hostel <<<
男子生徒: danshiseito: schoolboy <<< 生徒
男子学生: danshigakusei: male student <<< 学生
男子シングルス: danshishingurusu: men's singles
男子ダブルス: danshidaburusu: men's doubles
男子トイレ: danshitoire: gents' [men's] lavatory [restroom, toilet] <<< トイレ
antonyms: 女子
check also: 男性 , 紳士


pronunciation: danshou
kanji characters:
keyword: sex
translation: male prostitute


pronunciation: dansui
kanji characters: ,
keyword: town
translation: suspension of water supply
断水する: dansuisuru: The water supply is suspended [cut off]


pronunciation: dantai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel , sport
translation: organization, association, party, group
団体を作る: dantaiotsukuru: make up a party <<<
団体に入る: dantainihairu: enter [join] an association [a group] <<<
団体客: dantaikyaku: party of tourists <<<
団体交渉: dantaikoushou: collective bargaining <<< 交渉
団体交渉権: dantaikoushouken: collective bargaining right <<<
団体旅行: dantairyokou: group tour <<< 旅行
団体割引: dantaiwaribiki: party reduction <<< 割引
団体競技: dantaikyougi: team event, team competition <<< 競技
団体生活: dantaiseikatsu: group life <<< 生活
団体精神: dantaiseishin: team spirit <<< 精神
主婦団体: shuhudantai: association of housewives <<< 主婦
株主団体: kabunushidantai: association of shareholders <<< 株主
主催団体: shusaidantai: host organization <<< 主催
支援団体: shiendantai: supporting organization <<< 支援
圧力団体: atsuryokudantai: pressure group, lobby <<< 圧力
右翼団体: uyokudantai: rightist [right-wing] organization <<< 右翼
左翼団体: sayokudantai: leftist [left-wing] organization <<< 左翼
交渉団体: koushoudantai: negotiating body <<< 交渉
秘密団体: himitsudantai: secret organization [society] <<< 秘密
公共団体: koukyoudantai: public body [entity, organization] <<< 公共
宗教団体: shuukyoudantai: communion, religious group <<< 宗教
商業団体: shougyoudantai: trade association <<< 商業
自治団体: jichidantai: self-governing body <<< 自治


pronunciation: dantei
kanji characters: ,
translation: decision, conclusion
断定する: danteisuru: decide, conclude, judge, draw [come to] a conclusion
断定的: danteiteki: assertive, confident <<<
check also: 決定


pronunciation: danwa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: amusement
translation: talk (n.), conversation, chat
談話する: danwasuru: talk [speak] (with), have a talk [conversation] (with)
談話会: danwakai: conversazione <<<
談話室: danwashitsu: lounge (of a hotel), social hall [room] <<<
談話体: danwatai: conversational tone <<<
check also: 会話

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